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DIY $1 Spring Wreath from Hula Hoop

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This DIY spring wreath made from a $1 hula hoop can add so much to your festive decor for so little money

If you missed my post a couple days ago, I shared with you all our simple and neutral spring decor.

You notice that huge ginormous star of the show?

Notice it now? Okay, if you don’t it’s the hoop wreath. Not just any hoop wreath, mind you. That hoop cost us ONE DOLLAR. That’s right. A $1 spring hoop wreath that you can DIY for yourself and I’ll tell you all about how to do it! Before though, if you don’t believe me, here’s what it looked like before:

Quick caveat here I feel like I should mention. I didn’t make this wreath. My husband made the entire thing. What what? So, truthfully I’m going to tell you how to make yours through mostly pictures and his words because I had very little to do with this. Let’s get this spring hoop wreath party started!


*Some affiliate links may be included which means literally nothing for you, but the internet law says I have to tell you.


If your hula hoop comes with a wrap on it like ours did, step one is to peel all that off. The good news is it’s just a sticker so it comes off super easy. I really thought the hoop would be black under here but I lucked out and it was kind of already a blush pink! Score!


Use your rose gold spray paint (or whatever color you choose really) and spray this bad boy.


After that’s all good and dry, lay out your flowers to arrange them on the wreath. You may need to play around with the order and layers and things like that depending on what kind of flowers you chose. We used lambs ear stems, white hydrangeas for the middle and then pink …. thingies. I don’t know what these are. I’m the farthest thing from a florist.

Once you have them arranged, you’ll obviously need to cut them off the stems. We cut the hydrangeas off the stems and we just trimmed the stems of the pink thingies and the lamb’s ear because we wanted them to kind of “wrap” around with the hoop.


Place your hello on the hoop where your little heart desires. Just be mindful of where the top of your wreath is so you can have it be even when you hang it up and not all wonky and lopsided. Then all you need to do is glue everything down and you’re done!

Hooray! Hooray! Let me tell you something – y’all should know by now I’m all about a bargain and I’m even more so all about a bargain when you can make a spring wreath like this from a HULA HOOP. Man, it pays to have a toddler who loves the Dollar Tree, AMIRITE?!

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    • Great question and honestly I don't know. Eek. Probably between 6-8? But you can always go up or down depending on how "full" you want it to look!

  • Love this and wanting to recreate. How much spray paint did you use on 1 hoop? Im looking to make 6 hoops.

    • Hey Becky! I didn't even use a full can on this! A little goes a LONG way! Also depends on how big your hoop is too, but we used the full sized one and still didn't use that much at all. Hope that helps!

  • I love how this project turned out! It's so cute and what a great frugal way to decorate!

  • I absolutely love the look of this entire space and the wreath is the perfect cherry on top. The scale is great for the wall and so pretty for an upcycle... I could totally tackle this one!

    • Tricks for hanging it since one side is so heavily weighted? Yours inspired me to do my own! Love it!

  • OMG, Carmen, I love this. I've always loved the hoop wreaths, but this takes it to a whole new level. I also love the soft colors you chose - totally my faves. Nailed it!

    • aw, Amy that's so kind of you to say! thank you so much! I can't take credit though, my husband picked out all the flowers, but I LOVE what he chose! praise God for his dad being a florist growing up haha

  • Wow, never would have guessed that this was created from a hula hoop, its beautiful! And I have never seen rose gold spray paint, I LOVE it.

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