Neutral Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

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Neutral doesn’t always mean white! Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is a great neutral color that brings in a gentle coastal feel, but can also be a backdrop for a more playful space! In this post, you’ll find how we used it in our home and how other people used it in their spaces.

Paint Color Spotlight:

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt graphic with words describing where in the house it is. playroom and primary bedroom

Back for another riveting paint post!

I’m slowly making my way through all the neutral paint colors that we have in our own home and today I’m shining a spotlight on one of the first colors I fell in love with when deciding to paint our own home – Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Paint Color

World Market rattan daybed and Samsung Frame TV and framed art

We just finished our neutral playroom and Sherwin Williams sea salt paint color was the star of the show.

This beautiful color was what the entire room was designed around.

Is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt blue or green?

closeup of marble S and clock on white Ikea Hemnes dresser

What I love about this great color is it’s a chameleon color.

Depending on the lighting or the time of day it can lean blue or green, but in either case, it brings a serene feel to a space which is what makes it perfect color choice for a bedroom! Just ignore all the clothes on the floor everywhere and things will be fiiiiiiine.

Is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt a warm or cool color?

Kidkraft white vintage kitchen and dress up clothes

You can see in this corner of our playroom that this is definitely a cool color.

It goes great with greige paint colors like what we have in our office which sits right outside of this room.

Speaking of complimentary colors …

What color compliments Sherwin Williams Sea Salt?

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Coordinating Color options graphic

Because Sea Salt is so light and airy, there are tons of colors that are complimentary to Sea Salt. I’ve chosen what I think are probably the top 3!

01. Sherwin Williams Alabaster

small laundry room space with tile floor and built in sink with hanging clothes on the wall

Sherwin Williams Alabaster is a great coordinating color for Sea Salt because it’s a warmer white. We have Alabaster in about 80% of our house and are so not mad about the choice. You could even use Sherwin Williams Alabaster white for trim if you wanted to!

02. Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

navy ikea alex drawers desk with wallpaper

Our updated modern office sits right outside of our playroom so I can say with confidence that even though these 2 rooms are separated by a set of French doors that are painted super dark (Sherwin Williams Iron Ore), sometimes they look so similar I forget the rooms are painted 2 different colors.

That sneaky sneak lil’ chameleon color. Gotta love Sea Salt.

03. Sherwin Williams Extra White

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt on the walls with white Ikea Hemnes dresser

All of our trim in our house is Sherwin Williams Extra White and in our primary bedroom especially you can see how well the natural light makes the white pop against the soft blue green color.

How does this compare to Sherwin Williams Rainwashed?

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt vs Sherwin Williams Rainwashed graphic

Of course all of this is super hard to show with a graphic and you’ll need to check this out yourself in person, but Sherwin Williams Rainwashed is a bit more tinted and leans more blue. Of course all this will change depending on your lighting situation.

How does Sherwin Williams Sea Salt compare to Benjamin Moore Sea Salt?

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt vs. Benjamin Moore Sea Salt graphic

Ohhhh boy, y’all. Not even in the same ballpark.

Benjamin Moore Sea Salt, while pretty and neutral, does not give the serene, coastal feel that Sherwin Williams Sea Salt does.

The Sea Salt from Benjamin Moore is more of a neural greige, more similar to something like Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray, with a bit more warm undertones.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt in Real Spaces

My favorite part when I’m researching paint colors is seeing them in other people’s rooms to see how they’ve used the color in their own space. It helps give me a better feel for different room options and how it looks in different lighting.


White vanity and toilet with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt on the walls

This bathroom by Green with Decor showcases the color and I love her design choice to use a bright green towel and trash can. This once again proves that this really is a neutral color and you can put just about any color with it to create a fun vibrant space, or keep it clean and neutral with whites and grays.

farmhouse bathroom with gray vanity and Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

When she was still living in her builder grade and not their current colonial, Lauren from BlesserHouse made her bathroom into a farmhouse lover’s dream with rustic shelves, chalk painted dresser all with the backdrop of Sherwin Williams Sea Salt on the wall.

Living Rooms

Living room with white built ins and Sherwin Williams

Is it living room? A den? A family room? Why do we call the same room by 3 different names? It weirds me out.

I digress.

This amazing living room makeover from Sand and Sisal has everything I would want – huge wall of windows, white built ins, all open to a kitchen.

*Chef’s kiss*

Sherwin Williams Sea salt on top of white board and batten

I looooooove the white board and batten in this living room. Love it. The huge piece of art? Marvelous. All accented with the light and bright color of Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.

It’s wild to me how this color can have a completely different feel depending on the decor that is along in the room. This should encourage you to go for it if you’re on the fence!


Sherwin Williams in a bedroom with white bed linens from Two Twenty One

Okay, fine, she’s one of my favorite people outside of the internet so I had to include Chelsea’s master bedroom ON the internet too, right?

I also want to point out too how this color really is a sneaky sneak. It looks almost gray with that huge window she has in her room, but if you head to her post on this room, she’s got a photo of it up close on her wall and it is very clearly not gray.

Detailed shot of pillows on the bed with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt on the wall

I guess because we have Sea Salt in our own bedroom, I have a soft spot when I see it in other’s bedrooms like this primary bedroom from Life on Virginia Street. Again, totally different feel. Same beautiful color. Her room leans more traditional where ours leans more….not….traditional?

Apparently our style is transitional which is basically a mixture of 2 styles. I wrote an entire post about it and shared some other people I found with the same style as us!

Honorable Mention: Sea Salt with dark wood

home office with brown wood doors and Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

All of the photos I shared, including our own house have white trim, but when I saw this image of a client’s home office that Kylie M. Interiors did, I stopped in my tracks because honestly there was something very warm and inviting about having the dark wood and the Sea Salt.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt graphic with 2 rooms that showcase the color

I’m here to tell you that adding Sherwin Williams Sea Salt to your home will be a win – dining room, bathroom, front door, back door, side door, doggy door – whatever!

Paint the dang wall and enjoy 🙂

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Sherwin Williams Sea Salt graphic

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