8 Cute White Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

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You now have no more excuses to have any boob lights in your home. These 8 white flush mount ceiling lights are a great alternative without looking…well…like boobs on your ceiling.

Round Up:

White Flush Mount Lights

It baffles me that people still use boob lights in new construction homes.

With all the options that are currently out there, why in the entire world would you choose that?

It’s not even that much of a budget thing because the flush mount ceiling lights I’m showing you here today aren’t even that expensive.

white flush mount ceiling light and pink round baskets in top of kids closet

We just finished up our girls’ shared closet which is coming soon, but here’s a little sneak peak.

We have had this flush mount ceiling light in their room for a REALLY long time, but the closet itself was nothing to look at so I haven’t really had a reason to show it off, but I have one now!

I loved this light so much but remember how annoyed I was at trying to find just the right light for the space that would give off enough light, but also be cute and feminine since I knew we would eventually get to this closet one day.

So because I love you, I’ve rounded up the 8 cutest white flush mount ceiling lights that I’ve seen this side of the Mississippi.

8 Cute White Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

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8 white flush mount lights graphic with numbers

01. White Metal Dome Adjustable Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

02. Livex Lighting 41097-12 Meridian 13″ Wide

03. Golden Lighting Bartlett 2-Light French White Flush Mount Light

04. Golden Lighting Duncan AB 2-Light Aged Brass Flush Mount Light

05. Bestgoods 2-Lights 14in Dia. Flush Mount Ceiling Light

06. Scalloped Metal Flushmount

07. Bell White Flush Mount Light

08. 8” Simple Globe Semi Flush Mount

How big should a flush mount light be?

This is going to entirely depend on the size of your space.

DIY board and batten in a hallway with natural wood floors

There are also some flush mounts that are single bulb and other flush mounts like we have in our hallway that have 2 light bulbs which will provide more light in a space.

If you’re trying to find a flush mount for a larger room like a living room, you’ll need a larger ceiling light fixture to provide more ambient lighting.

What does flush mount mean in lighting?

white semi flush mount light with wood pendant base

Technically lights like this white metal dome adjustable light are semi flush mount.

To be considered full blown flush mount, it needs to be directly in contact with the ceiling. They’re ideal for spaces with shorter ceilings and they typically are good at keeping dust and house gunk away from the light bulb which means less cleaning for you.

Don’t say I never did anything for you.

Think of a semi flush mount light as a light fixture that’s between the size of a flush mount and a pendant light.

And that conclusively ends a bunch of information you didn’t ask for about semi flush and flush mount ceiling lights!

You fine folks are welcome!

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