Creative Reading Nook Ideas and Inspiration

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Calling all book lovers! These reading nook ideas will make you want to immediately carve out a spot in your own home for a cozy reading time.

Unless this is the first time you’ve hit my site, you know I’m a big reader.

Like, big big.

Last year I read almost 100 books in just a few months and I like to share the latest mini book reviews but what I don’t talk about enough is how to add a cozy lil’ book nook in your own home.

DIY black built in bookshelves around fireplace

A few months ago, we added built ins around our fireplace to house my ever growing book collections, but if you don’t wanna do all that, here are some super cozy book nook ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

small reading nook window seat with oval window and bench seat
via Rue Mag

If you’re looking for bright and airy, this is a great way to create a book nook inside of a space that’s essentially a larger closet.

If you live in a cape cod style house like we do and your upstairs has dormers, you could really easily do this in one of the window bump outs!

We actually removed something very similar to this in our upstairs playroom when we created a DIY built in desk for Charlotte at the beginning of virtual school during that virus the world got in 2020.

(OMG y’all remember those really hard days??? Whew)

round reading nook with kids laying in it in a circle
via PHL Service

If the little ones are looking for a place to read, this is super unique and fun.

Cut a giant hole out of drywall and then add in some cushions for a little getaway and a place to cuddle up and read or play on a tablet.

You might think that kids may not love this, but after coming back from a Disney cruise and having a giant porthole in our room, I can effectively say that they LOVED being in that space! Go for it!

reading nook with stairs leading up to a bed with 2 shelves on either side
via Clark and Co Homes

I love this reading nook because it’s a mixture of playful, yet stylish.

It can cater to the younger crew with the Dr. Seuss quote and the book pages on the wall, but things like the modern black windows, sconces and pillows bring an elevated element to the area.

Regardless, I’d curl right up here and read to my heart’s content.

green built in bench seat in closet with bookshelves from bench seat to ceiling
via Susan Jay Design

I love this idea of turning a closet into a reading nook.

Once again proving you don’t have to have a ton of space to feel comfy and cozy!

The beauty of this little reading nook idea is that you can still stretch your legs out because of its depth.

Ikea bed with reading nook underneath it
via Gradient Interior Design

We all love a good Ikea hack over here.

I’ve hacked (and stacked) dressers for our girls’ closet, we’ve hacked the Billy bookcases for our playroom upstairs, and most recently like I previously mentioned, we painted Ikea Billy bookcases to create bookshelves around our fireplace.

So when I saw this pop up, I had to share with you because it’s super easy with this Ikea bed to create a cozy little reading nook underneath for your littlest readers.

bed with open wall shelves and books on them
via Houzz

If you don’t have a lot of floor space, you can do something like this with open shelving and all your books lined up.

I feel like this could work really well in a camper or a “glamping” situation. Or even in just a tiny apartment where space doesn’t come easily.

ladder leading up to reading loft and bookshelves below
via Houzz

What kid doesn’t love to climb a ladder for anything?

I love that the reading nook feels private, but isn’t too separated and closed off from the rest of the room.

Grab your book from the shelf, toss it up or climb up with it and enjoy some personal space without being closed off to the rest of the world.

under stairs book nook reading area
via @beckiowens

This is perfectly modern and great usable space.

Your book nook or reading area doesn’t have to be its own room or its own closet or even its own loft.

This space is right out in the open, yet still feels like it’s a great spot to sit and read and enjoy a book at the end of a long day. Kick off your shoes and pop a squat in one of the oversized chairs and get reading some good thrillers to raise your heartrate.

hanging egg chair and floor to ceiling bookshelves
via @i.hate.wednesdays

Nothing screams cozy more than a hanging egg chair.

We have an egg chair on our back porch and it’s one of my favorite places to sit, book or not.

Add in a shelf full of yummy good books and this is the thing cozy book nook dreams are made of.

closet turned into reading nook with green accent wall
via Style and Dwell

If you’re handy and have an extra closet, you can follow along with this tutorial over at Style and Dwell to create your own in a closet!

The closet in Josiah’s room looks very similar to this and if I didn’t need a place to store 4382905 of his trucks, I would be all over this.

Hopefully these ideas have sparked a lil’ something in your mind as to ways you can have a cozy reading nook of your own!

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