Favorite Under Kitchen Sink Storage and Organization Things

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Especially if the space under your kitchen sink is small, these products will help you tame your under kitchen sink storage situation


The Best Under Kitchen Sink Organizing Products

I’m going to try to make this short and sweet, but I also know that people who clean and organize like really freakin love to clean and organize.

In my spirit, I’m one of those people.

Because of my children and husband, it’s hard to be one of those people all the time but it doesn’t mean I’m not gonna be here to help you out, ya know?

under kitchen sink organization with clear bins

I’ve got a post for you sharing all about how we organized under our own kitchen sink in our new kitchen, but I wanted to do a separate post for the products that I have found in my search to find things that will work for us in our cramped space under our kitchen sink.

This was a lot of trial and error and even more buying and returning of things that didn’t work, so trust me when I tell you this post was a labor of true love trying to find you the best under kitchen sink storage products and ideas.

under kitchen sink storage product ideas graphic

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1. Long skinny flat drawer

This is great for things like dry swiffer pads, sponges, towels, or maybe even trash bags depending on the size.

Our long skinny acrylic drawer isn’t under our kitchen sink, but it is in our soon-to-be cleaning closet with our dry Swiffer pads in it.

2. Stackable clear drawers

clear organization bins under the sink with dishwasher tabs and magic erasers

I can’t speak highly enough of these clear stackable drawers as an under kitchen sink storage idea.

I love that the drawers are inside of the bins so they push back farther and they also sit up higher than the lip of our cabinet face.

Of course because they’re clear, you can see in them too which is really what you need when trying to be organized under your kitchen sink.

3. Metal pull out under sink organizer

pull out under the sink kitchen organizer

I love this metal pull out organizer.

Truth be told, I thought I would be annoyed at the metal slats and was worried things might fall through or that things would just fall over.

But I also knew that this was going to be where I put my dish towels so I haven’t had too much issue.

This metal pull out guy is awesome! Super handy, perfect size and the gliders are a bit “tight” so it doesn’t feel like it’s going to collapse in on itself.

4. Command hooks

greige kitchen cabinet door open with teal cleaning gloves hanging on the door

Small command hooks like these are great for so many things.

You can hang a towel, gloves, bottle brushes, straw brushes, and so much more using these things.

It’s a great way to get things off the bottom of your cabinets and into a space that you can more easily see and access in a hurry.

If these particular small command hooks are too small, I’m sure you know they come in a variety of other sizes that may fit your needs better.

5. Command caddies

I promise this isn’t an Command brand sponsored post (although if they tryna pay me, I won’t cry about it), but these little caddys are great for your doors or even on the inside of your cabinets if you have room.

The only reason these didn’t work for us was because I decided to get the hooks and then because I significantly decreased my cleaning supplies I needed under the sink, I didn’t have a need for them but want to definitely add some of these under the bathroom sink in our primary bathroom.

If you have kids, this would be a great way to corral toothbrushes or hair ties.

6. Towel “hooks”

These things are genius. Instead of hooks that are sometimes hard or have things easily fall off, these are rubber and you simply push the end of your towel in them.

Great for ease of use and also reduces the risk of having a kid yank them out of the wall.

Anywho, like I promised, short and sweet! You don’t need much or to spend a ton of green to get a well organized and functional under sink storage solution.

under kitchen sink storage product ideas graphic

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