Unique & Fun Easter Basket Ideas For Kids

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Whether you’re more into homemade or store bought, this post is full of easter basket ideas that kids will love. There are Easter basket ideas for both girls and boys in this list

8 different Easter crafts for kids

Fun fact: We don’t do holiday characters over here.

Nope. No Easter bunny. No Santa. Nada. We aren’t thieves of joy, though. Promise.

My plan was actually not to do tooth fairy either BUT Char losing her first tooth was so traumatic for ME, that I really did it to make ME feel better. She fell off a stool when I was out of the room and I heard the scream and then saw her mouth was FULL of blood and I thought she bit through her tongue.

Man, is this the best intro to a “Easter basket ideas for kids” post you’ve ever read or what?

I decided to put options in here for both handmade easter basket ideas for kiddos as well as great ideas for items you can purchase that will make for a super fun Easter morning!

20 Handmade Easter Basket Fillers Kids Will Love graphic

20 Handmade Easter Basket Ideas (That are mostly non-candy!)

Great for Bath Time

easter egg bath bombs in ceramic egg crate
via Lydi Out Loud

Both the babes in this house love bath bombs. We have a whole drawer in their bathroom (which is our guest bathroom) dedicated to these. This is such a fun (and super cheap) idea for Easter basket stuffers, even for older kids.

Peeps shaped bath bombs
via Red Ted Art

Keeping in line with our Easter basket bath time fun, these Easter bunny shaped bath bombs are another super fun idea for a handmade Easter basket filler.

My favorite part of these is that it’s a great option regardless of whether your house is full of girls, boys, or a mixture of both.

Easter bunny purple heads in a green berry basket
via Simply Designing

Listen, if you want to have the cleanest toddlers this side of Easter, then look no further than this post. I promise I didn’t plan all of these to be bath related, but I figured since I found a handful of them that are bath time related, I’d just lump them all together.

These super cute bunny head soaps are made with essential oils so they’ll smell great and are great to use even on sensitive skin, which Char definitely has.

orange sugar scrub in shape of a carrot on white background
via Oh My Creative

Apparently making Easter themed things for the bath is popular out here in these blogging streets.

I think this would even be a great Easter basket idea for tweens or teens because as little ones get older, they may like an option for a scrub as opposed to a bath bomb. Or they may like a combination of both, who knows?

I love that these also come with the free printable tags for you to attach so really and truly your work is minimal on this option!

Bunny and chick made out of white and yellow wash cloths
via Crafts by Amanda

Last one I swear. I also thought these were great because they make things like “boo boo bears” for when kids get hurt and they look similar to this. This would be a great addition to a toddler easter basket, especially if you have a toddler like mine who (oddly) is obsessed with all things cleaning material related.

Throws stuff constantly, threatens to “go away from here” (aka. run away) when he gets mad, but don’t accidentally drop something on the ground. He’s gonna wipe it up for an hour.

Great for Toddlers

pipe cleaner bubble wands on shiplap background
via Red Ted Art

Another great Easter basket idea for toddlers are these pipe cleaner bubble wands! My kids LOVE bubbles and think they’re just all the rage, but I don’t like blowing them.

I also don’t like opening a brand new container of bubbles and having them immediately be spilled because someone says “I wanna do it!”

With these DIY homemade bubble wands, you can pour an allotted amount of bubbles in a shallow bowl and give them one of these wands and let them go nuts.

popsicle stick Easter themed puppets
via Messy Little Monster

Looking for more Easter basket ideas for toddlers? These super cute puppets are sure to be a hit! You could either put them together yourself if your little one doesn’t quite have the dexterity (and you don’t have the patience) to help them put them together OR if they’re an older toddler, you can let them put them together themselves and then have a fun little Easter puppet show.

What I love about these toddler popsicle stick puppets is that you can actually use these for any season or holiday and change them up.

paper easter eggs on clothespins
via One Little Project

How cute are these little guys? A different little take on puppets, these clothespin peek-a-boo puppets are so cute and super easy to make. Just watch out for little fingers that could easily get caught up in those little openings cuz ouch.

bunny shape cut out of pink play doh
via Natural Beach Living

Play Doh is always a good choice when kids are involved….unless you have carpet, right?

