Simple and Neutral Spring Decor

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Sharing some simple and neutral spring decor using mostly greenery and adding small pops of color

Oh, sup spring? You really comin’ to stay this time or nah? I feel like it’s been playing games with us so I’ve been pretty gun shy about pulling the trigger and actually changing my decor from winter to spring.

It’s literally been 76 degrees one day and then the next day I’m bundled up like the kid on A Christmas Story in the snow suit.

Y’all know what I’m talking about don’t act like you don’t.

How can I decorate for spring on a budget?

Start small

So far, this is what we’re working with. I love this foyer table from World Market and am so glad she is in our family.

It’s just so versatile and even though we don’t have an entryway anymore per say, this is right in our kitchen and I love getting to decorate it for the seasons.

When it comes to our spring decor in our kitchen, this is it. This is also the extent of our spring decor in the entire house.

Keep it simple and neutral

Simple and neutral spring decor

To me, neutral doesn’t mean colorless, it just means soft colors which this totally is.

I’m not typically a fan of pink if you want to know the truth.

Pink doesn’t scream “simple and neutral spring decor”, but Jordan found these flowers at TJ Maxx and they’re droopy (kinda like me) and I like them a bunch!

They fit perfectly in our glass vase that normally is chilling on our fireplace. I’m really liking the way it looks here on this table though, so we may be on to something.

Try simple (and cheap) DIY projects

Simple and neutral spring decor

Okay, let’s talk about this show stopper for a minute.

The truth is I wanted to buy a hoop wreath but we could not find one that didn’t look insanely small on this giant wall.

DIY hula hoop spring wreath

So, Jordan convinced me we could make one and I’m so glad we did. Well, I’m so glad *he* did. I didn’t touch this at all. This was his project and it turned out great!

And the best part is a secret you can find out in this post but you will NOT BELIEVE how we made this super cheap DIY spring wreath!

Use fresh flowers

Simple and neutral spring decor

To be fair, none of these flowers in our spring decor are real.

If I can do it, I really like to use fake flowers that look real because ya girl can’t keep any fresh flowers alive.

Hello spring wreath

And while I do appreciate changing them out, that can get expensive really quick so if I’m ever able to find stems that look real and that I know I can use year over year, I’m willing to invest in them.

Simple and neutral spring decor
Simple and neutral spring decor

Don’t be afraid to show your personality

If you don’t know, we’re big fans of funny art around here. I created these funny fall printables that make me giggle. I rounded up some of THE MOST hilarious cross stitch patterns on Etsy.

The whole reason this blog started was to show you that you can have a house you love even if it doesn’t look like the magazines.

You don’t need a ton of throw pillows and pastel colors and all the home decor you see on Instagram if that doesn’t vibe with you.

You need to do what you can for your home.

Same with these spring decorating ideas.

That’s why they’re called spring decorating ideas. It’s just a starting point! Do with them as you wish. Expand on them, take some things away, whatever floats your little boatie.

Happy decorating!

Simple and neutral spring decor using greenery, flowers, and pops of color #springdecor #springdecorideas #blushpinkdecor

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    1. Thank you Christine!!! It’s freezing today so it’s still not even feeling like spring outside, but it’s sunny and I’m okay with it 🙂

  1. I am so excited about the tutorial you have coming. I need a GIANT hoop for my house. And everything looks lovely. That table gets all of my heart eyes!

  2. First of all this is beautiful! Second – I am super impressed that your guy shopped at TJ Maxx and made some amazing home decor! My husband things TJ is the devil… unless he wants dress clothes. 🙂

    1. oh gosh, that’s like our favorite thing to do on date nights is just go to TJ Maxx and Home Goods and window shop 🙂

  3. Your spring decor is beautiful, I agree that natural colors are soft colors to me too. Just perfect for spring. My spring sign would match your wreath perfectly. Tj maxx always has good stuff!

    1. Thanks, Jenny! TJ Maxx is pretty much always at the top of my list for home stuff! I feel like I can usually always find what I’m looking for there for the right price.

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