Black Crown Molding Ideas

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Crown molding doesn’t have to be boring – these images can inspire you to fall in love with a design trend that may feel too bold for you

black crown molding in bathroom with glass shower door and gold accents


Black Crown Molding Ideas

Black crown molding can be an effortless way to give your space a dramatic touch without making you feel like a member of the Addams family.

It can breathe life into every room and achieve any decor theme ambition with the right use of accent pieces and color palette. 

If you don’t think it can be for you, just check out these seven fantabulous ways to use black crown molding in your home.

Is crown molding out of style?

I’m going to tell you what I always have – if it’s something that you want in your house, go for it. Trends will come and go, but you’re the one who has to live with it daily. Crown molding is great for more traditional homes, but ours is not traditional at all and we have it in almost every room of our house downstairs.

Vintage Black Crown Molding on Textured White Walls

black crown molding in living room with tan sectional
Textured walls and black crown molding in the living room via Homenish

This snazzy sitting room shows the perfect way to incorporate black crown molding into a room blended with formal elements and traditional features.

For example in this space, the modern round crystal chandelier mixes glamorous mid-century furniture and a sleek piano.

Modern Living Room with Black Crown Molding Ceiling

living room with black molding on coffered ceilings

This blank slate living space demonstrates how something as simple as a few well-placed uses of dark color can make a powerful statement. The blank walls are soft neutral, and off-white against white stacked ceilings ready for personalization.

Adding layers of black creates the perfect blend of drama, like the modern square-bladed fan, the fireplace mantle, and the border of the coffered ceiling. Large windows are a great way to add natural lighting to brighten up the space.

Art Deco Chic Bedroom with Black Crown Molding

white walls in bedroom with black crown molding
Black crown molding in the bedroom via Shelterness

We are planning our own bedroom makeover for this year, and I can promise you that I am very strongly considering this in our own bedroom.

This ultra-chic space has bold black trim around the molding, windows, and floorboards that contrast against the sparkling white of the walls, area rug, and pleated window blinds.

European Country-Inspired Dark-Toned Kitchen

black kitchen with black kitchen cabinets and black crown molding
Black crown molding with black kitchen cabinets via Greg Natale on Decorpad

This kitchen with black cabinets and backsplash is the perfect identity of cozy.

We are hopefully going to be done with our mountain house Airbnb and we are going to be doing a LOT of black in our own kitchen so I’m super pumped to see something like this that is a stunning option for showcasing the idea of black crown molding.

Black Crown Molding on Mudroom Built-In Bench

black built in mudroom bench
Black crown on a mudroom bench via Kira David Design on Decor Pad

This entry makes the best use of a small space, helping to keep your entryway organized while looking like something out of a magazine.

We are in the process of redoing Josiah’s big boy room, and even though we won’t be painting his black, I am still a sucker for beadboard.

I think this would be a great option for you if you want to be able to use black crown molding but you’re not quite ready to do an entire room.  

Black Crown Molding in a Bathroom

bathroom with 2 white vanities and black crown molding
Bathroom with black crown molding via Suzann Kletzein via Decor Pad

Black ceiling molding in your bathroom can become a beautiful, brilliant way to add glamorous modern nuances.

The mirrors in the space allow it to feel larger  

black crown molding in bathroom with glass shower door and gold accents
Black crown molding in white bathroom via Decor Pad

The classic look of the subway tile and the glass shower door shows you just how open your small space can feel even with darker accents.

I love how the black in the shower pan tile ties in to the molding to create a very cohesive look.

Neutral Undertone Artistic Dining Room Bordered in Black

tan walls in kitchen with black crown molding
Living room black crown molding via Decor Pad

This modern dining room combines several luxury touches.

The textured wallpaper and pale pine flooring blend with the light wood farmhouse table and rustic fabric-paneled traditional chairs perfect the minimalistic vibe. 

Wallpaper + Crown Molding

wallpaper in living room with black crown molding
Wallpaper in dining room with black crown molding via Decor Pad

If you’re looking for a way to break up your walls and not just have paint, you can use wallpaper like this room and it can instantly elevate the look and makes the black crown molding feel less like something that sticks out, but is more intentional in the design.

Black and Brick

black crown molding with brick wall
Brick wall with black crown molding via Decor Pad

If the idea of painted walls or even wallpapered walls isn’t for you, but you still want to try the black crown molding idea, try it paired with red brick.

It’s a great way to inch yourself in to something more bold in your own space.

Can crown molding (really) be black?

You don’t have to ask that. Yes. Crown molding can be really sexy.

Should crown molding be lighter or darker than the walls?

craftsman style wood trim

In our house, we have craftsman style trim everywhere and right now we have it lighter than our walls.

white shadowbox trim painted in Sherwin Williams Pure White

In our first flip house (and now what we do in every flip house we do now), we decided to paint the trim and the walls all the same color but instead change the paint sheen.

But as you can see, you can have a trim with any color of the world as long as you love it!

Bringing black-colored trim into your space can make magic happen. I’ve shown you my favorite ways to use black crown molding in all the rooms in a house. Now it’s your turn!

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