15 Great Amazon Finds for your Kitchen

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Regardless of budget, these 15 Amazon kitchen finds will make your life easier!


15 Amazon Kitchen Must Haves

Now that I have a full sight line to our new kitchen, it’s seemingly always top of mind.

My new favorite past time has quickly become scrolling the Amazon app or site to find way to make it user-friendly or even to make our lives easier when we are cooking and spending time there.

I rounded up 15 Amazon finds for your kitchen that are bound to make you giddy. From gadgets to organizational items, there is something for everyone.

Awesome Amazon Kitchen Finds

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Silverware drawer organizer

The drawers, especially for your silverware and cutlery, can get super messy if you don’t have them organized.

I like this wood drawer organizer because it is adjustable to suit different drawer sizes. This will help you find a space for everything and make sure that it is easily accessible for everyone. 

Glass storage containers 

Leftovers anyone?

We all know that having leftovers in the fridge and freezer can be life-changing when you need a meal in a hurry. I have a mental block about using plastic containers, knowing that so much of the food can seep into it. Blech.

So why not invest in how you keep them and consider glass storage containers? They have lids, they freeze well, and they can also be used in the heating-up process. Win win.

Nugget ice maker 

This is the perfect addition to your kitchen for the summer months ahead. It sits nicely on your countertop and makes ice ready for drinks in the garden or whenever you fancy an ice cold beverage.

This nugget ice maker is also great if you have kids (or mother in law) like mine who just want to nibble on ice all day long.

It is stainless steel and has a modern look to it, so it won’t stick out like a sore thumb. 

Anti-fatigue kitchen mat

We got a Ruggable rug, but honestly I know that cost may not be in everyone’s budget.

A cushioned kitchen mat is a game changer. This one is also non-slip and wipeable in case of any spillages. It would certainly make standing at the stove or when preparing food to cook far more comfy. 

Under-sink organizer

In my post where I shared how we organized under our kitchen sink, I showed how we organized ours.

I love the one we have, but if you’re looking for another option, this under-sink organizer will keep everything looking neat and tidy with its modern design. 

Milk frother

Mine was on its last leg and since we went with the Cafe appliances, I found this milk frother that I love and matches our appliances, even though it’s not the same brand.

coffee pot and coffee in glass canisters on wood shelves

And yes, I do have the Keurig that froths the milk on the side for a latte or cappuccino that you can see in our post for our DIY arched feature wall, but many times I’m in a hurry and just need something done quick and this does the job. 

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Thin slicing apple cutter and corer

Parenting life hack: When you have kids who love apples, when the slices are smaller it takes them longer to eat.

Our old apple slicer only cut it into 8 slices, but this particular apple slicer cuts it into 16 thin pieces. 

Dish drying rack

Having a dish drying rack in plain sight is not my first choice, but it’s a necessary evil.

Why is it that even when you have a brand new dishwasher with a drying cycle, dishes still come out wet?

The best part about this dish drying rack is that it gives you a place for plates, cups, and cutlery enabling you to wash and walk away while everything still looks fairly neat. 

The sink workstation 

I won’t lie, when I found out that I couldn’t have one of these with our sink because it’s a farmhouse sink and not an undermount, I was super sad.

This sink workstation kit will turn your sink into an area where you can chop and prepare vegetables, clean vegetables, fruit, and salad, and even look to collect the peelings or drain the vegetables when they are cooked. A great option to consider. 

All-in-one vegetable chopper

Prepping vegetables for your meals can be an annoying task that can often take up much of the cooking time, especially with little ones running around asking “if it’s ready yet” 100 times.

So why not get yourself this handy all-in-one vegetable chopper? You can cut everything from onions to carrots and you can choose to chop them in lots of different ways. 

Refrigerator organizers

I really do love our fridge, but I wanted to make the best use out of the space inside and make things as easy as possible to reach for.

Your fridge is the one thing that you can close the door on and be safe knowing nobody can peek at it unless they go to grab something. These refrigerator organizers will help you find a space for everything. 

Refrigerator liners

Speaking of fridge organization, you might also want to try and keep your refrigerator clean or at least make cleaning it much easier.

These refrigerator liners are easily removed enabling you to wipe them clean and pop them back. It also means you can do quick cleans instead of always having to pull everything out. 

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Sink caddy

Having a sink in an island, I was really concerned that it would always look messy.

The sink has a few things it needs to have within an arms reach such as sponges, cloths, and dish soap. This awesome sink caddy will help you keep that area organized. 

Ziploc bag organizer

Look, I’m not sure who’s idea this was, but I’m here for it.

The biggest problem I have with keeping the Ziploc bags in the plastic bag is they get ripped and torn easily.

Having the reusable bamboo boxes to stick the bags in removes the ripped boxes and let’s face it, you just feel super fancy. 

Snap and strain pot strainer

We cook a lot of pasta over here. A LOT.

Having a snap and strain pot strainer that attaches to your pans is a quick and easy way to get the straining job done. It can be used for different-sized pans and you might even want to use it for bowls as well.

Let’s just say if anything needs draining, this little gadget will help you out.

If you’re anything like me, cooking can be an annoying task even if you do have a fabulous place to do it. Hopefully some of these products will make your life a teency bit easier.

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