Affordable Modern Lighting That Looks High End

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Some of the best cheap modern lighting solutions you can find on the internet! Seriously though – you won’t believe the prices!

black 3 bulb with clear cover semi flush mount light

It’s crazy to me how some people can flip an entire house and ignore light fixtures.

modern industrial farmhouse vanity light fixture

Without a doubt, lighting is one of the most cost effective ways to completely change the feel of a room.

I always felt like buying light fixtures was such a daunting task because there are so many options and it feels like good lighting should cost a fortune.

But ya girl is here to tell you that just ain’t the case!

black modern sputnik light

When we did our first flip house, I really was shocked at how cohesive all the lights looked and how cheap they really were!

Now we do love a good open box deal from a store, but the truth of the matter is that most of our lighting comes from Amazon.

Why? Because it’s fast, cheap, and can be to a job site or our own house in a couple of days.

We have created an entire Amazon storefront that includes our favorite cheap modern lighting sources and allllllll of the lights we have in our home and ones we find ourselves buying over and over for our flip houses.

bedroom with white fan and light wood floors with white walls

Also, just FYI and especially if you’re in the south, yes – ceiling fans count as light fixtures!

And yes, you can have them look modern still cheap. The ceiling fans that we use also come with a remote so it also makes it feel a little more elevated.

Pro tip: Install the ceiling fan remote holder next to the light fixture so that you/your buyers will always know where to find it!

Basically what I’m trying to tell you is when it comes to buying cheap modern lights from Amazon, I know my way around an online shopping cart because if you look at our order history, there are quite literally HUNDREDS of light fixtures we have purchased for every room from bathrooms to hallways and many of those have been purchased multiple times!

If you’re on the hunt, hopefully our Amazon storefront will help you!


cheap modern lighting ideas from amazon graphic

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