How To Wrap A Present Perfectly Every Time

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Less waste, less tape, more perfect looking gifts every time! This is way easier than people make it, I promise!

Listen. I’ve had lots o’ childhood trauma, but the one thing I did actually learn and remember (somehow) is how to wrap a present.

If you’re a real blogger you’ll make sure all your bows are perfect, all your paper matches or is coordinating and whatnot.

wrapped pink Christmas presents under a pink Christmas tree

Orrrr if you’re like me, you can just do fun paper for each family member and it makes Christmas morning much easier!

Without further adieu, let’s hop all up in this tutorial on how to wrap a gift easily and dang near perfectly!

How To Gift Wrap A Box

gift wrapping supplies
  • Gift wrap of your choice (Gridded paper is going to be super helpful in this case)
  • Scissors (I can not stress enough the value of a good pair of sharp scissors – these are my favorites)
  • Scotch tape – You can use any kind, but I really love the 3M Gift Wrap tape.
  • Optional: Mini ornaments
woman's hand holding gift wrap on present

1. Put your box down on the paper and pull up the paper like shown on the side of the box to make sure it comes all the way to the top. You’ll see where this comes back into play later.

You can do this without grids, but I promise your life will feel so much easier with grids.

2. Flip your box on itself 3 times.

closeup of box on grid wrapping paper

Again, where grids come in handy. You can see the line it hits when I stopped flipping it.

scissors cutting on grid wrapping paper

3. Make a cut on that line. Cut until you’ve reached the other side of the box and then stop.

scissors cutting grid wrapping paper

4. Remove the box and then from the bottom of the wrapping paper, cut the paper up to meet that line you just cut. This is what creates the perfect size wrapping paper sheet.

woman's hand holding wrapping paper on box

5. Place your box in the middle of the sheet face down. Remember in the beginning where we measured the paper all the way up to the top flap of the box? Now we want it to go halfway up both sides of the box.

woman's hand taping wrapping paper on box

6. Fold one side of the paper and put a piece of tape in the middle.

woman's hands folding wrapping paper to line up with grid

7. This step is optional, but I like to do it because it makes your lines more crisp. I fold up the edge of the paper to meet the grid line to ensure the line is straight.

This is also a great step to do if you’re not using grid lines so that you can make sure it’s as straight as possible.

woman's hand holding tape on wrapping paper on box
woman's hand taping wrapping paper on box

8. Then fold that edge up and put some tape on in the middle of the paper there as well.

If your box is super long or way more of a “thick” rectangle (think like a box that a toy vacuum cleaner would come in) then you may need to add some right at the edges of the box too, but I didn’t need to in this case.

9. Now is time for the edges of the box. Remember, we put the box face down, so the top that we are working with is technically the bottom.

Start by folding in the side edge of the paper and then make a crease on the top and bottom newly formed triangles.

woman's hand folding corners of wrapping paper on box

10. Repeat on the other side.

Again if your box is larger than this or more of a thick rectangle, it may be helpful to put a single piece of tape on each side to hold them in.

woman's hand folding ends of wrapping paper on box
woman's hand folding ends of wrapping paper on box

11. Fold the paper on the top of the box down and put a single piece of tape in the middle.

woman's hand folding ends of wrapping paper on box

A little hack here: I actually place the piece of tape on the paper first and then fold it down so that I can make sure it’s tight.

woman's hand folding ends of wrapping paper on box

12. Fold the bottom flap of wrapping paper up to meet the top and secure with more tape. If you’d like to make sure you have a crisp straight edge, you can fold in the piece a little like we did on the top part in step 7.

woman's hand folding ends of wrapping paper on box
woman's hand taping ends of wrapping paper on box

Add tape to the sides as needed.

woman's hand holding gnome mini christmas ornament

13. You’re technically all done wrapping, but here’s what I like to do as an added cute touch sometimes.

For this, I started by taping the yarn to the back so it was a little bit shorter.

taping mini christmas ornament gnome onto pink wrapping paper
mini gnome ornament on pink Christmas wrapping paper

You can clue them on, but I just used tape and taped it on there.

This is a good trick to separate presents for certain people or if you have a set of presents that all go together. You could also easily do this with gift tags, but this way is more fun if you’re into that sort of thing.

For example, we are getting Charlotte the Osmo for Christmas this year, but it came in 4 different boxes so I put one of these little gnome mini ornaments I picked up at Walmart on every one to remind me Christmas morning so I don’t get them mixed up with her other presents that will be wrapped in this same paper.

wrapped pink Christmas presents under a pink Christmas tree
wrapped pink Christmas presents under a pink Christmas tree

I know what you’re thinking. This is great for gift boxes or things that are shaped like said gift box, but what do you do when you have all those weird shaped toys and such?

Shooooot, y’all. That’s what they make bags for!

Happy wrapping!

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