Amazon Prime 2022 – What I Bought (and WHY!)

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What I Got for Amazon Prime Day

I know Amazon Prime Day has come and gone for the year, but I thought it might be helpful for me to share with you what I got on Prime Day and how it’s been working out for us so far!

Because of our upcoming trip we are taking to Disneyworld, some of the things I bought were in prep for that, but I found that most of the things I bought would be super helpful to just about anyone, so let’s rock and roll!

*Note: I bought entirely more than I ever have on Prime Day and it’s because I was doing this in preparation for trips in addition to things we needed in general.

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Kid’s Diving Toys

kids diving toys and mesh bag to hold them

Charlotte has finally learned to swim and played with diving toys with her friends this summer and wanted some of her own.

On Prime Day, I found these diving toys that had a great variety of sizes and shapes of things. We have already put them to use tons this summer and they’re a HUGE hit!

My Prime Day Price

These were $10.99 on Prime Day, but they’re actually CHEAPER now!

LCD Tablets

LCD tablet pads laying on kitchen counter

Great for road trips and something that I keep in the zipper bags that are part of my mom car hacks, these little LCD tablets are great for road trips, long or short.

Nearly every time we get in the car even to go right down the road, one or both of them pull these out and draw or scribble on these.

My Prime Day Price

The pink LCD tablet was $17.99 on Prime Day and it’s SO MUCH cheaper now. I’m actually pretty annoyed.

The yellow LCD tablet was $5.99 on Prime Day and it’s exactly the same price now.

Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Treater

messy mouth stain treater 3 pack on kitchen counter

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I talked crap about this.

And it’s still somewhat true – it doesn’t really work on much but my goodness this stain treater works on berry stains. I’m not real sure why, but we have a little mama who LOVES blueberries, watermelon, strawberries, grapes, et ceteraaaaa.

This stuff really does get it out of her clothes, but full caveat, I still use OxiClean and Dreft stain removers in addition to this.

My Prime Day Price

This 3 pack of stain treaters was around $17 on Prime Day.

The Wand Wine Purifier

the wand wine headache remover

I tried a comparable product at a friend’s house and was FLOORED that it actually worked.

I normally drink one glass and have a huge headache the next day and with the product she had, I had NOTHING!

I was sold when I saw this wine purifier wand for sale on Prime Day!

My Prime Day Price

For an 8 pack, these were $16.78 on Prime Day.


kids and adult ponchos bought on Amazon Prime Day 2022 laying on white quartz countertops

I’m not a poncho wearer, and our Disney trip is technically outside of the time where it’s likely to rain every day, BUT I still wanted to have some kids and adult ponchos to bring just in case.

This particular set came with 6 kid and 6 adult size ponchos.

My Prime Day Price

These were $18 on Prime Day.

Bentgo Lunchboxes

bentgo llama kids lunchbox

I’m not sure who likes these more – me or the kids. I already owned 4 of these and bought the 5th because I couldn’t bring myself to buy more because they’re not cheap.

However, I am IN LOVE with these Bentgo lunch boxes. They’re not the cheapest, but they’re so incredibly convenient.

bentgo kids lunchbox open

Inside there’s all these little compartments that can separate food and they’re the perfect portion size for picky kids.

My Prime Day Price

The llamas Bentgo lunch box was $19.99 on Prime Day.

Lunchbox Ice Packs

bentgo pineapple ice packs laying down on white quartz countertops

In addition to the super cute Bentgo lunch boxes, I also opted to get these flat ice packs too.

They don’t fit inside the lunch boxes we have, but they fit inside the zipper lunch bags that their lunch boxes go into. And the pineapples were too cute to resist.

My Prime Day Price

These pineapple ice packs were $9.99 on Prime Day (which is the price they always are).

Colgate Hum Toothbrush and Flossers

twistables flossers and colgate hum toothbrushes laying down on white quartz countertops

I gotta say I was #influenced to get this Hum toothbrush for the older 2 from my buddy Chelsea at Two Twenty One.

Josiah doesn’t too much love this because he doesn’t understand it, but Charlotte LOVES it. It comes with an app that you use to brush your teeth and you earn gems and use those gems to buy things in the app and unlock levels.

It’s really cute and fun!

The flavored flossers didn’t come with it, but they’re way easier to teach kids to use these than regular floss.

My Prime Day Price

The Hum Toothbrushes were $7.37.

The flossers were $6.59 for 75 on Prime Day.

Car Trash Bag

black trash bag in mom car

Because I got a new car recently, I am doing my best in trying to keep this thing clean.

I posted about my favorite mom car hacks and having a trash can is one of them. It has really come in handy, especially on longer road trips.

I love this thing! It holds significantly more trash than it looks like and comes with a couple of bags too which is nice!

I should note, though, that I was really hoping this would fit around my center console and it definitely doesn’t which was a bummer, but it’s not the end of the world.

My Prime Day Price

This car trash can was $7.99 on Prime Day.

3rd Row Car Organizer

back of the seat organizer for the car

This thing came packaged way smaller than I expected, but was also ENTIRELY COOLER than I expected too.

It comes with velcro on the sides and bottom so that it sticks to the material on the backs of these seats and it’s got room for EVERYTHING!

Diapers, wipes, shoes, jumper cables, my little car vacuum, a first aid kit – and so much more! This car seat organizer will keep things in sight and also off the floor of your car so they’re not rolling or sliding around. Brilliant.

My Prime Day Price

This car seat organizer was $11 on Prime Day.

Other Prime Day Purchases

Like I said, I spent more than I ever have on Prime Day but it’s because I was doomsday prepping for Disney.

My toxic trait is I don’t want to spend money on trips, but will spend almost as much preparing for every scenario before the trip.


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