Best Way To Track Ovulation with PCOS

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If you have PCOS and are trying to find a way to see if you’re ovulating regularly (or at all) I’m here to help!

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I can’t believe September is already halfway through, but it’s also PCOS awareness month and if you’ve been around a while, you know I have had struggles with it since I got diagnosed in 2014.

If you’re not fully sure what PCOS is and how it can affect you, you can read about my PCOS and infertility if you’d like, but chances are if you’re here, it’s because you have it too and want to know if there’s something out there for us to help with ovulation.

The good news is YES THERE IS!!! Let’s chat a bit about it!

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Spoiler alert: it ain’t these.

Sure, you can use them for fun, but the issue with PCOS is that your hormone levels are usually out of whack and sometimes you can very easily get false positives which can be super annoying.

ovusense laying on bed with white comforter

So, instead let’s talk about the best way to track ovulation for those of us with PCOS – OvuSense!

If you’re feeling deja vu, don’t freak out – I totally have done an entire OvuSense review in the past and it’s still something I get questions about TO THIS DAY.

I have been able to successfully conceive with PCOS using OvuSense twice and since we are talking about having our last baby soon, I upped my subscription so that I could begin tracking and checking in on things while we begin for this last lil’ family member.

What is OvuSense?

OvuSense is a wearable tracker that you wear almost like a tampon nightly to track your core body temperature (CBT).

This is different than basal body temperature (BBT) which can be affected by lots of things like how often you get up and down per night or even how hot or cold your sleeping environment is.

Their website has a really great FAQ section that can answer almost any question you could ever dream up.

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The biggest difference in OvuSense and other ways of tracking ovulation is that OvuSense is the only ovulation tracker on the market that can definitively tell you whether or not you actually ovulated.

Most other ovulation kits on the market will help you predict ovulation within 24-48 hours, but OvuSense can confirm the ovulation which is super helpful when you’re trying to conceive.

woman's hand holding ovulation tracker to iPhone to sync data

In the morning, you simply remove the sensor and sync it to your phone and voila! Your temperatures will immediately be put into a chart so you can see the aggregated data all in one place.

Explaining the Charts

Anovulatory Cycle

For the first 4 months of 2023, I didn’t ovulate.

Because I’ve been tracking for so long I could tell that I wasn’t, but wearing the sensor proved what I already thought to be true.

iPhone with ovusense app showing ovulation chart laying on bed with white comforter

If you look in the top right corner of my chart for this month, you’ll see that it says “ovulation was not detected in cycle 16.”

This means according to my CBT, there was no rise that would indicate that ovulation occured.

Ovulatory Cycle

Here is my cycle from May and you can see a few differences here than in cycles where I did not ovulate.

hand holding iPhone with ovusense app showing ovulation chart

First, you’ll see in the top right corner, it not only tells me that I ovulated, but it tells me exactly what day of my cycle I ovulated – in this case, Monday, June 12.

Additionally, you’ll see that green vertical box with the blue vertical line inside.

The green box shows my fertile window and the blue vertical line is the exact date that OvuSense is saying I ovulated.

Does OvuSense work for PCOS?

little girl with pigtails in front of Schitt's Creek birthday party background

Uhhh, if you’re not convinced yet, here is our OvuSense baby celebrating her Schitt’s Creek themed first birthday photoshoot.

And even though we lost baby boy at 14 weeks with a missed miscarriage, I was pregnant right before Collins that was also due to me tracking my ovulation with PCOS with OvuSense!

What’s the difference between OvuSense and Tempdrop?

Tempdrop is another very popular wearable ovulation tracker, but it differs from OvuSense in several ways.

First, you wear OvuSense internally which tracks your CBT as opposed to your external body temperature.

OvuSense has recently come out with a tracker very similar to Tempdrop that you do wear externally, but I love that OvuSense provides a free nurse consultation and a free vaginal sensor if you’re unable to get pregnant within 3 months of using the external tracker.

OvuSense Customer Service

ovusense menu on iPhone laying on bed with white bedding

I have seriously had the absolute best experience with customer service. I’ve been using them so long, I honestly feel like they’re invested in our lives, much like a nurse at my OB’s office would be.

They’re always so kind and so quick to help if you ever run into anything.

Hands down if you’re looking for the best way to track ovulation with PCOS with something that is actually going to work and help you, OvuSense is the way to go!

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