Christmas Decor Ideas for Your Kitchen (That Don’t Feel Cluttered!)

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Get the best tips, tricks and inspiration for Christmas kitchen decorating ideas that won’t make it feel cluttered!

wet bar decorated for Christmas


Christmas Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Hear me out – I am IN LOVE with our new kitchen. I truly am.

However, now that we have opened up this giant wall and have one big space – there is a huge looming question that remains.

Where in god’s name are we going to put a Christmas tree?

flocked christmas tree decorated with gold and white

In Christmases past, our tree always goes to the right of our fireplace tucked in this cute little corner.

Except now, there is no corner.

temporary wall in kitchen renovation

Yeah. That corner where that sweet little baby seat is. No longer a corner.

So now I have my sights set on how to decorate our kitchen for Christmas this year while simultaneously stressing about where we are actually going to put our Christmas tree this year.

Because of that, I’ve been eyeing a lot of inspiration and I’m here to share all of that with you gorgeous people.

Bake Your Decor

stack of christmas cookies on island
Christmas kitchen decor via Jennifer Maune

I love this good reminder that sometimes you can bake the season for treats for the eyes and the taste buds!

Decorated Wet Bar

wet bar decorated for Christmas
Christmas wet bar via Emily Henderson for Elle Decor

We created a coffee bar with a super cool arched feature wall in our kitchen and I think having it all dolled up for Christmas would be amazing!

Ceiling Ornaments

kitchen with hanging ornaments and black fridge
Ceiling ornaments via Anne Sage

I gotta say, I think our kids would LOVE this but having ornaments hanging from the ceiling is a great non-cluttered Christmas kitchen decorating idea because you aren’t adding things to a surface like a countertop, but instead allowing the eyes to be drawn up to the decor! Love it.

Simply Decorated Open Shelves

christmas kitchen decor on open shelves
Christmas kitchen decor on open shelves via Elle Decor

In the ghost of kitchens past, we had open shelves that we made and I loved them!

Our only open shelves in our current kitchen reside in our coffee bar area but if you have open shelves in your kitchen, this would be a very simple way to add Christmas kitchen decor.

Bowl of Ornaments

bowl of ornaments for christmas on kitchen island
Bowl of ornaments via Kelley Nan

Simplicity. Corralling a bunch of ornaments in one single bowl for gorgeous, minimal Christmas kitchen decor.

Stockings on Bar Stools

black cane bar stools with stockings hanging from them in christmas kitchen decor
Christmas stockings on bar stools in kitchen via @peonyandhoney

I totally couldn’t do this in our current life state because of a very grabby baby girl, but I love adding the stockings on the back of bar stools. Genius idea if you don’t have a fireplace, either!

Simple, Minimal Wreaths

white range hood and wreaths in kitchen and in kitchen windows
Christmas kitchen decor via Citrine Living

I love the non-traditional type of wreaths on the windows and the range hood. The setup in our own kitchen is very similar to this so I may draw some inspiration for our own kitchen decor from this!

Wreaths and Ribbon

white bar stools in kitchen with wreaths and red and white ribbon
Christmas wreaths on bar stools via @heatherbuglane

Sign Simplicity

big white open window with milk and cookies sign over window in kitchen
Minimal Christmas kitchen decor via @oldsaltfarm

Holiday Soaps and Christmas Themed Canisters

christmas tree and christmas themed soap in Christmas tree
Christmas kitchen counter decor via Clean and Scentsible

Sometimes just changing out what’s normally on your countertops for more festive red and white can be all you need as simple Christmas kitchen decor.

Another kitchen decorating idea for Christmas: If you already have white canisters, tie Christmas ribbon around them as a more budget friendly option and to save you from purchasing things you’ll have to end up storing later!

Frosted Pinecones

bowl of pinecones in kitchen
Frosted pinecones in a bowl via Sanctuary Home Decor

Trees on a Serving Board

long narrow wood dish holding christmas kitchen decor
Christmas decor for an island via To Have and To Host

Elegant Beaded Cone Trees

tall cone trees on gold tray in white kitchen
Tall cone trees via Citrine Living

Wood and Natural Tones

minimal christmas decor in white kitchen
Natural Christmas kitchen decor via Style Me Pretty

Tree in the Kitchen

christmas tree in kitchen next to pantry shelves
Full tree in the kitchen via Ella Claire Inspired

I absolutely love this idea. The natural tree with the DIY orange garland (which I have from making it last year!) and then the open pantry shelves with canisters of snow on the top shelf. It’s the perfect balance of what you’d expect from Christmas kitchen decor.

Seasonal Fruit or Food Items

oranges and cinnamon sticks in a colander on kitchen island
Christmas kitchen decor via The Lilypad Cottage

Using things that you see a lot in Christmas decor like oranges, cinnamon sticks, or even cranberries in a simple colander is a great idea for simple Christmas decor!

These ideas have definitely gotten some wheels turning and I will be using bits and pieces of a lot of these as inspiration for our own Christmas kitchen that I’m looking to decorate super soon!

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