DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations For Any Skill Level

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Outdoor decor doesn’t have to mean just weird, giant inflatables that you get from the store. Here are some outdoor Christmas decorations ideas you can DIY on your own.

Does anyone else think of the Griswold’s when you think of outdoor Christmas decorations? Giant yard light up candy canes and blinding your neighbors so badly they curse your name to one another?

Just me?

Cool. It’s hard being alone sometimes in this blogosphere.

back porch swing decorated for Christmas

I love the idea of front porch Christmas decor, but our front porch is lacking. Cracka lackin’.

So, I created some outdoor Christmas decor for the first time on our porch this year and let me just say, I fell in love.

We even took a gamble and have a Christmas tree outside and I just love it.

I mean just this swing alone had me all weepy.

Today, I’m rounding up 6 DIY outdoor Christmas decorations and projects you can do on your own or use as inspiration for this holiday season!

6 DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas

DIY Outdoor Wood Christmas Trees

DIY wood Christmas trees outside in wood planter boxes

These DIY Wooden Trees by Megan are the absolute cutest idea for holiday decorations at your front door (or your back door or side door, quite honestly). I love how she chose to string real Christmas lights on these for a little added flair.

If you’re not up to making some simple cuts with a saw or if you don’t have a saw, maybe something like tomato cages would work instead! You’re welcome.

DIY Snowman Sign

DIY snowman sign on front porch for Christmas

Maybe it’s my (southern) roots showing, but I’m a sucker for a good porch sign. This little DIY Snowman Sign by Thea at That Sweet Tea Life is a great idea for having a little Christmas spirit around your front door.

DIY Wooden Santa’s Sleigh With Lights

santa's sleigh with LED lights in front yard for outdoor Christmas decorations

Okay, well this is just too dang cute. Another case for proving that decorating for Christmas doesn’t have to be gawdy and weird Christmas yard decorations.

This wooden Santa’s sleigh with lights from Just Measuring Up is the cutest addition to a front yard and it’s not tacky at all! I know a certain little girl child we have in our house who would lose her mind over this.

DIY Christmas Planter

outdoor Christmas planter

If you’re short on space, this DIY Christmas Planter can be a great solution for a smaller area. And this is definitely a budget friendly project that you can add some creative flair to.

LED lights! Red ribbon! Heck, shove a North Pole up in there! The possibilities are endless.

DIY Joy Sign

DIY JOY sign on front porch with blue door

Surprise! It’s another sign! This DIY ‘Joy’ sign from Renovating Mapleson Manor is modern, classic and even though she put this next to her door, I think you could even just do the letters and make it a really pretty door decoration.

These would also make a really great gift for someone in your friends or family circle. Just don’t know how you would find a big sign shaped gift box, but that’s on you dawg.

DIY Christmas Doormat

DIY Christmas doormat that says Merry Christmas

If you want to greet your guests with a warm welcome before you even open your door, you can make this super easy DIY Christmas doormat!

With a plain doormat and a little spray paint, you’ll be well on your way to winning host or hostess of the year. That coupled with some dank (which is a word the youths use for delicious) egg nog and you’ll be a Christmas party hero.

Hopefully this gives you some hope that you can have your own decor without tripping the power to the entire street or having some kind of weird inflatable zoo display in your front yard.

But also, quite honestly, if you’re not feeling the whole Christmas decorations thing, please don’t feel guilty. I didn’t decorate for Christmas at all one year and you can read all about why.

Regardless, no shame!

What are your favorite outdoor Christmas decorations?
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6 SUPER creative ideas for classy DIY outdoor DIY Christmas decorations via Living Letter Home

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