A Quick Way to Repair Chipped Tile

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An easy way of tile repair when you’ve chipped a piece off and your tile has already been installed

Jokes on me because this was not a post I planned on writing, but alas – I found myself in a predicament.

We have been working on our laundry room and in case you don’t know we do not have a garage. Our tile was delivered and has sat in our driveway as we’ve been working on it little by little. What you can’t see in this picture (as it’s “behind” the camera in this shot) is our flight of stairs that leads up to our side door that we use frequently.


Face. Palm.

Just as I was recovering from this and cleaning our beautiful new floor tile to get it ready to be grouted, I FREAKING CHIPPED A PIECE OFF of our freshly laid tile. I could hardly believe it. Luckily, I did this while Jordan wasn’t home so I could lay on my own pillow and scream into his in angst.

Yup. See that beautiful installed tile with the beautiful chip in it? Ugh. So, of course, I wanted to get creative and figure out a way to repair chipped tile after it’s been installed. Because let me tell you what I was not about to do and that’s rip up an entire piece of tile or two to fix this.

How to Repair Chipped Tile

I figured I would give Gorilla Glue a go. (No, this isn’t a sponsored post at all, I just wanted to share so there). The instructions on the bottle say to wet whatever you’re going to be trying to glue together so I took the world’s smallest piece of paper towel, wet it and then used that to make the tiny piece of tile damp.

gorilla glue repair chipped tile

It’s a good thing I got tiny hands because this would never have worked without a magnifying glass and some tweezers, but alas me and my tiny hands win again. I added just a tiny dot of glue to the broken piece of tile.

how to repair chipped tile with glue

Even my tiny little hands had to get tweezers out for this part, but I used the edges to spread the glue out to the edges and then I just laid it down and pushed it with the edge of the tweezers.

repair chipped tile after fix

I pushed it into place and left it alone and after a couple hours, I had this! You can’t even tell!! This really isn’t Photoshopped, I promise. It’s just a little quick way to repair chipped tile when you’ve already installed it! Hooray!

Now I should go on record and say if you have something bigger than this OR if you didn’t happen to save the piece that chipped off, this may be no help, but I’m hoping with this trick under your belt, if the need ever arises, you will be able to repair chipped tile yourself without a huge headache or screaming into pillows like ya girl.

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EASIEST way to repair chipped tile

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