Feet Up Friday: Episode 3

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

Keeping it up on Feet Up Friday! Come see what all the fuss is about this week.

Let’s jump right on in to what’s been up with the Smiths the past week:

  • I got nothing on Amazon Prime day. NOTHING. I watched a couple deals, but I just saw nothing I couldn’t live without. Plus, we are saving every penny we can right now for bigger and better things for the fam. (Yes. That sentence is supposed to be as vague as it feels).
  • I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for a rolling laundry basket for our upcoming and needed closet redo and our laundry makeover and I found it at HomeGoods!!!!I was so pumped about this…..and then got it home and put laundry in it and it no longer rolled. So, we returned it last night. UGH. SAD FROWNS.
  • I finally used our Carowinds season passes. Y’all it’s crazy. I remember going here when I was younger and it was HOURS away, but NO LIE, this place is 15 minutes from the front door of my house to inside the parking lot and it’s wild. Almost feels like a crime. We’ve been twice already this week and even though I thought she’d be terrified she loved every single second!
  • Jordan found us a new entry way rug from TJ Maxx and I’m loving it.This is the rug we had here originally:Double doors look like our entry is large, but one of these doors is not like the other! #DIY #entrydropspotI liked it, but it wasn’t the feel I was looking for. So, when he sent me the picture and told me it was only $50, I was like SIGN ME UP!
  • He must have good luck with finding rugs because he also found us this huge welcome mat for $20 at a store here in town called Tuesday Morning. Check it out and see if there’s one near you!

See you next week!

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