DIY Teacher Valentine’s Day Card

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A last minute Valentine’s Day DIY card with button art that you can make with your child for their teacher to show a little extra appreciation for them.

Dang it, you guys. I have a ton of friends who are teachers. And I love them and can not IMAGINE what they deal with on a day to day basis with being paid pennies. I even LOVE my daughter’s teachers at school. They’re amazing.

But when it comes to gifts? I forget them ALL THE TIME! Granted, I did make something for them around Christmas, but do you want to know the truth? I FORGOT TO EVEN GIVE IT TO THEM! Like, guys. I can’t make this stuff up. I DID AN ENTIRE POST about this super cute easy DIY gift for a teacher or a neighbor.

DIY Christmas Potpourri as a neighbor or teacher gift

Cute, right?! NOT SO CUTE WHEN YOU DO NOT GIVE IT TO ITS INTENDED HUMAN BEING. Ugh. I’m so annoying. I digress.

For Valentine’s Day, most little ones have to bring cards in for their entire class and this year is no different.

But it is my goal to make sure that with as much as my child loves her teachers and as much as I love them too that these little cards get IN TO THEIR HANDS this year.


  • Blank cards and envelopes
  • Heart shaped buttons
  • Glue of your choice

Arrange your buttons into the shape of a heart on the front of your card.

Using glue of your choice, glue your hearts down to the front of the card and let dry.

Then let your own little Picasso design the inside and watch them beam with joy and pride when they’re done.

Oh, and your most important step? MAKE SURE YOU GIVE IT TO THE INTENDED TARGET. That’s the last time I’m gonna say it, y’all I promise.

That’s it! I wanted to keep this short and sweet since Valentine’s Day is TOMORROW. I’m a little bit of a procrastinator sometimes and Valentine’s Day slips through the cracks for me because it’s just not my favorite holiday. I mean, have y’all ever heard of Christmas?

Anyway, I hope you and your little one love making these! And I hope even more you and your little one bring them to their teacher on time.

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I’m hosting a fun monthly link party with some friends that are also creating some projects with buttons! See what everyone else did and link up with us here:

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We would love to have you join in the fun for next month!

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    1. yeah I totally agree! surprisingly, I actually had an entirely different idea in mind that wasn’t a heart at all, but this happened kind of by accident and I ended up liking it better than the original idea! 🙂

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