South Carolina’s Best Beaches To Call Home

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If you’re looking to move to the southern coast, check out this post to see which town is right for you!

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Aside from a very short stint of living in Tennessee, I’ve lived in South Carolina for almost 40 years.

That feels W I L D to say.

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I’ve lived here single, married, with one kid, and now with 3 whole kids in tow. We’ve been to every beach in every season in every scenario and I can promise you I’ll give you the down and dirty about all these beach towns – and not just Charleston or Myrtle.

Also, for what it’s worth, I have friends that live in almost all of these beach towns as well AND my husband is in real estate so he also has a pulse in these areas.

Whew. Is that enough credentials for ya? Let’s go.

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SC Beach Communities

Hilton Head Island

Location: Beaufort County
Population: Approx. 38,366

Key Features

  • Golf Courses: More than 30 courses
  • Beaches: Renowned for white sandy beaches
  • Lifestyle: Luxury living with a smaller family-friendly atmosphere

Until last year, our family has gone to Hilton Head every summer.

In our personal opinion, it’s great if you love outdoors and/or golf and we just aren’t those people.

little boy in white shirt on beach

While I would consider just about any beach family friend, there just isn’t a lot of kid friendly extra curricular activities if you’re not directly on the beach.

However, if you’re older, single or a retiree, this would be a great smaller relaxing beach to live on.

Charleston Area Beaches

Areas Included: Folly Beach, Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island, Mount Pleasant
Key Attractions:

  • Historical Significance: Rich in history with close proximity to downtown Charleston
  • Art and Culture: Vibrant local art scene with numerous galleries and festivals
  • Natural Beauty: Picturesque beaches & Southern living

Charleston is made up of several very popular little beach towns.

For example, Isle of Palms is where I had my bachelorette party, but to get to downtown Charleston was a short drive away.

These beaches each have their own charm but share a relaxed atmosphere and close access to the culture and history of downtown Charleston.

Charleston area beaches are a little more pricey to live in, but there are tons of amenities and great schools around if you’re a family looking to move in the area.

Grand Strand Beaches

Towns Included: Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach, Murrells Inlet, Pawleys Island

bright blue sky with minimal clouds on a south carolina beach

The Grand Strand is arguably the most popular area of beaches, drawing in people from everywhere.

And for some reason OHIO??? Y’all everytime we go, I swear if I see 1 licence plate from Ohio I see 45289. It’s wild.

None of my business, though.

Myrtle Beach is known for the kitchy-ness and where most of your action is. “The Strip” is Grand Strand Boulevard and it’s where a lot of shops and restaurants are.

Pawleys Island offers a quieter, more laid-back environment if you want a slower pace.

All of them offer numerous options for water sports, fishing, and entertainment.

black and white picture of little girl in white dress

The Grand Strand region is a long stretch of beaches known for varying degrees of activity and entertainment, appealing to a broad range of preferences, from the bustling Myrtle Beach to the serene Pawleys Island.

More Quaint and Quiet Beach Towns

There are also much smaller beach towns like Edisto, Beaufort or Garden City.

image of trees creating a shaded space with benches in Edisto Island

Edisto, for example, is a small island and there is quite literally nothing there for kids to do once you cross over that bridge apart from the beach.

However, if you’re relocating for a slower pace as a single person or family, then it’s a great option.

Living Cost and Affordability

The cost of living in South Carolina’s beach towns often surpasses the average of a non-beach town here, mainly due to the high property tax and value of real estate in coastal areas. For instance, living in a town like Folly Beach, you’ll find a relaxed atmosphere but also a high cost of living.

young girl in white dress and pink glasses next to little boy in white shirt with khaki shorts

If you’re planning to purchase a home, budgeting for these expenses is crucial for a comfortable lifestyle. Keep in mind that while some areas offer affordable options, the allure of coastal living often reflects in the property values.

But I do know a guy who could try to find you a house with really good bones that just needs someone to love it back to life! 😉

image of the shoreline at Myrtle Beach

Regardless of the beach town you choose, just know that South Carolina has some of the top rated beaches that will be a perfect fit for you and your family!

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