2022 Smith Family Favorites

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Sharing all our favorite products we have found ourselves reaching for over and over this past year!

kindle laying on rug with the seven husbands of evelyn hugo cover showing on it


2022 Family Favorites

The past few years I have shared our family favorite products and it’s become one of my (and your!) favorite posts of the year!

I don’t know about you, but I get sick of seeing gift guides out the wazoo with crap that people don’t even use, but just round up to get you to buy.

I would much rather share our tried and true things with you that I love because I’m cheap as all get out and so if you see a product on here that’s listed as a favorite, it is because it truly is.

This post may contain affiliate links which help me pay for things like web hosting, site security, email services and bottles of wine from Aldi when the aforementioned things aren’t working. They cost nothing for you, but help me continue to provide free content to you fine, beautiful people!

Her Favorites

her favorites 2022 graphic

It’s me. I’m “her.”

Just in case you didn’t know.

Hair claws – I wear these hair claws on the daily. I have curly and long hair so it can get unruly quickly and these are bigger than normal and will hold this mane.

Kindle – Okay, duh. I now have an entirely separate email list just for my book buddies and have been writing mini reviews on the books I read furiously for the past couple of months. I rekindled my love for my Kindle in August and haven’t looked back since.

Book of the Month – I share about this on IG a lot but this was something for some reason that I put off, but it’s seriously my ABSOLUTE favorite thing I get in the mail every month. It’s worth every penny and it makes a great gift if you have a book lover in your family or friends circle.

Loungewear – You guys. This loungewear set was a more recent buy but I now have this in 3 colors and haven’t worn anything else around the house in over 2 weeks now. I shared on Instagram that it’s like wearing a teddy bear and I am NOT kidding.

This loungewear set has been selling out QUICK though, so if you can’t find it, I rounded up a bunch of other loungewear sets you might like here or just click on any image above to be taken right to one you see that you like!

Being Frenshe Rollerball – I’m weird about other people choosing my fragrance, so I get it if you don’t trust me. BUT I have had followers over on the ‘gram tell me when I’ve shared this that they went to smell it and it quite honestly smells like angel clouds.

I do not like the smell of lavender at ALL and even though this has lavender in its name, it does not smell like it. Trust me. I roll this on myself every night so I can smell myself to sleep.

Apple Watch charging dock – I LOVE this little guy. It’s just what I need for my watch to charge every night and it’s the perfect size and price for the BEST stocking stuffer!

Powersoft joggers – I have these in 3 colors – black, gray and navy. I technically have 2 pair of black ones because I wear these almost every single day when I go out of the house. They’re high waisted, have pockets and have a great amount of stretch which is all I’m looking for in pants, honestly.

family posing at disneyworld in front of the castle in magic kingdom in october

OnCloud Shoes – These brought me through 3 days of Disney with incredibly painful plantar fasciitis because of my pregnancy with my darling youngest baby girl and they were great. I tried on 4 different versions of this shoe before I decided on this one and these are BY FAR the most comfortable ones for everyday wear.


His Favorites

his favorites 2022 graphic

Black tee – Jordan has approximately 89230 of this exact same black t-shirt from Target and he loves them. He’s a big guy (6’2″ and wears a 3XL/XLT) and he loves the way these fit.

Backpack – Again, having a broad back and being a big ol’ fella, most backpacks look like children’s play on his body. He finally found one that he likes, it’s great quality and it’s huge so that he can pack it to travel for overnight trips as well.

Work boots – He keeps these in his truck and wears these every day. Being on job sites or walking houses that are disgusting, moldy or filled with trash, he doesn’t want to dirty up his regular shoes so he loves these boots. He also loves that you can find them in waterproof leather and even wear them as everyday shoes.

Tape measure – He has 3 of these between home, his truck and job sites but he loves them because they’re incredibly cheap, but great quality and you can find them at any Lowes. This tape measure is under $10, compared to a Milwaukee brand one that is $25 (which is friggin NUTS, if you ask me).

Work sharpie – I gotta say I’m glad he has this because he used to use my “house Sharpie” for his projects and would ruin them, but now he has these that are heavy duty and made to be used in construction on wood, drywall, etc.

Uppercut hair pomade – This man and his hair. He blow dries his hair and beard every single morning and is so super picky about what hair stuff he uses. He has tried almost everything and at least at the moment, this is what he uses and actually likes.

iPhone dock charging station – I’m perfectly fine with my lil’ Apple Watch charging dock thing, but you know J always has to one up me and he has this entire charging station. He uses it every night and loves it though, and since he’s hard to please when it comes to gadgets, this is a win.

Luggage – I got this carry on size for him last Christmas and it’s taken us to Disney and several other trips this year and he loves it. I’m actually looking at some for myself this year because my luggage is over 10 years old and….not cute lolz.

Joggers – Much like ya girl, he’s a creature of habit and Jordan typically wears all black everything. He has these in several colors and loves the fit of them which, again, is saying a lot since he’s a big guy and very picky about how his clothes fit him.

Nike Airmax – These are his everyday sneakers and the ones that also brought him through Disney too so these are worth the bucks.


