11 Best Summer Toys for 1 Year Olds

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Trying to keep little ones entertained (and safe) outside may be a bit of a challenge, but these 11 summer toys will keep the fun going all summer long!


Super Fun Summer Toys Safe for a 1 Year Old

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little girl with pigtails in front of Schitt's Creek birthday party background

I can not believe our little mama is already a year old. Seems like just yesterday I pooped myself birthing her.

But now she’s crawling all over the place and super active.

Our girls are late walkers in this house, so she’s not walking yet but standing and pulling up, absolutely. Curious, you betcha. She also has FOMO when her brother and sis are playing outside so I’ve been on the hunt for some of the best summer toys for a 1 year old so she can have something to do out there besides getting bitten by mosquitos.

How Do I Keep My 1-Year-Old Baby Busy Outside?

Picking the appropriate summer toys for a one-year-old can be the source of angst and an overwhelming sense of dread for any parent. 

You want to find an object safe for your baby to use that will keep them occupied, but also something that can keep them entertained. The more time your baby spends playing with a toy, the more downtime you have to enjoy the warm weather and a few precious moments of solitude. 

Ha. Just kidding, what is that?

Great Summer Toys for a 1-Year-Old 

When you have a small, one-year-old baby, the right toys can make outdoor time more fun for them. And picking out the right summer toys shouldn’t be a stressful challenge. Instead, it should be an easy, exciting task. So, try these summer toys to keep your baby busy and your mind sane outdoors.

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Bubble machine 

A bubble machine can be an entertaining and thrilling summer toy to keep your baby occupied while outside.

Heck even my 7 and almost 4 year old LOVE bubbles.

This fully automatic battery-powered bubble machine motor churns out 5,000 bubbles a minute for up to 30 minutes with eight bubble wands and two speeds. Turn the lightweight, portable tank on and enjoy your baby’s squeals of delight while you hold on to the container of bubbles to refill.

Inflatable splash pad

Getting a 1 year old pool ready is a whole production. This adorable sea-themed splash park is a way better solution.

The dimensions (90” L x 52” W x 24” H) of the inflatable mat can fit the smallest yard. And the inflatable slide, dolphin, and four starfish rings add a safe, soft playing space for your baby to splash in some water to keep cool. 

Stepping stones

These soft, colorful foam stepping stones can be a fun way for your one year old to work on their balance.

In addition, the freestyle arrangement can inspire hours of play outside or indoors if the temperatures are just too hot. 

Small pull wagon

This pull-along wagon has thick tires and a low bed that offers the perfect storage place for your toddler’s toys. And the chunky handle is the ideal shape for your toddler’s small hand as they haul this plastic wagon around your yard or home.  

Mini balance bike

This triangular framed balance bike inspires your one-year-old’s early love for bicycles. Two wheels at the back add stability, while the adjustable polyurethane seat fits toddlers 30” to 40” tall and up to 45 pounds.

The adorable squeeze bell rubber ducky on the handlebars adds a fun little touch.

We had one of these for Josiah when he was almost 2 and it was a huge hit. He still rides his around now.

Ride on scooter

This transitional Radio Flyer scooter will stay with your toddler as they grow from the tender age of one up to the independent age of four.

Your kid can start with the scooter as a ride-on that can scoot with their feet. Then, as your child ages, convert the seat into the deck for a stable, durable scooter.


We have this thing and can attest it can take a beating.

It currently lives in our playroom upstairs and gets used a lot to get some of Josiah’s energy out and I have a feeling will get used when Collins is a bit older and walking too.

This small three-foot round indoor trampoline on short legs has a foam pad for protection. And for your extra peace of mind, your toddler can keep their balance by holding the rubber-wrapped metal handlebar while jumping on the bouncy mat.  

Mold free bath toys

Bath toys can get so grody. Whether your one-year-old is splashing in the bathtub or making waves in a small pool outside, these hygienic solid soft animal toys can inspire hours of creative play.

These safe BPA-free toys include an adorable tiger, unicorn, quail, frog, and lion in bright, exciting colors.

Alternatively, these little wind up water turtles are another cute option.

Water table

One of the best summer toys for a one year old is a water table.

We have had one since Charlotte was a mere tot and we still love it!

This Stage 2 pond table in bright, fun colors has various activities from the tray at the top that makes a waterfall that splashes into the pond. Other features include maze-spinners, buckets, and ramps. 

Tent tunnel

Encourage hours of physical activity with these fun tents and tunnels for a playset in bright, bold, primary colors.

This adventure set features tunnels, a ball dart board, basketball goal and even a ball pit! Great for outdoors or another good summer toy option for indoors if it’s too hot or a rainy day.

Ball pit

This is probably best suited for inside summer play. Or maybe that’s just me, but with it being so aesthetically pleasing, why would you want to get this messed up by putting it outside?

Inside the ball pit are 200 plastic balls in mint, cotton, light gray, and white. The large size of the plastic balls is safe for the youngest children to play. 

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1-Year-Old Summer Toys Buyer’s Guide

Now that you know some of the best toys to choose for your one-year-old, let’s cover some important features you want to consider when picking toys. You have to think about different safety features than you would consider for older children. 


The size of an item is of crucial importance when it comes to shopping for a one-year-old. Most toddlers in this age bracket still have the dangerous habit of putting anything and everything in their mouths. 

Smaller items – less than 1 ¼” diameter and 2 ¼” length – can cause a choking hazard for litte children. When you’re trying to enjoy a few blissful moments of downtime, you don’t want to have to jump up in panic at the sound of your baby gagging. 


You should also pay attention to the material used for the toy. Be sure that the toys are lead-free, BPA- free, flame-resistant, and easy to clean. Any fabric materials should be washable and soft. 

Products that have an ASTM D-4236 mean that they have been rated as safe by the American Society for Testing and Materials. You also want to choose materials that are sturdy and won’t break with use.

Developmental Age

You’ll also want to think about your baby’s developmental progress. Activity toys can keep your child busy while also exercising crucial skills like balance, hand-eye coordination, movements, and imagination. 

You don’t want to get toys that would be too challenging for your toddler to do alone. But you also shouldn’t get toys that are under your child’s skill level. Instead, the perfect market are toys that pique your child’s intelligence and enhance their existing skills. 


When you have a one-year-old child, having a few age-appropriate toys can make your outdoor time more fun.

These fun summer toys can keep a toddler entertained and give parents a few moments of “peace”.

Improve your baby’s range of motion, imagination, and balance with these excellent summer toys for a one-year-old!

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