8 Super Cute Valentine’s Day Tree Ideas

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If you want an excuse to keep your tree up longer, decorate it for Valentine’s Day! Here are some great ideas to decorate your tree for Valentine’s Day.

I’ve never once decorated for Valentine’s Day.

Not. Once.

But this year we got a pink Christmas tree for Charlotte (and let her decorate it all by herself) and with all the craziness of 2020, I figured now is as great a time as ever to keep the bad boy up for her in her room until February.

As I was researching to help me brainstorm, I found that there weren’t too many but the ones that were out there were CUTE so I decided to share them with you.

Ain’t I sweet?

8 Valentine’s Tree Decor Ideas

sweet pink Christmas tree with candy ornaments

Save the best for first or something, right? Chelsea from Two Twenty One is the QUEEN of Christmas trees (seriously – you have to see the things she can do) but this sweet candy coated pink Christmas tree would be the most precious Valentine’s tree idea to add in your own home!

small white Christmas tree in a basket with red Valentine's decor

Charlotte’s pink tree came from Treetopia and on the blog portion of their website, they showcased Jennifer Perkins who created this simple white tree with only red decor. If you’re looking for something simple and quick, this is a great option!

white christmas tree decorated for Christmas tree

If you have a regular sized white Christmas tree, this one from Tracey’s Fancy is super cute, budget friendly and she decorated it with her daughter which always makes things fun.

tall skinny green christmas tree decorated for Valentine's Day

If traditional is more ya thang, then this super cute traditional tree with Valentine’s decor from My Lovely Listings is a great place for inspiration! I love how she cozied up the surrounding space with fur pillows.

green tree decorated for valentine's day

Another super cute (and incredibly budget friendly) more traditional option is this one from Redhead Can Decorate. Would you believe me if I told you that most of this decor came from the Dollar Tree?! SAY WUUUT? More like “Holla Tree”, AMIRITE?

flocked Christmas tree decorated with pink ornaments and tulle for Valentine's Day

The Savvy Saving couple nailed this one in my humble opinion! Flockin’ around the (Valentine’s) Christmas tree is this very simple and neutral option. I love this one because if you don’t love pink (which I truly don’t) this has it all, but it still feels very subtle to me.

Christmas tree decorated with black and white buffalo check and burlap Valentine's Day decor

If you do happen to be one like me who doesn’t love all things pink and red, I love this Valentine’s tree from Re-Fabbed because it is a very neutral option that still feels all lovey and also dovey.

mini pink christmas tree decorated for Valentine's Day

Last but certainly not least is this precious little pink mini tree from Rambling Renovators. Again, still very simple but the pink tree reminds me of a tiny version of what we will be decorating for Valentine’s in our house so I love seeing this one all cute for V Day.

Have you ever decorated a Christmas tree for Valentine’s? Tell me about it below! I need ideas!
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8 Mega Cute Valentine's Day Trees

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