Their Favorites

We got 3 kids in both genders and of varying ages so these are things that they reach for over and over.

their favorites 2022 graphic

Kids Kindle – To be fair, Charlotte hasn’t gotten this gift yet, but I put this on here because she uses my Kindle (and the Kindle app on her iPad) so I can promise you this will be VERY well loved very soon.

Bingo and Bluey stuffies – The older 2 kids both have and still sleep with loveys, but Colli girl wants no part in a lovey but she LOVES her Bingo and Bluey stuffies. She plays with them and sleeps with them for naps and bedtime. They’re small so they’re the perfect size for her tiny lil’ hands.

Hatch Rest sound machine – We have 2 of these and I don’t know if they could sleep without them. We love them so much and being able to control them with an app is clutch.

Nugget couch – To be fair, they have the name brand Nugget couch, but I have heard great things about the Walmart version. I actually ordered another one for them since this one gets played with so much so I don’t have to hear them whine over who gets “the taller piece”. *eye roll*

Noise limiting headphones – Josiah needed headphones for car trips and in general so I don’t have to hear his games nonstop when he plays his iPad, but he can’t be trusted not to blow his own eardrums out. These headphones only allow it to get to a certain volume so your kid can’t self destruct, starting with their ears.

Water bottles – We got each of them a Disney-themed water bottle for our Disney trip, but they have 3 or 4 other prints in these that they take to school every day. They’re aluminum and very hard to break which is necessary for Josiah (and Collins, tbvh).

white Kidkraft kitchen spray painted

Play kitchen – Our play kitchen has been in rotation since Charlotte was a toddler and I even gave it a little facelift when we redid our playroom. It still gets played with SO MUCH and has held up great!

Garbage truck – Josiah is garbage truck obsessed. He’s got no less than 4 toy garbage trucks, a ride on recycling truck and quite literally screams every time we pass by one in traffic.

Really. It’s jarring.

But as far as garbage trucks go, he got this at his garbage truck themed 4th birthday party and has played with it nearly every day since.

Lunchboxes – I admit this is a totally boring gift for a kid to get, but these lunchboxes are very sturdy and take a beating. Ask me how I know.

American Girl – Shewwww, the price tag on these girls ain’t no joke. Charlotte has had hers for almost 2 years and we got hers at a huge consignment sale so it was less than half the price. But we decided to get her one this year since she’s proven she loves hers and plays with it every single day. If she takes a toy with her on a trip, this is the one she takes.

If you don’t want to fork the price of a real American Girl, I can attest that the Target version of them are just as good, especially if you have younger kids.

Their accessories work for AG dolls too and the kids will never know the difference. Promise.


Home Favorites

home favorites 2022 graphic

USB powered sound machine – These are going to be in every room in our mountain cabin Airbnb and we recently tested them out on a trip with the kids and it worked perfectly! Love that if you don’t have access to a wall plug, you can use a USB port instead!

Clear organizers with lid – We have these inside our drawers in the kitchen to help wrangle things neatly and keep them organized.

Cafe coffee maker – We got this from someone who never used it and we LOVE it. At first, I couldn’t understand why anyone would fork out this much for a coffee maker, but the reason we love it is because it is incredibly fast and it brews it into a pot that keeps the coffee warm inside the kettle so you can put it on a table and it will stay warm without needing to be on a hot plate.

Kid art prints – I just got these in all 3 kids and love them SO much. They have different sizes and the options to choose the right skin tone, hair type and texture and pose are so precious. A great gift for your own family or grandparents.

I love the idea to memorialize any babies lost due to miscarriage or infant loss as well.

Area rug – This rug is in our living room and while it is definitely not one of those that will last you long enough to be considered vintage by any means, but it’s exactly what we need and the colors are great and vibrant.

Throw blanket – Oooooo y’all, if my loungewear is like wearing a teddy bear, this throw blanket is like being snuggled by one. I have two in the exact same color – one for our room and the other for the living room. I gifted one to my mother in law last year and she says it’s the comfiest blanket she owns.

Pillow inserts – I am team pillow covers and inserts all day because it’s less to store and it’s such a quick way to change up your decor for the seasons. These inserts are some of our favorites and come in a variety of sizes.

drew barrymore toaster from Walmart sitting on white kitchen counter and vertical zellige subway tile

Drew Barrymore toaster – My one stipulation when we got our new kitchen was that I got to have a toaster. She’s pretty and she works and she’s affordable. It’s all I need from these things, folks.

Magnetic cord savers – Well, dang y’all these things are SO FUN. You wrap them around your cords to keep them in place and magnet them together. You can also just use them on the fridge as magnets.

Sheets – I can’t believe the comfort of these sheets when you look at the pricetag, but I don’t really see us needing any other sheets for our bed than these.

Apple TV – While we have a Roku TV in the living room and in our playroom upstairs, we have an Apple TV in our bedroom and I love it. The remote is SO sensitive which is kind of annoying, but not annoying enough for me not to love it. I love the interface and the fact we can hook it up to our Apple ID.


Mmmmk that’s it!

My hope is that by sharing some of our family’s favorites they can become your favorites too!

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