2 Story Fire House Before Tour

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A house that stood empty for years, including a battle with the HOA and a fire is getting a facelift! Come see the before tour

dilapidated front porch of 2 story house

We come into some doozies when it comes to us finding homes to flip.

Their condition can range from needing just a few updates to fully gutted (just like our very first flip house was).

However this was a first for us – a house that had been sitting empty for years because of a battle with the HOA *and* it had caught on fire.

dilapidated front porch of 2 story house


However, the deal made financial sense and it also was essentially a clean slate so J and his business partner jumped on it. So now I’m here to show you a few before photos.

There aren’t a ton because quite honestly, it’s completely gutted and is hard to tell what’s what. Just know the house is 2 story, almost 3000 square feet and will be gorgeous when it’s all said and done!

dilapidated front porch of 2 story house

This is where the front porch should be, but as you can see, it’s little more than a gravel pit at the moment.

fully gutted home interior with studs showing

To orient yourself, to the right of this photo is the front door with said missing front porch. So this view is looking at stairs that head up to 4 large bedrooms and a huge bonus room over the garage that has a closet so is technically considered the 5th bedroom.

The plan is to make the space straight ahead into a large really nice office or flex space for the future owner.

fully gutted home interior with studs showing

This giant space is going to become the primary suite. The 2 windows look out into the front of the house and the space where you see the 3rd window is going to become a massive walk in closet.

And yes I am jealous. We have the tiniest primary closet in the contiguous United States.

fully gutted home interior with studs showing

Standing in the primary bedroom, you can see the stairs in the left side of this image. So this will become a hallway that will house the remaining 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, and around the corner will be the giant bonus room over the garage.

fully gutted home interior with studs showing

On your way back downstairs near the garage is going to be a stunning (and large) laundry/mudroom with tons of storage.

garage of home with studs showing

Aaaaaand while we have no giant crazy plans for the garage, we are absolutely going to get this up and functional with actual walls in it!

With the size of this bad boy, we definitely have our work cut out for us, but to be fair, we have some really good contractors in place ready to start swinging hammers as soon as the ink dries on the contract!

Make sure you stay tuned to see how we fluff this guy up!

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