8 Amazing Ideas To Start A Garden

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Thinking this may be the time to start a garden? These 8 different garden ideas will inspire your creativity for starting your own flower or veggie garden. It doesn’t matter if you live on acres or you have only a back deck – there are ideas for everyone!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to start a garden and chickened out.

I wanted to start a garden for Charlotte when we remade her playhouse last summer, but I chickened out and we stuck with just flower pots.

But with the spring and summer inching closer and closer and the real possibility that we still may be under strict provisions when it comes to being in a public place like we normally spend our springs and summers, it has me thinking now may be the time to buckle up and learn how to start a garden!

If you’re anything like me, you normally start off researching on Pinterest for things like gardening design ideas, whether you should do a veggie garden or a flower garden, or even how you can make a garden in small spaces.

I’ve rounded up 8 of the most amazing ideas I found for you (and hopefully me) to get my booty in gear! I mean, if groceries are going to be hard to come by, I might as well try my hand at growing my own.

Anyone know if there’s a toilet paper and Lysol wipe garden?

8 Amazing (Flower or Veggie) Garden Ideas

Free Standing Strawberry Garden


Nick and Bethany from Reality Day Dream actually made it twice on my list! It wasn’t planned, but I couldn’t help it. They had 2 amazing ideas for gardens that I loved. First up is their free standing strawberry garden! Okay, so this technically wasn’t a veggie garden, but fruit is close! It’s food! And how about that sign they made, are you kidding me? How precious. I love that you could make just a small garden like this which technically only takes the space of a 2×4 post.

Listen, I’m not a farmer jane over here, but I do know that strawberries need full sun, so if you’re thinking of doing this idea, make sure you make this somewhere where they’ll get full sun! 

Hanging Gutter Garden

Oh, hey again Nick and Beth! Can I call you Beth now? Feel like we’re on a first name basis kinda deal. Anyway, they also created this super sweet vertical garden on their front porch from gutters! I love a good creative idea like this. What a spruce up your outdoor space, right?

Paver Herb or Veggie Garden

I love this take on a raised garden bed from Laura at Inspiration For Moms. Instead of doing the normal raised garden bed, she made her little veggie garden out of pavers which I thought was super creative and quite frankly, may be easier if you’re afraid of saws and whatnot. Plus for me, I feel like rocks will last year after year. I mean I’m no … rock expert or anything.

DIY Vertical Garden

DIY vertical garden

I also had to double dip with Jessica’s posts from Jessica Welling Interiors. Up first is her DIY vertical garden. Now, this ain’t got no veggies, but it does contain super cute succulents which are great regardless of your lighting situation since succulents are one of the few garden plants that are virtually impossible to kill. 

Vertical Hanging Garden

shoe pocket hanging garden

Speaking of easy, Jessica also has this idea that has to be one of the most genius ones I’ve seen. I think when you can say that your garden plans consist of one item and some garden soil, that’s doable. This would be great for trying to start a veggie garden in an apartment or rental where you don’t want to invest in building something that you may have to break down when you move out.

DIY Raised Garden Bed

raised garden bed

If you’re looking for a good old fashioned (and gorgeous) idea for your vegetable gardening, Kristi has got you covered. I love what she’s done creating her own veggie garden and how she broke it down so this really feels doable!

Tiered Garden Bed

tiered raised garden bed

Leave it to Anika to come up with something gorgeous, functional, and great when you’re trying to create a veggie garden in a smaller space. Her tiered raised garden bed is a show stopper!

Self Watering Vertical Garden

drip watering vertical garden

My biggest problem when it comes to my black thumb is I don’t know anything about watering them. Too much? Not enough? Do young plants need more water than more mature plants? Ugh, it’s all so confusing! But Kati over at Houseful of Handmade created this awesome vertical garden with a water feature! It allows the water to flow through all her little herbs, or herbies as I like to call them. 

Now listen, if you’re needing to know things like hardiness zones or frost dates or how you can approach seed starting if you’re working with seed packets, I ain’t ya girl. You barkin’ up the wrong blog.

I don’t even know what any of those things mean, I’ve just seen them and had to Google them myself. Again, I’m not a gardener over here. (Gardenist? Gardenista?) All I know is that soil is organic matter (thank you, high school biology) and that home grown food from a veggie garden is delicious as all get out.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you now to try to start a veggie garden this year?
8 super amazing ideas to help you start a garden! Flowers, fruits or a veggie garden, you can DIY any of these projects whether you've got plenty of land or a simple apartment balcony!

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