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The only list you need for the dude who is either high maintenance or that is super hard to buy for! Budget friendly gift ideas that he will love all year

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Black Friday, Shop Small Saturday and Cyber Monday have also come and gone.

So I figured for Giving Tuesday that I would give you the gift of what to buy for dudes.

My dude used to be super (S U P E R) high maintenance and wanted all the fancy things.

I’ve toned him down somewhat, but he’s still insanely picky and really hard to buy for so ya wanna know what I did?

I asked him what his favorite things are. And he told me. SCORE!

Favorite Accessory: He wears these every day and has for 2 years. Because he works a lot with his hands, it is VERY rare he wears his actual real wedding band. But these silicone wedding bands are something he throws on every single morning.

Favorite Pants: I love this man to death, but he’s a big boy. And what supports his big, broad shoulders? No butt and the tiniest legs I’ve literally ever seen.

He refers to himself as a potato on 2 toothpicks. Which means all of his pants have to be altered in some way.

These pants in particular are his favorite, though. Affordable, breathable, have stretch and the fit is great for any of you potato shaped dudes out there.

Favorite Hair Care: He’s very picky about what maintains the mane. A bearded fellow like mine has tried what I feel like hundreds of products and has found one he loves! Thank goodness cuz trying to “surprise” him with a new one a couple times a year only to have them thrown away for one reason or another gets annoying.

Favorite Water Bottle: If there is one thing this man is is hydrated. He drinks water NONSTOP. Borderline annoying, tbh. While I personally would rather non-plastic just for hormone balancing reasons, he rarely leaves the house without this big ol’ water bottle.

Favorite Everyday Shirt: This is also my favorite because it’s the cheapest. Under $10 for a shirt! They’re available in both short and long sleeve and he has no less than 6 of these.

Favorite Dress Shoes: His work uniform has to be in a color palette of grays and blacks. He actually just ordered these in brown too because he loves his black ones so much, but they’re super comfy to be on your feet all day and affordable for dress shoes!

Favorite Tennis Shoe: Okay. These are an investment, but he has worn these things down to the sole on 2 different pair. He says they’re literally the most comfortable shoes he’s ever owned and while I can’t attest to that, he’s hell on a pair of shoes.

Favorite Overnight Bag: While 2020 kept us from going many places overnight, when we do have a chance, I got him this bag last Christmas and he’s in love with it.

It’s really great quality and has held up really nicely, even being stored in our non-climate control attic space.

Favorite Tech Gear: My how the tables have turned. Both of us spent at least a solid year or 2 making fun of people, saying how stupid they looked wearing these. Now they not only made my favorites list, but they made his too.

Favorite Tool: While this was a tough call, he said he chose this one because it’s a great first tool purchase and super versatile. That plus his miter saw was singlehandedly responsible for 98% of our RH knockoff dining table.

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There ya go! Whether your budget is under $10 or you’re trying to drop hints to make your non-handyman more handy, hopefully this list will help in some way!

Favorite things for him

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