You want to know a secret about this super cute DIY Easter play doh? This is made with ACTUAL marshmallow peeps. Which, let’s be honest, the only thing those things are good for are mashing up and playing with them because they sure as heck ain’t good for eating.


Great for the Artist

3 polymer clay flower necklaces on a white background
via The Craft Train

Have young elementary age girls who love art? Give them the supplies in their Easter baskets to make these polymer clay necklaces. Charlotte loves art and it’s crazy how a few beads and some clay would make this girl’s day.

If you wanted to be super cute, you could put the supplies in some eggs to hide and let them collect the pieces as part of an Easter egg hunt and then do that as a craft together. Genius, right?

4 melted crayon easter eggs
via Simplify Create Inspire

If you’re anything like me, you have tons of random small or broken crayons.

It’s so tempting (at least for me) to just throw them away but that always feels wasteful. Now, you can help your little budding artist by making these recycled crayon egg shaped crayons.

Pair these with a cute and fun coloring book and you’ve got a great easter basket idea for toddlers or even older elementary kiddos.

felt egg shaped crayon holder
via Skip To My Lou

Oh, what’s that you say? Have full size, beautifully new crayons in your home? Well, aren’t you special?

If that’s the boat you’re in, then this super cute felt Easter egg crayon holder is a great homemade Easter basket idea that you can throw in if you’ve got some basic sewing skills!

felt carrot with colored pencils in it
via Skip To My Lou

This requires probably a little less sewing skills and you could probably even make this cute lil’ carrot by hand if you wanted to with hot glue if the possibility of sewing your fingers together doesn’t tickle your Easter basket filler fancy.

colorful wooden painted Easter eggs on white background
via My Poppet Makes

Okay, pardon me while I use these eggs to add some Easter decor to the house. Again, I love this idea for Easter basket fillers because I think that with younger kids, you can just do some of them in their favorite colors, but with older kids, you can put a couple of the eggs in a basket with some paint and paint brushes and let them have a fun little egg decorating for themselves.

Great for anybody

felt carrots on a dark background with candy coming out of them and snickers bars around them
via Gluesticks

I know, I know. Candy holders. A little candy isn’t going to kill us on a holiday. Don’t come at me with your Yellow 5 and Blue 2 or whatever. It’s fine. Live a little. If we’ve learned anything from 2020, time is short.

And if you’d still rather not, fill it with…granola. Whatever floats your boat.

3 colors of slime coming out of plastic Easter eggs
via The Best Ideas For Kids

I feel like I’ve neglected specific Easter basket ideas for boys, but the truth is a lot of these aren’t really gender specific, which was the goal.

But my boy LOVES slime. Or anything that he can get his hands dirty in. However, he immediately looks at me with despair and is like, “Mama, my hands dirty. We need to wash them.”

Regardless, most boys love slime. Not just boys – kids in general. Most kids love slime. So having this cute DIY slime in plastic Easter eggs is a great (and, again, cheap) homemade Easter basket filler idea!

pink, yellow and blue slime in short mason jars decorated to look like bunnies
via The Best Ideas for Kids

If you’d like to have a cuter little container for your Easter slime, these little glass jar bunnies are PRECIOUS! Quick little handmade craft with some pipe cleaners, felt, and googly eyes.

pom pom white Easter bunny head on orange background
via Lia Griffith

This DIY pom pom bunny is absolutely precious, but may take you a little bit longer to make.

An idea you could do with this if you didn’t want to try to make this more than once is make one of these and then bring him out a couple days before Easter so your kids know Easter is coming and then have him sitting next to their Easter baskets like a way cuter Elf on the Shelf kind of deal.

tiny grey and black easter bunnies in wooden eggs
via Swoodson Says

Charlotte is OBSESSED with little things. Especially little things that come in other things – like those OBNOXIOUS little toys like LOL Surprise, Surprisimals, etc. What’s not fun is having to tame and organize the tiny toys, but we have kind of figured out a system for now.

However, these are WAY cuter and would still excite her to open up an egg and find these precious little DIY felt bunnies.

Store Bought Easter Basket Ideas

We all aren’t Mary (or Gary) Poppins out there, so I also rounded up some things that I have found are great, non-messy, mostly not food Easter basket ideas for boys, girls, littles, bigs, mediums, whoever.

The best part about these is they’re from Amazon so for the most part, you will be able to get these to your door if you’re like me and procrastinate!

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