Unfiltered Beddys Bedding Review – Is It Worth It?

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Unsponsored, real review of our Beddy’s bedding in our girls’ room one year later

woman putting on bedding on toddler girl bed


Beddy’s Bedding Review

It’s been a little over a year since we did our shared girls’ makeover and I am still in love with the room every time I walk in it (which is a lot).

shared girls room with floral and hunter green feature wall with white metal crib and vintage woven headboard

I always want to give honest reviews and opinions when I talk about products we have bought and used in our home.

Since we have had this bedding for at least “all four seasons”, I figured it was time we talked about the proverbial elephant in the girls’ room – Beddy’s bedding.

How does Beddy’s bedding work?

Beddy’s bedding is a unique way to make bed making faster and more efficient. It is a one-piece zipper system that fits on a twin, full, queen or king size mattress.

The fitted sheet, top sheet, and comforter are all attached together and easily zipped up around the mattress for a one-stop-shop approach. 

This is something super important to remember that I honestly didn’t know when I bought them.

woman putting on bedding on toddler girl bed

I didn’t realize the sheet was part of the bedding. I’m a sucker for some really cute, fun sheets, especially for kids since you can get away with them.

But with Beddy’s bedding, you’re stuck with the one single sheet that’s part of your bedding. Always.

Beddy’s bedding comes in 2 options – full cotton or minky dot fabrics.

And I know what you may be asking….

Is the minky too hot to sleep in?

closeup of Beddys tag in beddys bedding review

This is super subjective, but according to the 7 year old who sleeps there, no!

The minky is a great combination of warmth and lightness, making it suitable for all seasons.

All cotton options are also available for those who don’t prefer the minky.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Beddy’s

One piece bedding
Super easy to make the bed in the mornings
Come in all bed sizes
Can’t change sheets (think nighttime accidents or sickness)
Kind of annoying to wash
Limited designs

How do I wash Beddy’s?

Pull off bedding in one piece and turn inside-out before washing.

Beddy’s are machine-washable just like any other bedding.

If your washer/dryer is on the smaller side, it may be better to wash the sheet and top comforter piece separately. Also if you have anything other than the twin size, you’ll want to separate it for ease of washing as well.

How often do I wash Beddy’s?

When it comes to washing your Beddy’s bedding, there’s nothing special. You only need to wash it as often as you would any other bedding.

woman putting on beddys bedding

Since the sheet is built in, you will want to consider how often you wash your normal sheets and use that as a guide as to how often to wash your Beddy’s.

FYI: Ours eventually got super stained yellow and a super weird blue color (several people I talked to that have Beddy’s also had an issue with it turning a weird yellow) and no matter what I did and the $80 trip to a dry cleaner, it never came out. Hard pass.

Does Beddy’s stay put on the bed?

In our personal experience, it stays put for the most part. The caveat is that we have a very sound sleeper who doesn’t move a whole lot in her sleep.

If you tend to toss and turn, I can’t speak to whether or not it will stay. I’ve seen and heard from other people that theirs will not stay on the bed as well as they had hoped.

Why is Beddy’s so expensive?

Y’all – I do not know. Of course the Beddy’s site will give their own reasoning, and materials aren’t cheap but still.

gold dot bedding with white crib sheet and vintage headboard against green nursery accent wall

Don’t get me wrong – it’s cute and I get that it makes the chore of making your bed super easy, but it’s just only okay in my opinion.

And if you want to know my BRUTALLY honest conclusion –

cane rounded headboard with white bedding and pink bear warmie

This was a purchase that was not worth it for several reasons.

We had some sickness hit our house and when Char ended up puking her guts up, I had to wash EVERYTHING and had no backup sheets for her since we had this except for the one sheet I had under this.

The biggest reason is that I went to purchase a second set for Collins to have when we put her in her big girl bed and they don’t even make this print anymore.

cane rounded headboard with white bedding and pink bear warmie

So that was the final straw for me.

Knowing the girls will be in matching beds one day, I didn’t want to have one in Beddy’s and then one with regular bedding, whining about making her bed and how it was so much harder to do.

I was also really not happy when I spent SO much money on this bedding to find out they just stopped making this print (which they had had for a long time and was very neutral).

closeup of white zipper duvet from Amazon

So instead, I got her this zipper duvet from Amazon that is SO super soft and SO not expensive.

closeup of pink knit blanket on bed from Ikea

The pink throw on the foot of the bed is one both of the girls have and they’re from Ikea.


cane rounded headboard with white bedding and pink bear warmie in front of feature wall with forest green and floral wallpaper

A quick Google search will show you countless articles that praise Beddy’s for this and that. They may even share things they don’t like…followed by their coupon code so that when you use it, they’ll get the credit for your sale and make some affiliate money off of you.

Ya girl don’t play that. You won’t find any code here because I’m not an affiliate.

Because I don’t want to push a product that we no longer have in our home because it didn’t work for us and it wasn’t a product I feel I can confidently support.

Make your own decisions of COURSE and if it works for you, great!

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