Free Winter Wardrobe Printables

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Free printables of a winter wardrobe including a hat, boot, mittens, and a sweater.

In case you missed it yesterday, I took you a little mini tour of our master bedroom all decked out for Christmas. It’s crazy what very minimal decor can do to a room to add just the perfect touch of Christmas coziness.You also got to see a little sneak peak of these super cute printables we have hanging above our bed. I was so happy with how these turned out! So happy in fact that I decided to share them with YOU GUYS because it’s Christmas and what is Christmas without sharing, right? For us, I really liked the fact that these were in color because they just added a bit of a fun pop on our wall. However, if you’d like, I’ve created a black and white ones as well! These are 11×14 prints so they’re big boys, but we have a king bed so anything smaller would have gotten lost in this wall. In case you’re wondering, our frames were $13 and they’re from At Home!

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