Ava Bracelet Review

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An honest Ava Bracelet review from someone with PCOS, including pros and cons and what it’s like to use this fertility tracker on a nightly basis plus a discount for your own!

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An honest review of the Ava Fertility Tracking bracelet including pros and cons and what it's like using it when you have PCOS #avafertility #avabracelet #fertilitytracker #infertility

For Mother’s Day this year, I shared a guide to over 100 gifts for just about every type of mama out there. I also have talked about how Mother’s Day is weird for me just because it brings a lot of pain and annoying emotions up. It is what it is at this point; infertility is no fun.

One of the products I shared for the grieving mama was this Ava bracelet. It’s been popping up everywhere for me and since I’m a researcher at heart, I feel like I have tried almost every product known to man in regards to fertility stuff and I thought I would just add this to the list. I’m sure this may come as a surprise, but I am actually in fact not a doctor and so this is just my experience with the Ava bracelet. Please don’t take this as any medical advice or anything weird like that. Again, not a doctor. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn once.

Ava Bracelet Review

What Is the Ava Fertility Bracelet?

The Ava Bracelet is meant for those women who are just trying to get more in touch with their bodies. You don’t necessarily have to be trying to conceive. But lemme tell you after peeing on everything that you shouldn’t have to pee on to see if you could maybe potentially possibly get pregnant, wearing a bracelet at night is a walk in the park.

How does the fertility tracker work?

Using a way better algorithm than Instagram (GET IT TOGETHER, IG, OKAY?! For the love), the Ava bracelet tracks physiological signs while you wear it overnight to provide you with your 5 most fertile days in real time. You wear this guy to sleep and then when you wake up, all you have to do is wake up and sync it with your app.

ava bracelet app

It’s seriously so easy and you don’t have to worry about fumbling around with one eye open to find that thermometer on the side of your bed that takes what feels like a million minutes to take your temperature every morning. One click of the sync button in the app and you can instantly get your results.

Pros of the Ava Fertility Bracelet

Ease of use

You don’t have to manually write anything down and you don’t have to use any thermometers to then remember the numbers and enter it into an app. Or if you’re like me 65 different apps.

Clinically Tested

And mother approved. Kidding, but really and truly this thing is FDA registered and backed by TONS of research and science. You can read a little more about how it works here if you’re a science nerd like me.

ava bracelet review

I typically wear a FitBit Blaze all day long but it’s huge and it gets in my way. With this thing, not only do I not even notice it’s there, but I forget it’s even on many mornings.


In a year long clinical study, it recognized the 5 fertile days with 89% accuracy. That’s a pretty good statistic if you ask me!

1 year Pregnancy Guarantee

If you buy the premium package, you are eligible for a full refund if you’re not pregnant within a year. That’s honestly a bold statement to me, especially for someone like me who’s been trying to have a baby for nearly 3 years at this point. The bracelet won’t magically get you pregnant, but because of its tracking, Ava is able to make that claim. You guys payed attention in health class right? I don’t need to go in to how you actually make a baby, no? Okay good.

Truthfully, I’ve seen people rake Ava over the coals for making this statement and giving “false hope” to those of us trying so long. The reality is they’re not trying to give false hope in my opinion. If you have other fertility issues outside of missing the window (like something diagnosed or an issue with your partner) then of course it’s not like some voo doo wizardry that will make you pregnant because you wear this. Speaking of diagnoses, let’s talk about some real cons of this bracelet.

Cons of the Ava Fertility Bracelet


This is the first obvious one. Ava isn’t cheap. But if you’re paying for a ton of stuff to pee on like ovulation tests or pregnancy tests or paying for medical treatments like we did, in the grand scheme of things the price really isn’t that terrible. Plus, you can use my code to get $20 off!

Not tested for PCOS

Ugh, this is the frustrating one. I have PCOS which means technically I shouldn’t be using this, but what can I say? I’m a rebel. It’s not recommended for those with PCOS or those with cycles over 35 days long. However, speaking from experience I can say that my first cycle tracking was 37 days long and the bracelet didn’t self destruct so that’s cool.

They’re currently doing clinical trials for people with PCOS and hopefully the findings will be out sooner. My hope too is that the algorithm will somehow be able to work/help those with PCOS.

ava bracelet review PCOS

All in all, I’m really pleased with it so far and I hope this Ava Bracelet review was helpful to you in making your own decision about getting one! If nothing else, I’m glad that I found it and tried it because if I hadn’t, I would have always wondered if it could have helped me.

Don’t forget though, you can get $20 off your own Ava bracelet by going to this link HERE and using coupon code ‘LIVINGLETTER’!

This post was written in partnership with Ava, but all opinions are 100% my own.

