The Smith’s Sunshine Shanty

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Welcome to our home!

From the second I laid eyes on the outside of this house, I knew this was our forever home. That’s right – didn’t even care what it looked like inside. I just knew. My husband got a job that allowed us to relocate to his hometown and a town that I knew I wanted to raise kids in for as long as the Lord allows us to. This move came with a lot of great, but also tough challenges for us, but we could not be more thrilled. We bought this house knowing it needed work – not tons, just cosmetic stuff that we knew we wanted to make a little more our own over (LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of) time. This stuff ain’t easy nor cheap.

Let me be clear, first off. We decided to call this blog Gross To Grandiose. This house is FARRRRR from “gross.” The name is more because we tend to be dramatic sometimes so forgive us. We are actually BEYOND thankful for the gift that this house is, but not only the house, the entire neighborhood! These people are weird y’all. Like “I’m going to cut your grass because our neighbors did it for us 15 years ago when we moved in and I won’t take no for an answer” weird. Like, “We take turns hosting Christmas dinners for everyone on this street” weird. Like “walk from the complete opposite end of the street just to introduce yourself and remind your husband that he grew up with her two sons and she’s so happy to have us back in town” weird. What I’m saying is I already love it. These people are my kind of “weird.” I’ve never had that in a neighborhood and I’m really looking forward to having our family make its little nest here.

The housing market here in Rock Hill is BONKERS right now. When we were in this house at our showing, we walked out after 10 minutes and there were THREE PEOPLE already lined up in the driveway to look at it. We were one of multiple offers and it was truly ALL the hand of the Lord that allowed us to be here so we are doing to do whatever we can to take full advantage of this gift and hopefully have you right alongside us!

What to expect:

  • Tips and tricks
  • House/room tours
  • DIY projects (that will probably fail some but we tryna keep it real up in this piece)
  • Dad jokes/sarcasm
  • Cost saving tips
  • Pictures from an iPhone

Another full disclaimer: Grandiose doesn’t mean “fancy” for us. If you know us, you know good and well we just ain’t fancy. Just basically more our style is all!

If you would like nicer pictures, then please, send us money so we can buy a really good camera.


Join us, won’t you? 🙂

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