DIY Pantry Can Organizer

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Quick and simple DIY storage solution to store your cans in your pantry made easily with 2×4 wood scraps

We’re only TWO days away from the final reveal of our kitchen pantry and I’m still not finished organizing, but I am LOVING how it’s turning out so far!

I’m also trying my best to keep you guys updated with what I’m doing in there on Instagram stories, so make sure you follow me over there so that you can see behind the scenes first hand.

I’m so pumped to be bringing you this super easy DIY project that has given us a canned food storage solution in our pantry. I couldn’t even believe how easy this was to make and I’m sharing all the deets with you guys.

DIY Pantry Can Organizer


1. Measure your space to see how wide your base for the shelves needs to be. For us, we did our shelves 11 1/2″ x 18″. Some of you may need this project to fit in a certain kitchen cabinet size space if you’re without a pantry, so just take height into consideration as well.

Cut to size.

piece of wood laying on concrete

2. Cut your 2×4 to line up with the edge of your shelves so they’re all the same width.

wood needed for pantry can organizer

3. Glue one of your cut 2x4s to the edge of your 1×12 board. Our favorite brand of wood glue is Titebond because it’s super cheap and it works great.

We also used it on our DIY barn door and it’s held up swimmingly.

wood glue on piece of wood

4. This step is optional, but for us, we wanted to make sure this was absolutely not going anywhere so we actually turned this over and screwed it together to give some extra hold. This baby ain’t going nowheres.

impact driver into wood
man's hand with orange glove and impact driver into wood

5. Add the other pieces of wood as shown below. You can screw all your pieces in like we did or you can wait and let the glue dry. We were impatient, so we screwed them all in. Sue me.

DIY stained wood pantry can organizer

6. Now the fun part – staining! Just a warning, stain looks different on different woods AND it also looks different depending on whether or not you condition the wood ahead of time.

We wanted to match these to the shelves, but as luck would have it, we didn’t have the exact stain and we didn’t have it in the budget to go buy more. So, we improvised.

We found one that was similar, just not as dark, but decided to leave it on a little longer before we wiped it off. We chose Minwax Early American for our stain.

minwax stain and verathane wood conditioner

You can’t even really tell it’s a different color! If you look hard enough you can, but it’s not near enough to bother me! All you have left to do is add your cans and that’s it!

DIY wood pantry can organizer with cans

This DIY can organizing solution is super easy and can be done extremely budget friendly. We didn’t even have to buy wood for this, we just used what we had around the house in scraps.

You could also make a smaller version of this if you wanted to create something like a spice rack organizer! Either way, hopefully this will put you one step closer to an organized kitchen.

I also am fully well aware that many of you may not be in the DIY mood, you may not have the supplies and would rather something you can use for storage or organization to be delivered to your door so I wanted to make sure you had some of those options as well!

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I snuck in a couple of things there that may also just help you with having an organized pantry/kitchen cabinets.

Since we don’t use or keep a lot of canned goods on hand at once, I wasn’t worried about something that holds up to 36 million cans. This was plenty for us!

I love how this turned out and am just ITCHING to reveal this pantry to you SO SOON! Eek!

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DIY can organizer for your pantry graphic

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