Ava Bracelet Review: An honest review of the Ava Fertility Tracking bracelet including pros and cons and what it's like using it when you have PCOS #avafertility #avabracelet #fertilitytracker #infertility #PCOS

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  1. Hi there, I know I’m a few years late reading this post, but I saw you used OvuSense to get pregnant. There are two that you can use, which one helped you get pregnant? My husband and I have been trying for over a year and are starting to see specialists and looking into the ava and ovusense!

    1. I stopped using Ava because it was very inaccurate with my irregular cycles. OvuSense was extremely accurate and it also helped me prove to my doc that I was ovulating and when I was ovulating and that I had a very short luteal phase which meant I needed extra progesterone at the beginning of my pregnancy.

    2. @Carmen Smith, Thats interesting. I’m a fertility coach and at first I was recommending Ava Bracelet to my clients, but recently switched to Ovucore by Ovusense. Ava was not accurate for several of my clients (even those without long cycles or PCOS). I was entering the temperatures from Ava into the fertility friend and quickly found there was no way to confirm ovulation with the temperatures Ava was getting. I had the clients use Ava alongside a normal digital basal body thermometer for one cycle and I found they were either not ovulating at all in a given cycle or they had luteal phase defect issues that Ava was not detecting. Ovucore has been much more accurate.

      1. Yes, like I’ve talked about in my post on Ovusense (which is now Ovucore), Ovucore is way more accurate and helped me to get pregnant twice now.

  2. Thank you so much for your article! Do you have any updates since writing it about how it’s worked for you with your PCOS? This will my third attempt at a fertility tracking system, and as a fellow woman with PCOS, I’ve been met by brick wall after brick wall. I too am currently taking metformin but actually found a women’s multi prenatal vitamin +DHA (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00WQ6MHTS/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_2?smid=A3DT3PWDUUAMS0&psc=1) to do the trick of getting me to a consistently regular cycle (I’ve been at 29-33 days every cycle for the last 7 cycles!) But even with the consistent cycles I found that my Creighton method was lengthy (2 weeks of signs of fertility) while my Marquette monitor showed 2 peaks in one cycle. I’m hopeful that by pairing Marquette with the Ava bracelet I’ll be able to find some semblance of consistency between the two in order to nail down my ACTUAL fertile window. Thanks again for your insights!

    1. Hey there! So I actually don’t have any updates on this. I stopped using it because I found it was wildly inaccurate with my PCOS since my cycles were so irregular. I started using Ovusense and found it to be THE BEST option for me with PCOS because it doesn’t matter how long your cycles are, how many times you may get peak readings from an OPK, or anything. It measures internal core body temperature (CBT) to actually be able to PROVE whether or not you ovulated. I was also able to see that my luteal phase is too short which means I had a progesterone issue which allowed me to be able to advocate getting on progesterone supplementation to allow me to stay pregnant. Our daughter was just born 7 weeks ago! 🙂

        1. Hey there, it actually did not. Because my cycles were so irregular and they were longer than the Ava algorithm could calculate, I changed over to using OvuSense and that’s what pinpointed my ovulation and I was able to get pregnant with it twice. First ended in another missed miscarriage around 13.5w, but then we got pregnant 2 months later and were able to carry to term our sweet baby girl! I hope that’s helpful.

  3. My husband and I spent 6 months debating on whether we should try the Ava for baby #2. We finally bought it. I used it for 2 years (EVERY SINGLE DAY!) and never got pregnant. After lots of tears and frustration I went to the doctor. She said I’m perfectly healthy and to keep trying. 6 months later (after 2.5 years of trying) I went back to the doctor, crying. “What is wrong?!” I asked her. She asked if I was only relying on the Ava for my ovulation dates, I said yes. She encouraged me to take an ovulation test around the days the Ava was predicting my ovulation day. She was right when she suspected the bracelet wasn’t accurate. It was telling me I’d ovulate 5 days AFTER my positive Ovulation Tests! I ditched the bracelet and I was pregnant the first month using ovulation test only. What a nightmare.

    1. NO WAY!!!! That’s SO crazy and SUPER frustrating. I mean, I feel like it probably really does work for some women, but it just was a no go for me long term. I was really hopeful and have seen a lot of success stories, but I feel like this is something you would use in conjunction with other methods as well like OPKs or checking CM and cervical position and whatnot.

  4. I am using this for my first cycle and I also have PCOS but with clomid and metformin it is under control so hopefully this bracelet works!! It seems to be working for the most part. I really enjoyed your review!

    1. oh wow, thank you so much for taking the time to tell me that! I used clomid and metformin for a while too, but just couldn’t handle it anymore after 13 failed cycles of it. I feel like my ovulation prediction/window is usually WAY off still, but other than that, I really like the data it provides.

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