Christmas Storage and Organization Tips

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My favorite products and fail proof ways to organize Christmas decor, including things you may not have thought of!

fairy lights on table wrapped with magnetic cord organizer


Amazon Christmas Organization Tips and Products

I hope I’m not the only one who is glad when Christmas decor comes down.

closeup of copper bow tied on christmas tree

Don’t get me wrong, I love to see it but especially having a Christmas tree with a toddler around, I’m glad when it’s one less thing I have to fight about all day long.

Since we got a new kitchen since last Christmas and are working in built in bookshelves, I not only purchased a good bit more Christmas decor, but I used this year as an excuse to also up the game when it came to organization too so I’m sharing my tips and favorite products I found to do this on a budget.

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Colored Bubble Wrap

woman's hand holding green bubble wrap

Of course you can just get regular clear bubble wrap, but how is that any fun?

hands using green bubble wrap to wrap christmas decorations

Using green bubble wrap will help you differentiate your Christmas decor from other things you may have in your storage box if you’re storing more than just Christmas things in said storage box.

christmas decor in tupperware

You can get this green bubble wrap from Amazon which I like because it has the tiny bubbles which makes it more malleable.

When you have the larger bubbles, it feels more stiff which can be good for larger decor items, but when it comes to small Christmas decor items like nutcrackers or ceramic Christmas trees, I want to have the flexibility.

Mesh Zipper Bags

mesh zipper bags

If you were around when I talked about how to realistically organize a playroom so you don’t lose your mind, these mesh zipper bags should look familiar.

I love them and find myself reaching for them time and time again which is why I’m so glad they come in so many different size and color options.

woman's hand holding open mesh zipper bag from amazon

While this isn’t storing Christmas decor specifically, I use it to wrangle allllll the million pieces that come with new toys on Christmas.

woman's hand holding open mesh zipper bag from amazon

Especially when it seems that even fun games your kid gets comes with ridiculously tiny pieces.


woman's hand holding label down for white nutcracker on box

I know when you’re putting things in their box and it’s fresh in your mind, you know it’s a white nutcracker, but a year is a long time and when you go to pull it out for the holiday season next year, you most likely wouldn’t know what was in the box without opening it.

woman's hand holding black laser label printer

I am in love with this thermal label printer from Amazon. It’s tiny and perfect and works easily with an iPhone app.

iphone laying on marble countertops with app open for laser label printer

It connects via bluetooth and you can easily design the text or icons you want on your label and print it out.

I used this to label cardboard boxes I couldn’t see in to so that I knew which figurine or Christmas decor item was in the box.

For what it’s worth, I still use and LOVE my big boy Epson label maker that I’ve had for years. It’s great for labeling the outside of those boxes!

Utilize Magnetic Cable Ties

woman's hand holding fairy lights wrapped with magnetic cord organizer

Okay, I saved my absolute favorite product for last.

These magnetic cable ties are amazing for keeping our charging drawer cords nice and neat, but I also found a fun use for them for Christmas decor.

Fairy lights!

fairy lights on table wrapped with magnetic cord organizer

I extra hard love fairy lights, especially at Christmas. Stringing them in a garland or adding them to a globe to make a whimsical winter village is so great, but their strings can become wild and tangled if you leave them to their own devices.

I love using the colors to differentiate whether the lights are a solid or a twinkling/blinking light!

Pro tip: Take out the batteries from your fairy lights for storage. That way you don’t risk corrosion when you store them in an attic or garage.

The good news about these Christmas organization products that I chose is that they can be used for any kind of decor item or for any holiday decor that’s not kept out year round!


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