Small Laundry Room Design Board + Before Tour

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I’m sharing what our laundry room looks like right now and our laundry room design board with inspiration to transform this space

We are SO EXCITED to be a part of the Jeffrey Court 2019 Fall Renovation Challenge this year! Like words can’t even express how excited we are. It has given us an excuse to give our most used, most neglected space in this house a fresh, new look! Our poor old laundry room. Ready for this? Please don’t judge though, okay?

Eek. I know right? She ain’t cute. But lemme tell you, with the master help of designer Jordan Smith (that’s the guy I married) we have come up with something I literally CAN NOT WAIT to see come to life! Getcha big boy/girl underwear on and let’s dive in a bit more of what we have picked out for this!

Small Laundry Room Design Board

All the feels. Clean lines, simple and neutral design, *muah*! Right up my alley. Yes that was me smooching my computer. Let me give you some sources for the things we chose in case you’re wondering.

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  1. Semi Flush Mount Light – Since we are lucky enough to have a small window in our laundry room, we really don’t need anything crazy with overhead light, so this choice should do the trick!
  2. Wall sconces – I love the idea of having multiple light sources in a room. That way, if I want to walk in somewhere and not blind myself but still see at night, I can just flip on a lamp. These sconces will be perfect for that. Cuz ya know, we do lots of things at night over here so a certain toddler won’t EAT 32 PLASTIC CHERRIES WHILE HE IS UNATTENDED. I promise you want to know that story. I digress.
  3. Wood shelves – If you can’t tell, we like wood shelves around here. We have open shelving in both our guest bathroom and we have them in our kitchen as well. These will be an easy DIY project!
  4. White Fan Wall Tile – Wanna know a secret? I have been looking for a place in our house to use this fan tile for WELL OVER A YEAR. My tile dreams are about to come true. It’s not weird to dream about tile is it?
  5. Black Faucet – We have one very similar to this in our kitchen and we LOVE IT. We wanted a faucet that we could pull down into the sink for all the gross messes we know will end up in our new ….
  6. White Fireclay Sink (!!) – I have always wanted a sink in a laundry room. I don’t know why. It makes me feel fancy and although I definitely don’t dress fancy, I like feeling fancy sometimes. This sink should do the trick. Plus, we have a toddler and a 4 year old who stay dirty and having this will be great for soaking things that need it before going in the ….
  7. Washer and Dryer – Spoiler alert. We already have this. People have love/hate relationships with front loads. I’m still honestly undecided, but what I will say is because of this room and our design plans, a top load won’t really work anyway so it’s already ours and we have nothing to buy? Yes. I love it. I love it very a lot.
  8. Cabinet Color – I had to search HIGH and LOW for this color, but I finally found it and it’s Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay. I can’t wait to see this! Even though we will only have one cabinet where the sink sits, I’m itching to see this color.
  9. Wall Color – Sherwin Williams Alabaster. Ya know, like 95% of our walls in this house.
  10. Hex Floor Tile – Last but not least, this showstopper. My goodness. I can already see how gorgeous this tile is going to look against bright walls and that fabuloso wall tile!

I am seriously SO FREAKIN READY to get this space going. Make sure you follow along the entire challenge and fall in love with me because you’re going to have to vote later in the competition to see who wins this thing!!!!

Can I ask a serious question though? Front load or top load? Why? Discuss!

Small laundry room design plans with the Jeffrey Court Design Challenge Team! #smalllaundryroom #laundryroomideas #smalllaundryroomdesign

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