Schitt’s Creek First Birthday Party

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Celebrating our sweet baby girl, we threw her a Schitt’s Creek themed party that turned out amazing and I’m sharing some ideas that you can take to your next Rose family shindig


Schitt’s Creek First Birthday Party Ideas

I know the cliché saying how fast it goes, but we are lucky enough to be on kid number 3 and I’m floored how fast it went this time.

We had a long road to get to this girl, full of infertility and multiple pregnancy losses. To say we were thrilled to see this baby when she came out is an understatement.

baby girl newborn photo sitting in chair with tiny starbucks cup and Macbook laptop from Charmarie Photography newborn photos

This tiny sweet little baby smush who fell asleep doing some important business…..

little girl with pigtails in front of Schitt's Creek birthday party background

Has now turned into this girl whose only business is being super cute and eating quite literally more than her older siblings combined.

Collins Rose has been in our lives a little over a year and it’s be so much fun.

Read Collins’ birth story here – cuz everybody loves a good poop story, am I right?!

Josiah has a lovey that we have named Gene (Gene Lovey) and then Collins’ lovey is named Dani (Dan Lovey) as a tribute to the father son duo, Dan and Gene Levy.

That coupled with the fact her middle name is Rose and it’s a match made in birthday heaven.

Schitt’s Creek birthday here we come.

Schitt's creek party backdrop and birthday cake
via CharMarie Photography

Our same amazing photographer who took her newborn photos did her one year photoshoot and when I walked in and saw what she had done, I was FLOORED.

The happiest girl in the world absolutely refused to smile in any of these photos. But man, she’s still cute.

As if I didn’t love Charmekia enough, she let us take home the backdrop and the props she used for the shoot. Perfect backdrop for a Schitt’s Creek birthday theme at home!

Schitt’s Creek First Birthday Party

Rosebud motel backdrop with food for Schitt's creek first birthday party

Since we have a brand new kitchen island, I wanted to make the best use of it. I sat the backdrop up in front of our faucet and put the mini bundt cakes and her small bundt smash cake in front of it.

mini bundt cake for first birthday
Smashcake bundt cake: Nothing Bundt Cakes

We were able to use the Rosebud Motel room key printout from our first birthday session to put in her little smash bundt cake.

Schitt’s Creek Party Decor

Simply the best banner with Schitt's Creek balloons tied to high chair

Let’s be real – regardless of first birthday party theme, it’s really for the adults.

When we did Josiah’s Biggie Smalls themed birthday party, it was a hit …. with the adults. But I also know that a little party decor goes a long way.

You're simply the best banner for Schitt's creek first birthday party

I found the most amazing (and local!) Etsy shop that had the most perfect selection of Schitt’s Creek party decor.

Simple Schitt’s Creek Party Decor Ideas

oh bebe and simply the best confetti on countertops

We got confetti that said “oh bébé” and “you’re simply the best” on it and it was more than enough for what we needed!

Schitt's creek balloons for first birthday party

The balloons were perfect and we chose to get Rose family inspired balloon set which came with the iconic David sweater, the gold “you’re simply the best”, the white with confetti inside and the white Rose Apothecary logo balloon.

Little Mama was fascinated by these bad boys. It wasn’t until I put them on her seat that I realized I don’t think she’s ever been in close proximity to a balloon other than when we see them in grocery stores.

little girl sitting in white high chair with simply the best and Schitt's Creek themed balloons on her high chair

The banner we got from the same Etsy shop was incredible quality and really nice cardstock.

So to sum up, you can be super simple with decor!

  • Banner for photo backdrop
  • Balloons for inside and/or the mailbox
  • Confetti for food table

Optional super cute decor ideas

Schitt’s Creek Party Food Ideas

tiny bundt cakes on 2 tiered cake stand

The most important part of a party is food if you’re a part of this family.

We tried to stick to the Schitt’s Creek theme and create food around iconic scenes or lines in the show.

Bob’s Bagels

mini cinnamon rolls on brown kraft paper

For a morning/early afternoon party, you don’t need a ton of heavy food.

We had mini bagels with different flavor cream cheese and then added in cinnamon rolls that were “just for guests”, a la the time whe Johnny Rose tried to put them in the motel lobby and they got eaten not by guests.

Fold In The Cheese

Any Schitt’s Creek fan knows the most hilarious banter between Moira and David to “fold in the cheese”.

There are many options you could use with this, but in my humble opinion, any excuse for a big ol’ charcuterie board is a win.

charcuterie board on brown kraft paper

If a charcuterie board isn’t your thing, here are some other options you could go with for “fold in the cheese”:

  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Enchiladas (which is what they were making in the scene)
  • Chips and queso
  • Pimento cheese
  • Cheese ball and crackers

Herb Ertlinger Fruit Wine

Sparkling Rose

Since we didn’t want to do a ton of day drinking (I had just finished 3 14-hour days finishing the tile in our kitchen) so opted for a non-alcoholic rose for obvious reasons.

But if you’re into drinking, you can get some bottles of wine and slap some of these super cute Herb Ertlinger Fruit Wine labels on it.

Utensils and Napkins

black and white party napkins and plates

If you’re truly wanting to stick to the Schitt’s Creek party theme, your best bet is to stay neutral – black, white, and gold.

Black plates, black and white polka dot napkins and black and gold silverware and voila. You could even stay all black for simplicity and neutrality.

Look at me using an SAT word like neturality.

Our girl has never been shy about food, but this cake smash photo session got her very well adjusted and fully prepared for her smash cake session at home.

little girl eating smash cake for her first birthday in front of white background

When I say she dove RIGHT IN, she dove RIGHT. IN.

Same, sweet baby. Same.

little girl with cake on her face with man in glasses close to her

This is a photo I’ll cherish for a long time. A girl and her daddy. MEEP.

A photo op with siblings and her aunt (that I feel she looked exactly like when she was born) and we tied the bow on our successful Schitt’s Creek birthday party.

little girl eating smash cake for her first birthday in front of white background

But because she was covered in cake, we decided to make a fun little photo op in our kitchen sink using the backdrop one last time.

baby girl in kitchen sink bath with Rosebud motel sign behind her for Schitt's creek first birthday
baby girl in kitchen sink bath with Rosebud motel sign behind her for Schitt's creek first birthday

I can just hear her in the last photo saying “I have asked you thrice now for a towel” and it makes me chuckle every time I see this photo.

We so much love our girl and she’s changed our lives in the absolute best way.

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