10 Stores Similar to Hobby Lobby

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If you’re looking to shop at a store like Hobby Lobby without actually going to Hobby Lobby, here are the best options of stores I’ve found in the past 3 years!

Adding a sweet touch of a glass doorknob on your Little Tikes playhouse makeover


I write some random things on here, but I would consider this to be one of the most random I’ve written.

I quit Hobby Lobby back in early 2020 and have never stepped my foot back in the store.

Regardless of political stance or religion, they’re pretty open with their bigotry and support a lot of “causes” that we just don’t align with over in these streets.

Not to mention they are notorious for ripping off smaller online creators and selling their things at large which I also do NOT vibe with.

Back when we were just getting started and trying to figure out our style, I shopped at Hobby Lobby A LOT.

Many times I would stroll through and just try to find inspiration for things because it was just a massive store with everything from fabric to florals and anything you’d need for holiday decor.

How to set up your own cocoa bar and add a fun printable for free! #livingletterhome #freeprintable #cocoabar

And Christmastime? Forget it.

Every single thing in this hot cocoa bar is from Hobby Lobby (sans the food).

Lemme let you in on a little secret: I DO NOT MISS IT. At all.

I do not miss giving my money to organizations who cause harm to not only their employees, but marginalized people.

But before I get too far into that, let me do what I came here to do and share with you some stores like Hobby Lobby that aren’t Hobby Lobby so that you, too, can get your fix!

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Joann focuses mostly on fabric, but there is also a really good selection of everything you could find at Hobby Lobby, just on a smaller scale.

Joann doesn’t carry all the furniture and things that you might find at Hobby Lobby, but they’ll have decor, tons of scrapbooking supplies, crafts for kids, art supplies – you name it.


Out of all the options, Michael’s has quickly become my go to.

closeup of christmas tree with copper and black velvet ribbon with gold ornaments

The thing most people love about Hobby Lobby is that they run sales ALL the time – but news flash, so does Michael’s!

It’s my absolute favorite place to get all things holiday decor (and even made my tree beautiful when we were trying to let our tree survive a toddler!)

There isn’t as large of a fabric selection here that there is at Joann, so if your goal is fabric for a sewing or a reupholstery project, you may need to check out Joann instead.


closeup of geometric wallpaper from Spoonflower with brass sconce

Hear me out – I know Spoonflower is online, BUT if you’re looking for unique patterns that you can get on anything from fabric to wall hangings to wallpaper, Spoonflower is your girl.

I LOVE Spoonflower and have been a long time shopper of them. They’re one of my favorite places to get wallpaper from and they’re actually based in NC, just right up the road from us a little ways!

I love that they have all independent artists and so you can shop in one place, but the individual artist is the one who gets the money.


Similar to Etsy is Spoonflower.

Now, quite frankly I’ve heard from a lot of my friends who are sellers in the Etsy space that they are having a very hard time with Etsy when it comes to fees and gouging and things like that, so I say this knowing that my opinions could change.

Here are over 30 of the funniest cross stitch patterns you can find on Etsy! Get ready to laugh out loud

However, I LOVE Etsy.

One of my favorite “accidental” posts I’ve written was when I came across the most hilarious cross stitch patterns and wrote a post sharing them because they made me cackle out loud.

Etsy has QUITE LITERALLY anything you can think of.

The only downside of course is that you can’t get everything in an instant and you’ll have to pay for shipping. So if you’re in a pinch and need something quick, you’re better off hopping in to your closest Michael’s or Joann.

woman holding toddler girl with pigtails and encanto disney ears

Etsy is also one of my favorite places to get any kind of themed or personalized t shirts (like the one we got for Josiah’s trash truck themed birthday party) and most definitely Disney ears!

I especially love the little clip in Disney ears that are great for little ones who can wear piggies, but won’t wear a headband.

Other Stores like Hobby Lobby Worth Checking Out

  • Big Lots
  • TJ Maxx
  • Ross
  • Home Goods
  • Marshalls
  • Afloral (their focus is of course going to be on realistic looking flowers and stems, as well as vases)

Regardless of your reason, if you’re looking for stores like Hobby Lobby, you’ll hopefully find a good solution (or 2 or 3) in this list!

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