Best Rated True Wireless Earbuds for Under $100

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An alternative to AirPods, here’s a list of the 7 best wireless earbuds you can get for a steal that make a great Father’s Day gift!

AirPod alternatives, this list of 7 budget friendly best wireless earbuds is a great option for a Father's Day gift under $100! #airpods #truewirelessearbuds #fathersdaygifts #fathersdaygiftideas
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For Mother’s Day, I went all out and gave you guys over 100 gift ideas to give moms. Want to know why? Because we women can be difficult creatures and so it’s hard to get us gifts sometimes. But one thing I’ve learned over the years about men is typically they’re a lot more simple and easy to please.

Unless you’re married to the guy I’m married to. Which you’re obviously not because that would just be weird. But he’s extremely hard to buy gifts for. Maybe I’ll get *him* to write 100 Father’s Day gift ideas for next year. He would probably come up with some incredible ideas, so we’ll see what will happen next year.

For now, though, he keeps talking about wanting a pair of AirPods. Ironically, he and I both have been making fun of how ridiculous they look for a very long time, but now he’s come around on them I guess and has been talking about them nonstop. But ya girl doesn’t want to pay the AirPods prices. So, per usual, I started researching the best AirPods alternatives and came up with a list of some the best true wireless earbuds that are all under $100!

7 Budget Friendly Best Wireless Earbuds

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To shop any of these wireless earbuds, just click on the names of each to be taken right to the site and read all the reviews, but I’ll do my best to give a little description here and at least the price so that you can research for yourself. Spoiler alert: 6 out of the 7 are from Amazon! Which means 2 day shipping if you’re about that Prime Life like me.

True Wireless Soundcore Liberty Neo by Anker

Soundcore Liberty Neo by Anker

We have this brand’s portable bluetooth speaker and have had it since 2017 and it’s been phenomenal. These earbuds come in at under $50 and have over 200 reviews.

cheap wireless earbuds

Bicboz Sabbat E12

At $80, these guys come in different colors and you can change the tips of them if your ears are ridiculously small like mine.

LetsFit True Wireless Earbuds

These have a 20 hour work time, which includes allowing for 3.5 hours of continuous use. Right now, they’re on sale for under $40 and there’s even a 5% off coupon available!

Sudio Niva

You can find these little guys at Target for $80. If you have your Red Card you can use it for 5% off every day which, let’s be real if you don’t have a Target Red Card, what are you even doing with your life? It hooks right to your bank account so it’s a Target specific debit card so you can tell Dave Ramsey to chill. I can’t find too much information about them, and they only have 6 reviews, but 4 stars so I still it’s a fairly viable option.

Geekee G350 TWS

Less than half the cost of AirPods and compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices, these have almost 2,000 reviews and 4 stars! For the price, this seems like an incredible option!

Mebuyz E18

Again, way less than half of the price of AirPods, these have 6 to 8 hours of continual playtime which is one of the higher ones I’ve found in my hours of scouring the internetz for these. Plus the name is kind of hilarious. You buyz? No. Me buyz! Okay, let’s move on.

Pasonomi X9

Call me crazy, but nearly 4000 people can’t be wrong. These have 4 and a half stars and are still on the lower end of the budget. Fully charged, these bad boys have 60 hours of standby time (meaning time they’re just chilling without being used before you have to charge them again) and 3-4 hours of continuous time.

Well, there ya go! If you’re looking for something for Father’s Day, there’s 7 really good options if what the father in your life is looking for is a pair of wireless earbuds and you’re looking for a good deal! I want to know, though – do you have something not listed here that’s not AirPods that you love? Tell me all about them below!

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