Kid’s Decorated Pink Christmas Tree

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Letting your little one decorate their own tree may chafe against your perfectionism, but their joy is unmatched so I say go for it! Here’s how ours turned out this year.

The year of firsts, ya know what I mean? Lots of people did lots of things for the first time this year, forced or unforced.

A couple of years ago I put a Christmas tree in Charlotte’s room, but I decorated it myself.

In my defense, she was 3 and had no interest in doing anything, just wanted to see lights.

She’s been asking for a rainbow tree since that year and while they have them, I just couldn’t bring myself to buy her one.

But this year I compromised and got her a pink Christmas tree from Treetopia.

This is the exact tree we bought and her’s was the unlit 5′ tree. I just couldn’t justify paying an extra $30 for lights when I could just string them on myself.

Before we review, let me just show you what it looks like when a 5 year old is in charge of her own tree.

Kid’s Decorated Pink Christmas Tree

pink christmas tree with colorful ornaments and white lights

So, I knew going in that I wasn’t probably going to love seeing the string of lights on the tree, but it is what it is. I could have been super mom and spray paint the cord, but I’m just not super mom.

2 sparkly pink Christmas ball ornaments hanging on pink Christmas tree
white ornament, light blue ornrament and homemade clear plastic ornament on pink Christmas tree

There’s this unwritten tree decorating rule of putting ornaments in groups or bunches of 3. I mean, I didn’t even really do that with our tree that we (finally) put up this year but somehow she got it down pat.

unicorn with pink hair and blue dress as a tree topper

I did add the tree topper for her since I’m, ya know, over 4 feet tall. This is just an ornament that her aunt got her this year, but I just popped the top of the tree in the back of her dress and voila. Instant topper.

white ornament, light blue ornrament and homemade clear plastic ornament on pink Christmas tree

The ornaments are a mix of homemade ones, store bought ones, gifts and the ones she has gotten to pick out on her own the past couple of years.

closeup of little sheep and monkey on skis ornament on pink Christmas tree

She was obsessed with the nativity scene last year so her ornament she chose was a sheep. The monkey on skis is from her grandmother, who has a borderline weird obsession with monkeys.

mermaid with brown skin and blue hair on pink Christmas tree

Let’s pause for a sec and talk about the ornament she chose this year. When she saw it she said, and I quote, “Mama! This mermaid is even more beautiful than most I’ve seen because of her dark skin!”

*cue proud mama moment*

We have done a lotttttt of work and talking this year about anti-racism and how we can love one another no matter what we look like on the outside. With her going to kindergarten this year, we were aiming to teach her how friends who don’t look or think like us is a beautiful thing and it’s what we want!

It’s crazy how much she’s able to talk about it unprompted and how she understands that we stand up for our brothers and sisters of color. It’s hard work, but small conversations here and there really add up in their minds.

*Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk on teaching your kids to be anti-racist.*

2 sparkly pink Christmas ball ornaments hanging on pink Christmas tree

I stuck a blanket underneath the tree as a “skirt” and wouldn’t you know when she saw it, she loved it.

It’s the little things.

Pink Christmas tree with lights on

Because I know you’ll ask, here she is all lit up! When it’s lit, you really can’t see the strands of lights which I’m not mad about.

little girl in ponytail and gingerbread pajamas standing in front of decorated Pink Christmas tree

When I told her I wanted to get a picture of her in front of her tree she said, “I know exactly how I’m going to stand,” and then did this. The girl is proud and it was seriously so fun to watch her be so excited about this as she did it and showing it to anybody who will look at it.

(Totally Unsponsored) Mini Review of the Treetopia Pink Christmas Tree

We had a little snag in the beginning of the base not getting screwed in, but after a little bit of elbow grease, I was able to make it work.

pink christmas tree with colorful ornaments and white lights

Out of the box, this was one of the easiest trees to fluff. And ya girl HATES fluffing a fake Christmas tree.

closeup of colorful ornaments on pink Christmas tree

It also is extremely full! Meaning it has a lot less bald spots than our other faux Christmas trees!

The quality really is great, the color is perfect, and I’m sure had we gotten the one that was prelit, I would be saying the same things.

I really think that I’ll be purchasing another tree from them in the future! I’ve got my eye on the black one or even maybe another colored one for Josiah if he’s obsessed with any color in the future as much as Charlotte is with pink.

little girl in pink gingerbread pajamas and woman with brown hair and glasses and green shirt sitting in front of decorated pink Christmas tree

And just for fun, I snuck in a picture with her. No makeup or nothin’, Jesus.

Your thoughts on letting your kids decorate their own tree? They’re only little for a short time, so I say go for it!
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Letting your kids decorate their own tree is so fun! See this decorated pink Christmas tree!

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