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Design & Decor

try these paint colors for a beach color palette in the bathroom

Summer Beach Color Palettes

Whether you like your coastal decor bright and cheery or you’d rather something more calming and serene, there is surely a beach color palette in here for you!…

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Flip House

wood front porch with teal front door painted Behr Juniper Berries

Little Shotgun Remodel Reveal

Our second investment property, endearingly named Archie is FINALLY done. Come take a tour of it here! FLIP HOUSE 2nd Flip House Reveal DONE. FINITO. UNDER CONTRACT. Archie…

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white vinyl siding and white wood front door

Archie Update Walkthrough

Our second flip house is coming along and today, I’m showing the great progress that’s been made! FLIP HOUSE Archie Update Walkthrough Tour I’m so happy to see…

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