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Best Sources For Stylish Rugs on a Budget

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Rug shopping STRESSES. ME. OUT. Why do there have to be a million and a half EVERYWHERE? It’s just overwhelming. I feel like for me at least, rugs are one of those things you have in your mind and then it takes ACTUAL months to find something even kind of close to what you were envisioning.

Although it’s difficult, rugs are also one of my favorite decor things. I just love how they can totally pull together a room that seems empty or not fully completed.

All that to say, rugs can be HELLA EXPENSIVE. I mean, it’s unreal. I don’t know the rug making process, but unless some of these are spun with gold thread and come with a $500 gift card, some of these prices should be illegal. (ahem, looking at you Pottery Barn).

If you’re like me and get overwhelmed, I’ve created a short, non-exhaustive list of sources for stylish rugs on a budget.

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This is an obvious choice. I will say that a lot of times, their rugs are still pretty high priced for my taste, but all things considered, their selection is great (on the right day) and so are their prices! For example, we snagged this runner rug for our entryway there for under $50 which I call a total win!Best sources for stylish rugs on a budget


Another obvious choice. I personally haven’t got any from here, but almost all the rugs we have are also available for a great price on Amazon. Just a quick scroll through and I’ve already seen a lot I like in just the first couple pages. If you can’t tell, I love the vintage rug look.

Best sources for stylish rugs on a budget

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My favorite rug in the house came from Wayfair and lives in our daughter’s room.

We also have a rug from Wayfair in our room that I love, but it doesn’t really fit the feel of what I’m going for in our room currently so I may change it out later. It’s just very much not a priority.Best sources for stylish rugs on a budgetWayfair has over 163,000 area rugs. JUST AREA RUGS, Y’ALL. Not runners. Not outdoor rugs. Simply area rugs. GEEZ LOUISE. There are some really good ones though if you’re willing to work for it. Pro tip: Use some filters because otherwise you might just cry. Here are some that caught my eye:

Best sources for stylish rugs on a budget

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Best sources for stylish rugs on a budget

Eek! A sneak peak at Josiah’s nursery here! I’d heard about Rugs USA but didn’t really buy into the hype until we found this rug for Josiah’s room for 70% off. Insane. SEVENTY PERCENT. The good news is if you miss a sale, just wait like 12 hours and they’ll be running another one just as good or better. It’s crazy.

Best sources for stylish rugs on a budget

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Hear me out. The reason this didn’t make the list, but I decided to give it an honorable mention is threefold.

1, their regular priced rugs are entirely too expensive for the quality in my little baby humble opinion.

2, the good ones are out of stock. Like a lot.

And 3, the selection just isn’t that great. I know I just whined a few paragraphs ago about having too many choices, but there is also such a thing as not enough. It’s about balance, people.

However, we have lucked out a lot with Target and 2 of our rugs in our house have come from here – one indoor and one outdoor.Best sources for stylish rugs on a budgetThe outdoor rug was originally $80 and we got it for $20. I’m still not really sure why it was marked down like it was but we weren’t complaining.Best sources for stylish rugs on a budgetThe second is this woven rug in our living room which I love too. I don’t love that we have carpet under this rug, but one thing a time here. We still have a bathroom we haven’t finished in case you’re new to this blog.


The reason she made the list but not THE list is because, again, the selection. There are some that I see and I love them, but there are very few that I just feel like I can’t live without.

There are tons of great places to find rugs at a great price. We even have a few local spots that have killer prices, but I was trying to find more of a global solution for all you fine folks around the globe that may be reading this.

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Happy rug shopping to you and yours!