Fire House Remodel Reveal

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

The house that caught on fire got the ultimate glow up. Come see for yourself!

open concept kitchen with island and white upper kitchen cabinets and wood lower

Whewww, lawd.

We have officially renovated a house that had previously caught on fire.

dilapidated front porch of 2 story house

In case you missed it, I did an entire fire house before tour blog post if you want to see what this looked like on the inside, but it was much like our very first flip in that it was JUST studs. And barely that.


It’s probably one of the favorite ones we’ve done.

I know I already said that about that small modern ranch remodel we did, and I still love that one, but this one was a wild transformation to see.

Home Exterior

2 story white home exterior

Thar she blows. Redone and glowed right on up. New grass and everything!

front porch with white siding and greige shutters
greige front door

I love the colors of the shutters and doors, but before you ask, I don’t have it.

The door was color matched to the manufacturer of the shutters so it’s not a specific color you could just go and pick up at a paint spot. Sorrryyyyyy.

The Entry

shiplap feature wall with stairs

Right when you swing open that door with the unknown paint color, this is what you see.

Gorgeous light colored wood floors. Shiplap feature wall. Smooches.

black entryway table with gold mirror over it

Then we have this perfect little nook that we staged to have a small console table and a mirror. Great spot to hang keys, backpacks, all of it.

Downstairs Half Bath

wood floating vanity with gold fixtures and gold accent mirror

This room was super tough to photograph, but super too gorgeous to not photograph.

We have a wood floating vanity and love the gold fixtures in here. Super simple, but super classy.

Mudroom/Laundry Room

view into laundry room/mud room with black seating bench

You can see the layout here, but the door to the right is the bathroom we just saw and the door to the left is the garage, so we are still in the entryway.

But this mudroom is giving me heart palpitations.

I love that you have room to walk around and hang things you may want out of the way or have a place to put wet/dirty shoes and sports equipment.

But let me show you the best part.

Floor to ceiling cabinet storage are you freaking kidding me?!

I’m so jealous.

I feel like we did good with our super small laundry room makeover at our own house, but this makes me ache I want this storage so bad.

I am not mad about open shelving in our own laundry room, but we just aren’t open shelving kind of people. We should have opted for something like this, but hindsight is 20/20. Whatever. I’m not jealous at all.

The Office

black office desk and gray office chair

(Did you sing The Office theme song in your head when you read that title? Cuz I did).

But if you’re standing at the front door and turn to the right, you’ll see the office.

green sliding barn door in office with gray office chair and black desk

Little less Jim and Pam. Lot more barn door-y.

When we’re doing flip houses, we opt to buy barn doors rather than doing a DIY barn door. Costs a bit more, but saves a ton more time.

If you’d rather build your own, I have an entire post about how to DIY your own barn door including PDF plans here!

This was a really good size room and would allow much larger furniture or a crap ton of toys for a really cool playroom too.

Kitchen/Dining Room

And on to the showstopper, as is the case in many of our flips – the kitchen.

velvet green chairs around a round dining table in kitchen
velvet green chairs around a round dining table in kitchen

This was an open concept kitchen/living/dining so we wanted to find a way to separate the spaces, but still have them flow together.

white upper kitchen cabinets with wood lower kitchen cabinets

We were able to get away with a smaller island (that’s still big enough for 3 leather counter stools!) because the sink isn’t in the island and so the entire island is all counter space which makes it feel large.

wood kitchen cabinets with white kitchen island in modern white kitchen

On the other side of those barn doors is the office that we toured a bit earlier.

open concept kitchen with island and white upper kitchen cabinets and wood lower

This was the second flip house where we chose wood cabinets for the lower and white for the upper.

The first time we did this was in our small modern ranch we redid that I loved! The contrast in wood lower cabinets and white upper cabinets is a perfect combo of classic and modern.

brass pot filler over stove with tile backsplash

Also don’t let Jordan Smith flip a house because he WILL put a pot filler in it lolz.

It’s always such an easy way to upgrade an investment property without spending a ton of money.

