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If you or your little one are in to reading and want a way to track that’s not online, here’s a really cute book tracker free printable you can use!

kindle for kids laying on couch next to reading log free printable


Free Printable Reading Tracker

I fell back in love with reading last year and tore through 70 books in around 3 months and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

black bookshelf with books and kindle on it

You can check out my latest mini book reviews if you’re into that kind of thing!

I’m actually not the only big reader in the family, though!

little girl sitting on couch reading kindle by Christmas tree

Charlotte is a HUGE reader and I love it and hope she stays that way as she continues to grow up.

I personally love to use Goodreads to track what I’m reading and check reviews, but since Charlotte doesn’t have an account I decided to make a printable book tracker so that she could have a way to track her progress too!

book planner log printable laying on table

I whipped this up in Canva and then got it printed at my local Office Depot with a clear cover and spiral bound.

closeup shot of reading log tracker pages

I chose to do front and back so that it would save paper and made it such that there is a spot for 100 books to track and give ratings to.

closeup of book wishlist tracker

I also added in a page to add in book wishlists because if you ever need a gift idea for yourself, your loved ones can just check out your list and get one for you!

These pages are the most fun part of the planner!

I created these books so that you could either color them in one by one as you read OR write in the title on the book spine!

Or both! The world is your oyster, baby!

little girl reading kids kindle on the couch

Charlotte was SO excited to not only get her kids Kindle for Christmas but also this printable book tracker so that she can keep up how many books she reads this year.

little girl in jammies writing in her printable reading log journal

But of course being the rule follower that she is, I had to let her know that it was okay if she started using this before January 1 of this year, ha!

If you want to get your own printable version of this, you can get to it on this page with the rest of my printables!

little girl shrugging in jammies on christmas tree

I hope you enjoy and most importantly, I hope you read at least one book this year! 🙂

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