Feet Up Friday #8

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

For my new readers, welcome to a little bit different kind of post!

I started the Feet Up Friday series earlier last year to just kind of have a way to connect with you guys on a non-DIY, non-home decor, non-Pinterest fail way. Just little old me and little old you!

I really enjoyed writing those, but I did them every week and so this year, I’m going to pop in once a month on the last Friday of the month to talk about what’s been going on in my regular old world.

Sometimes I might tell you about sales going on or things I bought. Sometimes I just tell you about what I’ve been eating (everything) or reading (nothing) or watching (anything true crime related) or listening to (again, anything true crime related). What I’m telling you is this about to be fun, but random.

So, without further adieu, here’s a bit of goings on lately:


Fun rando fact about me – I drive in silence. No radio. No music playlist. Just me and the sounds of tires burning up the streets of Rock Hill or wherever I may be driving. HOWEVER, I’m a sucker for a good true crime podcast.

My ALL TIME FAVORITE is Sword and Scale. OMG. Y’all. I can’t say enough of how good it is. Pretty gruesome, but all real. Just how I like it.

I have recently found a new one though that was about a story that just happened less than a year ago! It’s called Broken Harts.

This is so super sad – the story of a couple who drove their 6 adopted children and themselves off a cliff in California on purpose. (I know, I’m the worst for being interested in this stuff, right?!) I’m not completely done, but since I heard about it last week, I’ve already listened to 6 episodes. It’s very well done to say the least.


Man, I know everyone thinks their kids are the cutest, but like … I think ours actually might be.

Random thingies:

  • I got these joggers on hella mega sale (70% off and under $10!!!) and apparently people have been raving about them and I picked them up from the store last night. Sorry world, but now this is all I ever want to wear ever.
  • As you’re reading this, I’m on a little weekend getaway for my birthday (which was yesterday!) with just the husband and I! It’s frickin’ cold here and we aren’t even that much further away from home but GOOD LAWD SOMEBODY TELL JESUS TO TURN UP THE HEAT A LIL BIT.

Until next month, keep ya feet up! (Actually don’t because that would be a real long time to just like be sitting there waiting on me. But you know what I mean)

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