Changing Table Makeover

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For Charlotte, I was very adamant that I did not want a changing table.  I wanted a dresser that doubled as a changing table. So, that’s exactly what we did. DIY Projects for a non-girly girl nursery #girl #nursery #nurserydesign #girlnursery #grosstograndioseI wanted a dresser because I wanted it to grow with her. And it has.Easy projects and updates with spray paintThis is currently in her big girl room as we speak. I just put the top drawers back in, added more arrow knobs, spray painted her lamp and voila! Ya girl is way more about functionality than just about anything else. (Other than Jesus which I’m obligated to say cuz #pastorswife)

But with Josiah, I had actually wanted a changing table. Not really sure what changed, but I just knew it’s what I wanted. I’m weird. That’s why you’re here anyway.

Without giving away my age too much, my best friend Rachel has been my best friend for 25 years. We met when we were negative 6 years old lolz. JK. We are way more sisters than friends, but she had a jump start on this life thing way before I did. She’s got 2 boys of her own and was trying to figure out what to do with their changing table that was stuck in their closet as she planned their big boy room makeover.

I had been IN LOVE with her changing table since the moment I saw it. So, when she asked if I wanted it, I jumped at the chance.

Funny enough, I was at her house visiting her when we got the call about Josiah (and weren’t even sure he was our boy yet) and her and I frantically pulled this out and put it in my car. I wish we would have had a camera crew there to record getting this in my car because it was painfully hilarious, but just use your imagination. Think square peg. TEENY ITTY BITTY round hole.

But with the help of her husband, we did it. And she came home with me. I went ahead and put some wood filler on the scratches and dings; it had been well loved by 2 B O Y S, mind you.Changing table makeover with chalk paint and removable wallpaper drawer liners Changing table makeover with chalk paint and removable wallpaper drawer liners Changing table makeover with chalk paint and removable wallpaper drawer linersThis thing is a solid piece of wood furniture and it’s great. Tons of drawer storage and deep shelves inside the cabinet door.


First step was choosing chalk paint.

Can I be honest? I have never used chalk paint until this project and I was SCARED TO DEATH. Terrified.

The awesome people over at Rustoleum were generous enough to send me some quarts of their line of chalk paint to try which kind of lit a fire under me to try it. When it came in, I first painted the samples I got on a white piece of leftover trim we had to figure out which color I wanted to use.Bet you a jillion dollars you all know which one I went with. A huge hint was in our nursery design plans. Yup. You got it. Charcoal. I painted the entire thing and decided that I wanted to make the inside drawers a little fun. So, I added some removable wallpaper from Spoonflower. I measured the length and width of the drawers and then cut it to size. I found the perfect things in Ikea to go in these drawers and just like the Lord to show off – two of them fit side by side absolutely perfectly.Not to mention they are charcoal and white checked and they’re perfect for storing all the little things you need to store in a changing table.You can see the super cute wallpaper peeking out from underneath.Y’all these diapers have BREAKFAST FOODS ON THEM. The absolute cutest thing. They just about make all the blowouts and pee showers totally worth it!For the shelves, I added two baskets I got from Target and the top one houses jammies and swaddle blankets and the bottom houses next size up clothes that I’ll never have to use because he won’t grow. Right??

There you have it! A super simple changing table makeover; we took something that was so loved and are going to be loving it even longer!

Changing table makeover using a lot of love and a little chalk paint #nursery #changingtable #rustoleum #chalkpaintmakeover

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