Modern Kitchen Remodel Reveal

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FINALLY – The full kitchen transition is complete! We still have some loose ends to tie up, but for now, come take a tour of our brand new modern kitchen!


Our New Kitchen Remodel Reveal

Okay look, we have accomplished a lot of projects around here. Like a lot.

But this kitchen is not only a labor of love but also a labor of sweat, tears, cuss words, Airbnbs, fights, long nights and most of all a labor of SO MANY DOLLS HAIRS.

It’s laughable that my husband tried to tell me we would have all demo, framing, drywall, and paint all done in a week.

Update: it took almost four months.

But it’s DONE and here I am getting to share it with you.

modern kitchen with greige kitchen cabinets and leather barstools

I can not believe we get to call this ours.

I think it’s super helpful to see these spaces side by side for a second, though.

The image on the left and right are taken from the same location. The image on the right is a little more closeup, but now it’s entirely open and we have one gorgeous and open concept.

The Steel Beam

white farmhouse sink and greige kitchen cabinets with black arch feature wall

Don’t mind my cup of tea I forgot to take out of the photo. *face palm* Keeping it real over here, I guess.

But you can see on that right floor to ceiling pantry cabinet that the ceiling pops down a bit. That’s our giant 22 foot, several hundred ton steel beam that’s bearing the load of our upper floor.

It blends in and doesn’t bother me in the least that it’s not completely flush.

No More Bay Window

closeup of bay window with wood farmhouse table

If you recall in our kitchen design remodel plans, we decided that to extend our kitchen, we were going to close this bay window and add a second smaller window.

white quartz kitchen countertops on island with greige kitchen cabinets

Well, we did and ya girl is SO thrilled with the result. I don’t feel like we lost any light because that bay window was already somewhat shaded since it was a view into our screened in porch.

The Coffee Bar and Pantry

I’m not going to lie – I was very nervous about losing our pantry. We spent under $100 to totally remake our old pantry and it worked great so I was nervous about losing that.

But this area is exactly what I was hoping for. I feel like we somehow have more space by having the 2 floor to ceiling pantry spaces.

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The New Flow of the Space

Walking in the front door, you now see this as the end of the kitchen.

We relocated our floor vents and got a new wood french door to go onto our screened in porch and I love it.

greige kitchen cabinets with black hardware and black faucet

With your back to the pantry and looking over, here’s the view of our island. It’s huge.

The back of the island has cabinets that we can access for extra storage which is a huge bonus.

white quartz countertops on greige kitchen cabinets with black fireplace in background

You can also see the steel beam here a little bit, but you actually kind of have to look for it in this photo. Which is also why it doesn’t bother me because it just blends in so well and there are much more gorgeous things to be looking at in this ol’ modern kitchen remodel.

We used to have a whitewashed brick fireplace, but decided to go bold and paint it black and I am NOT disappointed in the least. I love it.

matte white cafe fridge with white oak floors and greige kitchen cabinets

Ah, yes. The fridge debacle of 2022. The one that we paid for, somehow got lost, then went back and forth on the delivery company trying to tell the store they delivered it when they didn’t.

Then we found another one at a local store in Charlotte and had it within 48 hours.

ruggable runner rug in kitchen with white oak floors and matte white cafe appliances

I also bit the bullet and decided to get a Ruggable runner rug. I knew I wanted something washable for the kitchen because…well, children.

I definitely have some thoughts and opinions on this thing for the several months or so we’ve had it and I plan on giving it a bit more time before a full review, but it’s coming.

The Appliances

matte white cafe gas and electric range with greige kitchen cabinets and a pot filler

To be real honest, we weren’t planning on getting appliances right away.

We knew we would be getting a new dishwasher, but our plan was to keep our old range and our fridge until we could save up.

That was until our contractor dropped our hood vent insert on our glass top and shattered it. So we just bit the bullet and got the appliances.

We went with the matte white Cafe appliances and I’m still getting used to them.

I do love the range, but it is capable of so much and I haven’t even scratched the surface with it yet.

I love the dishwasher the most so far, go figure.

The Details

white cafe gas range with black pot filler and vertical stacked zelige tile

It’s all in the details, am I right?

I’m so pleased with the tile that we chose, even though it wasn’t the most budget friendly option.

I couldn’t help myself. I saw it installed in our very first investment property and couldn’t imagine anything else in our kitchen.

Also – wanna feel rich? Give yourself a pot filler. I promise you it’s the best (nominal) amount of money you can spend.

black kitchenaid mixer in the corner on white quartz kitchen countertops and greige cabinets with black drawer pulls

I hate a cluttered countertop. It stresses me out.

And with all the storage space we now have, I don’t have a need for much to be on our quartz countertops, so that sole Kitchenaid mixer in the corner may not look like much, but I want to keep it simple.

Simple = sanity for me.

glass island pendant with black rod

We got these glass globe pendants when Jordan worked at RH for an insane discount.

And because of said discount, we ended up spray painting the downrod because it was more like a super dark oil rubbed bronze as opposed to a black which we wanted.

glass globe sconce with black

While we’re on the topic of light fixtures, we also chose to put sconces over the windows.

We wanted as many lighting options as possible since we now have a giant open space.

greige vent hood closeup

We lucked out where we got our cabinets and they had one range hood option – and we loved it!

range hood insert

As far as the insert inside of the range hood, this thing is fancyyyy.

It has its own remote *OR* you can make it come on by waving your hand over the sensor! It’s awesome.

So awesome in fact that we had to install a whole separate down draft air return vent in the floor so that it doesn’t run so hard that it messes up air flow in the house which would ruin our new windows.

The Cabinet Hardware

closeup of black knurled drawer pulls from Emtek on greige kitchen cabinets

I am in love with our cabinet handles and knobs we went with from Emtek.

I shared a lot of other photos when I talked about how to install cabinet hardware the easy way and every time I look at them, I fall more and more in love.

matte black modern cabinet knobs

The cabinet knobs are super simple, which we wanted because we don’t have a ton of cabinet doors.


The knurled detail in the pulls is what sold me. I love that it almost looks like our mermaid tile that we have in our laundry room, which happens to sit right outside of our kitchen.

closeup of black knurled drawer pulls from Emtek on greige kitchen cabinets

I was a little nervous that the detail in the cabinet pulls would gather dust and be super hard to clean, but I can say having a super dusty work space and also dirty little hands that touch these a lot, they’re incredibly easy to wipe clean!

The Sink and Faucet

matte black kitchen faucet in island with white quartz countertops and greige hood vent

Our new farmhouse sink is absolutely giant.

It’s like a new little spa area for Collins and she loves it. It made it super easy to throw her in the bath after she covered herself in cake at her first birthday party.

matte black kitchen faucet and white farmhouse sink in island

Jordan saw this faucet at a luxury home he was walking with a client and kept it in the back of his mind, knowing that if we ever redid our kitchen, that would be the first thing we got.

And it was.

Having a sink in an island means that there’s not a whole lot you can do in the way of decor, but it also means you have to have necessities on your counter like hand soap and dish soap.

I was able to find some matte black soap dispensers that I could stick in line with the faucet and they blend in really well, which I’m pumped about.

greige kitchen cabinets with white farmhouse sink and black hardware

I shared about how I set up my under kitchen sink organization for cleaning supplies in a separate post, which will show you what I have nearby.


White Quartz: Calcatta Prado

Wall and trim color: Sherwin Williams Pure White

Flooring: 9″ engineered white oak (discontinued)

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