Her Favorite Things 2020

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

Sharing all of my favorite things for this year that are tried and true and great gift ideas for anyone, regardless of your budget!

Ah, another shopping list round up. Why?

Because I’m a blogger and I’m trying to be here to help!

And why should you trust me that these things are actually really great?

Because ya girl is cheap. So, if it’s on this list that means it is really really worth the money, whether it’s $5 or $50.

I don’t love spending money, especially on things for myself so when I do spend it, I make it worth it. So without further adieu, here are some of my (literal) favorite things!

Favorite Device – Although I don’t have all the time in the world to read, I don’t like reading on a phone screen. My absolute favorite is holding a book, but in order to not fill up alllll my office shelves with books, this Kindle is a great way to have books I love not overtaking our home.

Also, since I love true crime books about serial killers, it makes me look less weird and creepy to our guests that stay here.

Favorite Jewelry – Not trying to make you guys bum hard, but I got these in remembrance of the 2 babes we lost that had due dates we don’t get to celebrate. Although we lost a third, we were super early and never even got to know a due date. These are great and the perfect size to remember happy or not so happy dates!

Favorite Earphones + Earphone Case – For several years Jordan and I made SO MUCH FUN of how dumb people looked with these things in. Now look at me. On my favorites list. Who even am I? They’re really great though and I don’t even have the latest model because I don’t care that much.

Favorite Tennis Shoes – I’ve had these Nikes for almost 5 years and they’re awesome. In my defense, I don’t wear tennis shoes that often, but when I do, they’re these guys. Fun fact: Jordan has 2 of the exact same pair in his size because he loves them too.

Favorite Leggings – Pregnant or not, pandemic or not, it’s no secret I don’t like real pants. These leggings are super comfy and they have a high waisted control top that is not uncomfortable at all. I loveeeee mine. Worth every cent and they’re not even that many cents!

Favorite Hair Remover – Living with PCOS comes with many challenges, but one is hair in really cool places you shouldn’t have hair when you’re a woman like your lips.

I’ve tried SO many creams to get rid of this gnarly ‘stache I have, but by far this is the one that has worked so well for me, the smell isn’t god awful, and it’s cheap! Great stocking stuffer if it’s not too awkward for you lolz.

Favorite Curl Cream – It’s an ongoing joke with me on Instagram that I use the oven to dry my hair. But it’s actually 100% true. However, I’m super picky about the product that I use to tame my curls.

I don’t like crunchy. I don’t like the greasy looking curls. This does neither! Super lightweight and smells AMAZEBALLS. We also use this on Josiah who has better curls than me.

Favorite Watch Band – If you have an Apple watch and you’re a chick or you have a chick you love in your life, get her one of these. Versatile, stylish, and (again) not expensive!

Favorite Jeans – Okay, no, I don’t like pants so if I’m gonna wear them, they better be leggings-ish. Enter these skinnies. I have them in darn near every wash they offer and they’re great. 2 words – Elastic. Waistband.

Favorite Glasses – Not only are these my favorite glasses because they’re fun, but they were NINE DOLLAR FRAMES. With my prescription it made them like $30 or something. But by far, I’ve got about 3 pair of glasses and 2 pair of sunglasses from this place and I have yet to be disappointed.

I was super nervous about buying glasses online, but again, it’s been great! If you’re thinking about it, go for it!

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I hope this was helpful! I thought about sharing what’s on my list this year but a couple things about that:

1, I typically don’t have a list. I just see stuff and am like, “Oh, that’d probably be cool to have and 2, if I do have a list, it’s either 1 really expensive thing or 100 teency little things that would just overwhelm you.

So, I hope sharing my favorite things will be helpful and will either confirm things you already love or make you want to try things. I promise I won’t steer you wrong!

If you do try any of these things, I’d love to know. Just let me know in the comments below which ended up being your favorites too!

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  1. Girl, I have been LIVING in some stretchy waistband jeans since March. ha! Thanks for all the suggestions! I need to check that curl cream out. I don’t like crunchy hair, either, yet my curls need a pretty decent hold. I do like the Shea Moisture products, though, so i’m putting it on my “to try” list. 🙂

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