Summer Beach Color Palettes

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Whether you like your coastal decor bright and cheery or you’d rather something more calming and serene, there is surely a beach color palette in here for you!


Summer Coastal Beach Color Palettes For Your Home

Summa, summa, summatiiiiime!

Now that that’s out of my system, the reason for today’s post is to bring you some gorgeous beach color palette ideas for 2 reasons.

1 is that we are getting ready to pack up and head to the beach to our annual trip to Hilton Head.

2 is that we got Jordan’s dream of a mountain house that we can use for our family but also for an Airbnb and so I’m currently just daydreaming of a time that we can get a beach house for an Airbnb as well.

For some reason, the idea of decorating a beach house excites me way more than a mountain house.

Let’s check out some of these stunning beach color palettes that I’ve found! And if you stick around to the very end, I’ll even give you some exact colors to try out!

What Colors Are Beachy?

A beach color palette can be bright and colorful or it can be calm and serene.

calming blue and white beach color palette in living room
Beach color palette in living room via Making Home Base

One of my favorite beach color palettes in a living room space is from my friend Chelsea at Making Home Base. The reason I love this is because it’s calming, natural and simple. Chelsea is a military family and everything she does is renter friendly and her style is simply gorgeous.

It gives you an idea of how simple a beach color scheme can be in your house.

calming beach color palette in bedroom with whitewashed wood bed
Rustic coastal bedroom via Donna Guyler

Beach color palettes typically also bring in a lot of natural wood elements.

What I love about the wood aspect of having a beach or coastal color scheme is that because woods come in many stains and finishes, you can really choose how rustic or how modern you want the scheme to be in your own space.

Beach Color Palette Tips and Ideas

Let your furniture bring the color

beach color palette living room with blue coffee table
Beach color palette in living room via Carolyn Thayer Interiors

If you’re color averse like myself (hello Sherwin Williams Alabaster on 90% of our walls) or want to be able to change up your decor from time to time, use furniture or throw pillows to bring in the beach to your design.

You don’t have to be kitschy and have “Beach Please” signs or vases full of shelves to have a gorgeous beach space. You can instead bring in the idea of the beach simply with colors or a few decor pieces like throw blankets or pillows.

Have fun with tile

colorful striped shower tile
Colored tile beachy bathroom via Fireclay Tile

I have had this photo saved in my phone for almost a year now for if I ever get a chance to decorate a beach house. Mark my words we will have a bathroom that looks like this.

I wrote a post where I showed a ton of shower tile ideas and inspiration if you’re looking to jazz up your space without being super mega boring.

Go monochrome

bright blue and teal living room with yellow ottoman coffee table
Monochrome beach color palette in living room via Mobile Bay Mag

This rooms just screams ocean to me, right? The shades of aqua and then the yellow ottoman coffee table.

Using a monochromatic beach color scheme can be a great way to keep things “neutral” even if you’re using color.

Try a focal wall

Sherwin Williams Tradewind fireplace with ombre orange rug with dog on it
Sherwin Williams Tradewind fireplace via Sherwin Williams on Southern Living

If you’re wanting to keep your walls a more neutral color, then you can always do a feature wall or paint a fireplace so that it stands out and brings in the coastal feel.

I love the orange touches in here because it’s almost like a summer sun and sunset.

Neutral can still be beachy

beach view out of a living room with white striped chair
Neutral beach color palette in a living room via Jacquelyn Clark

A summer beach color palette can mean blues and yellows.

Or it can also be completely neutral and gorgeous, letting the scenery speak for itself or bringing in a bit of large decor items like a giant shell.

mudroom with pale green and wood tones
Calming coastal color scheme via Donna Guyler

Even though these built ins are a beautiful color, this is still very neutral. The calming green, the wood tones, the bright white wall with the shelves – ahhhhh. Love.

Blue, blue, blue

beach color palette living room with wood, white and blue tones
Coastal open concept via Donna Guyler

Dark blue, light blue, blue stripes, solid blue, blue patterned – blue and white is always a safe bet for a stunning, serene beach color palette, especially if you’re doing an open concept.

Bright colors do NOT have to be tacky

brightly colored beach color palette in living room
Colorful beach color palette in a living room via Amanda Louise Interiors

Here’s my toxic trait – I’m so color averse in my own home but when I see it elsewhere, I’m SO IN LOVE!

I’m going to do my best that if we’re ever able to embark upon our own beach house Airbnb journey that I want it to have color like this! It’s tasteful, modern, and yet still so comfy and inviting!

Beach Coastal Paint Colors To Try

Bright and Cheery

try these paint colors for a beach color palette in the bathroom

Focal Wall

try these paint colors for a beach color palette in the living room

Calming Coastal Blues

try these paint colors for a beach color palette in the living room

Modern Eclectic

try these paint colors for a beach color palette in the living room

Regardless of how you approach it, you can have a beautiful beach color palette in your own home or your own vacation home!

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