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What are we planning to do to this house in 2021? We have BIG big plans this year, but it depends on if it’s anything like 2020, but we can dream, right? Let’s dream together.

I thought about doing an entire post mortem on the projects that we did vs. didn’t get done but let’s be honest – ain’t nobody trying to really relive anything in 2020.

I will say that we got a good 2 out of 5 done of what we wanted to and considering the hell that was last year, I’m not too mad about it.

Organized cleaning closet BEFORE

We turned our junk closet into a cleaning closet and who knew we would need organized cleaning supplies as much as we did last year? Sheesh. This lil’ ol’ girl got a lot of use. You can see the full reveal here!

messy master closet before

We finally turned this disaster of a tee tiny master closet into a functional and more physically attractive space! I still can’t believe what we were able to do with some Ikea shelves and some paint. Find the full reveal here!

2020 Home Plans

Kitchen Renovation

We painted our kitchen cabinets! See the before and after and find out how we really felt about the process! #sunshineshanty #grosstograndiose
Sherwin Williams Peppercorn painted lower cabinets and Sherwin Williams pure white upper cabinets with Sherwin Williams Alabaster on the walls

Oh sweet lord. This one scares the crap out of me. I’ve hated our kitchen since day 1 really, but was able to slap a band aid on it by painting our kitchen cabinets.

However, this is going to be a huge project. I’m talking wall removal, window removals, and steel beam huge.

I’m terrified, but we have been living with open studs for about a year now and I begged J to just let us have something by the time this baby (hopefully) comes home with us which could be anywhere from May to early June.

Shared Girls’ Room

accent wall with Sherwin Williams Naval and Sherwin Williams Alabaster white

Speaking of babies, here’s another one I’m terrified of. Not because of anything other than the fact that given our history of infertility and losing our third pregnancy at almost 14 weeks earlier this year, it just scares me to make these kind of plans.

We were going to let Josiah share a room with Char and give baby girl her own nursery, but the truth is Josiah isn’t ready to be uncaged. He’s still in a crib and I can’t imagine him being ready to be in a big boy bed.


stairwell with SW agreeable gray and SW alabaster

If you’re feeling a little bit of déjà vu that would be because this was on our list for last year as well. Oops.

But seriously these stairs are in the kitchen and I can’t imagine having a brand new stunning kitchen and …. these stairs.


messy playroom with kids toys

I think I should just make this a running joke at this point. This will be the third year this has been on my list and, no, we still have not done a thing with it.

However, I’m really hoping we have the bandwidth to do it this year because pending we do get to take this baby home, that means I really will need somewhere to keep kids occupied while said lil’ bèbè is sleeping a lot at first.

ALSO! Just FYI, we have a super duper secret project that we will be working hard on in the new year as well which is why we don’t have a ton of stuff planned for the new year.

Plus, if our kitchen goes anything like our guest bathroom, that project will inevitably be taking up entirely more time than we’re planning. But we did learn some things and will be hiring (LOTS) of help this time.

Wish us luck and stay tuned!

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