Neutral Boy Nursery Design Plans

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A simply designed, budget friendly neutral boy nursery design for our brand new little man, but these design ideas could also work for any gender!

Well, guys. Just a few weeks ago I announced that we were adopting. What I didn’t tell you was that we had gotten a call the previous week about a precious little boy that had been born and we were presented as a family and not chosen. However, because the Lord is so gracious and kind and knew this boy was ours, he came home with us on his two week old birthday. A week after we announced.I COULD JUST SMUSH HIS WITTLE FACE.

Okay. I will take another day to perhaps post his full adoption story, but for now, just know it’s been a whirlwind of a past few weeks. AND I WOULD NOT WANT IT ANY OTHER WAY. I can’t imagine our lives without him.

That being said, Josiah needed a room of his own! And PRONTO!

I was a bit sad because for Charlotte’s nursery, I was able to make all of her bedding and DIY so many little projects throughout.DIY Projects for a non-girly girl nursery #girl #nursery #nurserydesign #girlnursery #grosstograndiose DIY Projects for a non-girly girl nursery #girl #nursery #nurserydesign #girlnursery #grosstograndiose DIY Projects for a non-girly girl nursery #girl #nursery #nurserydesign #girlnursery #grosstograndiose DIY Projects for a non-girly girl nursery #girl #nursery #nurserydesign #girlnursery #grosstograndiose DIY Projects for a non-girly girl nursery #girl #nursery #nurserydesign #girlnursery #grosstograndiose

I’m a planner and the second we knew she was a girl, I went to the fabric store to start working. She graced us with her presence five weeks early so we still had some finishing touches to put on, but all in all, it was done.

Our sweet Josiah has a different story so when he came home with us, we knew we had to drop all other projects that were in the works to quickly put together his room. We already had some ideas floating around, but we were going completely neutral, knowing that with adoption a lot of times you don’t know the gender of your little one until they are here.

I’m calling this our neutral boy nursery design plans, but the truth is it could go for either gender in my little humble opinion.Simple color scheme for a boy or gender neutral nursery #boynursery #nursery #gendernetural #genderneutralnursery #grosstograndiose #nurserydesign*Some affiliate links are provided for your convenience

  1. Area rug – Jordan actually saw this in a picture, found the link to it and sent it to me. It was on sale for Labor Day for 55% off so we snagged this bad boy. His room is actually a perfect square and so we are giving a square rug a shot! I’m anxious to see how this will look because I love it online.
  2. Antler chandelier – Oh, for y’all to be a fly on the wall on the fight over this. We already had an antler chandelier from when J was a bachelor and also had a cowhide rug to match and it looked gross and just woodsy and I did NOT care for it, but Jordan BEGGED ME to let him paint it white and hang it in here. I did NOT want this. AT ALL. But I let him because Josiah is Jordan’s son too. Although we didn’t get ours from Amazon, the one I linked here is actually really reasonably priced.
  3. Charcoal curtains – I saw these at Ikea and they are 1, budget friendly; 2, a great dark, but neutral color; and 3, the right length. We need 96 for our windows and these are perfect. I’m actually most likely going to need to hem them seeing as how we will be hanging them with clips.
  4. Crib skirt – I found this one on clearance at our Pottery Barn outlet and got it for a STEAL. I love the linen look because it’s light and airy, but a nice calming minty color they call sea glass.
  5. Crib – Char had this one, so no dollars spent here! It’s also still available and super affordable. I always dreamed of having a gray crib for a future baby, but the walls in this nursery are grey, the bedding is grey, and there will be lots of charcoal in here and I just couldn’t do a grey crib. TOO MUCH. So, the white will bring a nice contrast I think! I also did not want a convertible crib because I knew they would go from crib to big girl/boy bed, but at this price I didn’t mind it.
  6. Quilt – Y’all this is exactly why I made all of Charlotte’s bedding. Because I could NOT find anything I loved that was in a store. But there are way more options for girl bedding than for boys. However, I found this guy on clearance too at our PB Outlet and really liked it. It’s also linen so it goes well with the linen skirt.
  7. Glider – We were real picky about gliders because Jordan is so tall and we wanted him to be comfortable in it too. We took a chance on this guy and LOVED it! We got ours from Wayfair for Char’s nursery, but now it’s available on Walmart’s website! I would love for it to be a different color, but at this point, we are going for speed and budget conscious since we have a lot of adoption costs/medical bills for this precious man.
  8. Side table – Since we are not having a dresser for a changing table like we did in Charlotte’s nursery, we needed a little table for his sound machine (LIFE SAVER) and hopefully a small lamp (which I’m still looking for). Love the shape of this one, but LEMME TELL YA WHAT YA GIRL WILL NOT DO IS PAY $300 FOR A NIGHTSTAND I WILL BE PAINTING. Pray to Home Goods/TJ Maxx/Goodwill Jesus for me that I find something comparable there.
  9. Pouf – I don’t really want a full ottoman because I feel it takes up a lot of floor space, so I’m opting for a pouf. Maybe not this exact one, but again, something similar.

I do have plans to either make or find some printables for over the changing table as well. Over his crib is already spoken for, but that’s going to be a surprise piece I have had my eye on for a second child since 2016 (no lie). There also may or may not be talks about a herringbone shiplap wall behind his crib, but for now, we’re not stressing about that.

Just for reference, here’s what we are starting with:We are moving this guest room upstairs to make way for our new man's little nursery. Check our design plans! #grosstograndiose #neutralnursery #nurserydesign #nurseryinspiration We are moving this guest room upstairs to make way for our new man's little nursery. Check our design plans! #grosstograndiose #neutralnursery #nurserydesign #nurseryinspiration

Watch for our stories on Instagram to see updates until we do the final reveal!

Pin this for later if you want inspiration for your own gender neutral nursery:Simple color scheme for a boy or gender neutral nursery #boynursery #nursery #gendernetural #genderneutralnursery #girlnursery #grosstograndiose #nurserydesign

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  1. Hey guys! I knew Jordan growing up and started following your blog a while back. My dad’s cousin actually owned your house 2 owners ago! But I love what you are doing with it. And I love your nursery plans and wish they made some of these baby quilts for big beds. Just wanted to drop an encouraging note to say we are praying for all of you and so thankful and yet again amazed at God’s answers to prayers! Thanks for the diy tips and stories of the “short projects” that turn into more!

    1. Oh my gosh really??? That is so amazing! We are IN LOVE with this house. From the second we stepped in I knew it was the one for us. Hanks so much for following along and thank you even MORE for your support, encouragement, and prayers! 🙂

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