Home Trends: Color Drenching in 2024

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If you’ve seen this trend and want to find out more in depth about what it is and how you can achieve it, keep on readin’, fella!

hunter green room with brown leather sofa and wood door

When we first moved into this house in 2017, the hallway was one of the first things we took care of.

DIY board and batten in a hallway with natural wood floors painted Sherwin Williams Storm Cloud

We added some super easy board and batten and painted the lower half white and used Sherwin Williams Storm Cloud for above it.

It hasn’t been my style for a while but I’ve been trying to figure out what I wanted to do and have found the PERFECT SOLUTION that I’m so geeked about – color drenching!

What is Color Drenching?

color drenched black sitting room with 2 black leather armchairs in front of a fireplace

Color drenching is a design technique where a single color, or varying shades of the same color, are used extensively throughout a room. This includes painting not just the walls, but most of the time also the ceiling, doors, trim, and sometimes even using furniture in the same shade to create a bold and cohesive look.

The idea is to envelop (or drench) the space in one color, which can reduce visual noise and sometimes make small spaces appear larger. 

dark green walls with wood sideboard and flowers in a vase on it
bright pink room with pink stairs and wood floors

This result of a rich, monochromatic color scheme, when done well, can completely transform the feel of a space.

Selecting the Perfect Palette

When it comes to color selection, it’s not a one-size-fits-all endeavor as you probably know.

The choice of color should be tailored to the specific room and the ambiance you aim to create.

light tan walls with a tan upholstered bed and tan pillows
white kitchen with white kitchen cabinets and light wood table

Color drenching does not limit itself to only the use of super dark and bold colors. It’s a versatile technique that can also beautifully incorporate lighter hues for a softer, more tranquil environment.

cute pink girls nursery with white crib and white sheer curtains

Opting for pastel shades or muted colors can drench a space in a serene and inviting ambiance. These lighter palettes can enhance natural light, making rooms feel airy and more spacious.

Whether you decide on a calming blue, a gentle green, or a warm peach, color drenching with these softer tones can still achieve a stunning and cohesive aesthetic while offering a refreshing alternative to more intense colors.

Color Drenching Room Examples

The Living Room

In your living room, color drenching can really make it feel cozy and put together.

hunter green room with brown leather sofa and wood door

Try a sage green or a warm medium blue to envelop the space in comfort.

mustard velvet sofa with mid toned blue bookcase behind it

Paint the walls, molding, window frames, and even your bookshelves in the chosen color.

To spice it up, incorporate velvet chairs or a sofa in a slightly deeper or lighter shade of the main color.

The Bedroom

dark red room with bed and dark red sheets color drenched

Your bedroom is like a sanctuary, and adding color can really boost its peaceful vibe.

Include your bed and nightstands for a true color drenching. Use bedding and curtains in the same color family to complete the look.

kids room with navy walls and patterned quilt with navy and mustard pillows

Also, don’t think that color drenching needs to be kept to “adult spaces”. Kids rooms can be SO MUCH FUN color drenched!

The Kitchen

Kitchens can be really fun to color drench because you can include things like your cabinets and backsplash.

dark green kitchen cabinets and vase of flowers on countertops
white kitchen with white kitchen cabinets and light wood table

To maintain balance, use neutral tones in your countertops and flooring, or add in a color-drenched rug to tie the room together.

The Bathroom

For a spa-like retreat, color drench the bathroom in calming tones like a deep aubergine or a muted blue.

mid toned blue bathroom walls with sconces beside the mirror and same mid toned blue vanity and patterned tile on the floor

Carry the color across the walls, ceiling, and vanity for a seamless effect. Add towels and bathmats in the same color but different textures to add depth and interest.

The Dining Room

mauve dining room with mauve velvet chairs around a black round table

Make a statement in your dining room with a rich, bold color like a deep emerald or charcoal.

Add in accents like a fancy chandelier or statement chairs to really make the room pop.

You can also opt for a more subtle approach by using varying shades of the same color, such as light and dark grey, to add dimension.

tan nursery walls with wood crib and large painting over crib

Color drenching is an effective way to create a bold and cohesive design aesthetic for any room in your home.

Whether you prefer the airy and weightless colors of white or cream or crave the deep shades, color drenching allows for a full-on experience within your own living space. I’m seriously so pumped to see how this turns out in our hallway so make sure you’re on our newsletter so that you can follow along with us!

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