And before you get mad about the sink not being in the island, we did a killer workstation sink and gorgeous T faucet set as well.

Plus you get to look out the window into your fenced backyard which is another great bonus.

Living Room

gray couch in living room with gold light fixture

Quite candidly, the living room isn’t that big in the house, but having it be open to the kitchen and dining room makes it feel much larger.

By keeping the walls a creamy white (we went with our tried and true Sherwin Williams Alabaster) allows the natural light and the open concept do the work of making this space feel bright, open and airy.

gas fireplace with round fireplace gas balls

One of my favorite features of this house that we did was these gas fireplace balls!

It’s not something we have done before but I was SO happy with this choice. They look so sleek and modern and makes me wish our fireplace was all gas instead of combo.

Primary Bedroom

bed with large round brass light fixture

Popping up to the top of the stairs, we have our primary bedroom with huge giant ceilings and a wagon wheel round chandelier to die for.

And if you can’t tell in the photo, it is GIANT.

We kept the green barn door theme going throughout the house.

Even though this bedroom is on a different floor than the office downstairs, this keeps a cohesive look in the entire home that feels intentional rather than just a design that’s thrown together.

open shelving in large walk in primary closet

And behind that green barn door is one of the biggest primary closets we have done in a flip house.

We had our favorite carpenter in the entire world Mr. Marvin build some custom shelving in here and I’m so happy with how it turned out!

I LOVE the fact that there is a place to sit down and put on shoes or socks or take a breath after sweating trying on a bunch of clothes, ha!

We have the world’s tiniest primary closet in our own house and while we did do a small closet makeover to said super tiny primary closet, it pales in comparison to this.

Primary Bathroom

green barn door in opening of primary bathroom

What’s that you say? Another green barn door? I do declare.

This bathroom is probably one of my favorites that we’ve ever done.

large white soaker tub in front of 2 windows in primary bathroom

This is 1/3 of the reason why.

I’m not even a bath person, but this just feels luxurious af.

3 towels hanging over small bench in large primary bathroom

And look! A bench so your kid can sit there and play their iPad and want to show you something stupid every 2 seconds. How relaxing.

double wood vanity with 2 mirrors

These are the same cabinets we used in the kitchen that we put up here as a double vanity.

That’s a trick we often use because many times getting lower cabinets and then getting a vanity top fabricated ends up way cheaper than buying a double vanity. They’re outrageous and usually don’t look good. The cabinets and top make it look more custom and more high end.

This is also a good time to tell you that you can mix metal finishes in a bathroom and still have it look great.

Chrome bath fixture and knobs, black mirror, and brass on the light fixture in here.

large double shower in primary bathroom

This giant shower is another 1/3 of the reason that I love this bathroom.

The marble look tile combined with the penny tile on the shower floor has the look of luxury but, again, wasn’t that much more expensive than regular boring tile.

Want to see more tile posts? Here are several we have done:

Spare Bedrooms

We prefer to leave the spare bedrooms as blank of a slate as possible so that the new owners can imagine the space as they wish – exercise room, playroom, second office, huge dressing room, nursery, whatever!

Guest Bathroom

white double vanity with 2 mirrors and champagne bronze fixtures

We kept this bathroom simple, but it still lacks nothing when it comes to style.

It was so tough to photograph this bathroom and even tougher to capture the true color of this tile – it’s sage green, NOT gray. And I love it so much.

It makes the champagne bronze fixtures we chose in this room pop in the best way.

Bonus Room

large wood feature wall with window in the middle

This was one of the largest houses we’ve flipped – 4 bedrooms plus an office plus this bonus space which technically counted as a bedroom because it had a closet, but we did a fun (and super easy!) wood accent throughout the entire space.

This room is over the garage and because of the pitch of the ceilings in here, we not only added the accent wall, but we went with a bit more pigmented in the paint color while still keeping it neutral and it looks so great.

Overall, I can’t believe that this fire house turned out to be what you’re looking at here today!

Holy smokes! Literally.

Okay, I’ll see myself out.

Until our next flip 🙂

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