Feet Up Friday #11

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

My favorite way to give you guys life and other updates every month outside of the normal home decor and DIY stuff, and this month even includes a baby man bun!

It’s that time folks! I totally missed last month’s Feet Up Friday, but I just had too many good things I wanted to share project wise, so I couldn’t fit it in. I mean, for real though, I shared a painting secret and you got to see our ridiculous wifi password make its second appearance. You can’t be mad at me for that.

Projects/Posts you may have missed:

  • Some freakzoid broke in the entire neighborhood’s cars, BUT there was a silver lining!
  • We redid our mailbox thank God because it was painful to look at – but literally and physically.
  • Y’all know I love a budget friendly find and I shared 7 alternatives to Airpods if you’re like me and there’s no way in cowboy hell you’re going to pay $160 for something that makes you look like a total clown anyway. Some of these on the list are less than a THIRD of the price! Speaking of budget finds….

Post Memorial Day Sales

*Some affiliate links are provided below for your convenience

Old Navy

Right now until TODAY, at Old Navy you can get 50% off tanks, tees, shorts and swim for the ENTIRE FAM! J and I went there last night as part of date night and I scored this $6 shirt and a pair of sweatshorts for like $7 that you’ll probably see me in approximately every day during the summer. For some reason the shorts aren’t coming up online half off, but I can promise you they were last night!


Until tomorrow, you can get 25% off home items with the code PICNIC. Look, I would put some things here that I like but just assume it’s everything.

Life Updates

I’m sure this is why most of you keep coming back, because let’s be real – kids are cute. Let’s just say this past month has been full of firsts.

First Nitro Cold Brew taste from Starbucks and I gotta say I love it. Plus WOOK AT THIS BABY CUP SO CUTE.

First competition in America’s Tiniest Chubbiest Chef. (He won, btw)

First taste of a donut for the little one since he tagged along the weekly daddy/daughter date one Friday to Dunkin’ Donuts. A munchkin eatin’ a munchkin.

First time driving the Publix car together. I honestly don’t know which one loved it more.

Actual footage of my first heart attack. Char was very calm and wasn’t really interested in moving around a whole bunch. This one on the other hand, he’s everywhere into everything and on everything always all the time forever. Scary, but he’s also SO FUN.

First dip in the baby pool. She’s still at that age where everything is thrilling to her, so I thought this might be a (belly) flop, but lo and behold she thought it was the greatest thing ever.

And what rhymes with fun?

FINALLY BABY’S FIRST MAN-MAN BUN. We’ve been waiting to do a baby man bun for a very long time. It was everything I imagined and now Char has repeatedly asked if I’ll put his hair in a “baby man bun” again.

Char also had her 4th birthday and my DSLR crapped out on me which infuriated me but I didn’t want to be on my phone the whole time so this is literally the only picture I got of her entire birthday but let’s just say she had a BLAST. Princess themed if you can’t tell.

Upcoming House Projects

Man, have we got some exciting stuff in the works. I know I’ve been quiet on Instagram but truth be told, I like it. I like not feeling like a slave to my dang phone and just being on there when I wanna be. BUT we have been hard at work!

This is the humble beginnings of our first foray into building ourselves a table for our dining room! I’m hoping to be able to do a full DIY, BUT my husband is literally looking at a picture of the one I wanted and making it up as he goes along.

Look out soon too for a mood board coming your way for what I’m hoping we will be able to do as phase one for our master bath refresh!

That’s all for now! You guys stay classy out there 🙂

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