Neutral Playroom Reveal

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It’s reveal day! Hooray! Come see our design come to life in this neutral, yet still fun kids’ playroom

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A labor of love, as they say.

We finally completed our third One Room Challenge and I’m happy with the result, but I’m equally happy it’s over.

We’ve had a little bit of a wild ride going on over here – a newborn that’s been in our family exactly one month today (!) and our first flip house that finally went on the market Friday.

Ya girl’s tired.

Neutral Boho Playroom design plans mood board

We laid out our design plans for this playroom at the beginning of May and I’m stoked to see the results!

Neutral Playroom

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World Market rattan daybed and Samsung Frame TV and framed art

Ta daaaaaa!

I feel like I can finally breathe when I walk in this room.

I know it will never ever ever look like this (in fact, it already doesn’t look like this) but I feel way more confident at least now everything has its own home.

bookshelves with Hello in cursive on top

Because we have so much attic space, it means that every room has its own bookshelf. The bedroom up here has one just like this and then my office has a smaller one that’s only 2 shelves.

I used the same Ikea Tating baskets that we used to organize this playroom here on these shelves too. They will house all the random toys that may or may not have a home. Or just more books.

closeup of children's books

I put the books with “real” pages in them higher up so that hopefully Josiah won’t tear them to shreds as quickly since he’ll have to find something to climb on to get to them.

Which he will do. I’m just trying to delay the inevitable.

closeup of children's books

Down low are a small teeny portion of the huge amount of board books we have. We really do have a small library at our house. Our kids love books and there are so many times that I can’t resist adding just one more.

Playroom Art

black french doors and printable wall art in playroom

This is probably one of my favorite things I decided to add last minute.

closeup of half rainbow and numbers 1-100 art

I searched almost 3 whole days to try to find the perfect art in here. I wanted it to be somewhat neutral, but I also wanted it to have color and be fun.

I found the split rainbow print and then the matching number chart 1 to 100 to put in “Josiah’s” corner.

half rainbow and my feelings printable framed art

In “Charlotte’s” corner, I fell in love with this chart to help kids name their feelings because….Charlotte has a LOT of feelings.

closeup of my feelings art

I love that they’re colorful, but it still matches the wall color and the frames that I picked up from Target actually look very similar in color to the frame we used for both my DIY abstract art and our DIY Samsung The Frame TV.

Play Corners

Little People car racetrack and plastic workbench

Oh look! Heteronormative corners!

Ha. I kid. Oddly enough, these 2 toys I bought years ago and they were BOTH for Charlotte.

play toys in floor with toddler's leg and minnie mouse backpack

Here’s proof! That’s Charlotte’s little leg in a rain boot when she was “helping” dad demo our guest bathroom that we did for our first ever One Room Challenge!

Little People car racetrack and plastic workbench

But now it belongs to the boy in our house so he can build and play cars. Although I fully expect him to head over to Charlotte’s corner and her to head over to his.

Kidkraft white vintage kitchen and dress up clothes
close up of dress up clothes
closeup of dressup clothes

In Charlotte’s heteronormative corner, we have her dress up clothes. However, he’s got a fireman costume that he LOVES to wear and play with. And I totally see him rocking some of those heels if he’s feeling so inclined.

closeup of rattan basket with dress up accessories

I found this rattan basket at Ikea and fell in love with it. I think I’m actually going to get one for the girls’ room too to house …. something. Not sure yet.

In here, it houses the accessories – wings, wands, ears, and crowns.

white Kidkraft kitchen spray painted and dyson in the corner

Talk about another last minute split decision.

This play kitchen has been living in our downstairs for over 2 years.

I have hated it being there for 2 years but honestly had no place to put it upstairs since the playroom wasn’t done. I did try to dress it up and make it cute for Christmas this past year, but it was still just so annoying and in my way.

white Kidkraft kitchen spray painted

Because I had to move it upstairs anyway, I decided to take off a bunch of the parts and spray paint them black and gold.

Taking cues from our first flip that we finally just finished that has a white kitchen with black hardware.

white Kidkraft kitchen spray painted and dyson in the corner

No I don’t believe a woman’s job is in the kitchen so don’t @ me.

I will also say that this super cute kid’s Dyson is actually Josiah’s. He’s obsessed with cleaning. And simultaneously so messy. An enigma, that one.

“Styling” the Ikea Built In Bookshelves

closeup of board books

I know most bloggers will stage a space with odds and ends for photographs. Let me be clear here.

1, I am not like most bloggers.

2, I’m extremely realistic and realize that the second these photos are taken, it will never look like this again.

There’s no need for me to try to stage it with things that will get broken or have to get taken back to the store or will get moved the second my camera turns off.

So for the empty top shelves, I just added some board books on the side that has most of Josiah’s toys under the TV.

closeup of American Girl book and teepee for dolls

On Charlotte’s side I added a tee pee she has for one of her dolls on one side.

Osmo on Ikea Billy bookshelf

On the other, I added her Osmo which is an INCREDIBLE toy to invest in if you’re looking for an unbiased, unsponsored opinion.

Sitting Area

World Market rattan daybed with navy, yellow and turquoise pillows

This entire room was centered around this rattan daybed from World Market.

After strolling the aisles on a date night waiting for our food to be ready, I saw this and thought, “Man, that’d be cute in the playroom.”

Mainly because it provides seating but it does not feel “closed off” because the back is open.

rattan coffee table

I found this at TJ Maxx online (which seems to be unavailable now, but this one from Target is similar!)

I figured it would be great to have as a coffee table that wouldn’t hurt if someone fell into or on to it. Which is super likely.

Sitting Area

baby girl sleeping on World Market rattan bed

OOP! How’d that get in there? 😉

I had a snoozy lil’ assistant while I was taking all these photos.

And before you come at me for letting her sleep on her tummy at 4 weeks old, I checked on her every 32 seconds because I can promise you I’m more paranoid than you are.

rattan daybed with pillows all the way across teh back

Yes, this is a playroom but the reality is I’m hoping that it can be a space for family and friends too. Or if we have someone coming to watch them, I’m not going to force them to sit on the floor.

navy and mustard pillows

I found these super cute pillow covers for cheap on Amazon and threw in some pillow inserts.

The mustard yellow one is 24×24 and the navy one is 20×20.

rainbow pillow in front of 2 turquoise round pillows

The rainbow corduroy pillow was from World Market, as are the round pillows behind it.

World Market is a great place for pillows, just FYI. Their selection is good, but not overwhelmingly huge. They also are great quality and a decent price!

Whew. Thar she blows! In all her glory!

Not gonna lie – I’m high key happy that this One Room Challenge is over.

Now on to finish the girls’ room that was supposed to be done….months ago. BOOP!

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